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Old December 17th, 2005 #1
Sean Martin
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Sean Martin
Default The Ultimate IQ test link site

IQ tests in English

(IQ=with IQ result; DL=download; MRxxx=my result on this test)

to homepage

The Griffioen IQ Test

The European IQ test [IQ/MR153]

Back again: several test of Nicolas Elena

NEW: IQ Test at 'The enigmatic world of Philip Carter

Several tests on

IQ test

IQ test on

IQ test on iVillage - Same test on BookRags

The Brainforce Test


A test of Anders Ditlev Jensen

The Fast, Free & Fun IQ Test [IQ/MR142]

Daniel Fabian's IQ test nr. 1 [IQ/MR132]

Lars Sondergaard's IQ Test [IQ/MR155]

Rozie's Check Your IQ Test [IQ/MR133]

Classical Intelligence Test [IQ/MR135]

Cocktail Club IQ Test [IQ/MR144]

André Lundberg's IQ-test [IQ/MR126]

Culture-Fair IQ Test [IQ/MR132]

IQ Test on '' [IQ/MR161]

Magic-Rainbow - Quick IQ Test [IQ/MR125]

IQ Test 2.0 by Terry Wilkins [IQ/DL]

IQ Testing labs online test [IQ/MR152]

Pattern-Logic Test


Mensa Workout

Logic IQ Test

Steven Reid's IQ test

Three IQ Tests on

Andrew Lankin's IQ tests:

Test nr. 1 [IQ/DL/MR143]

Test nr. 2 [IQ/DL/MR120]

Test nr. 3 [IQ/DL/MR140]

LiQ ver.1.1 (beta)
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Old December 18th, 2005 #2
Herman van Houten
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Herman van Houten

The people who make these tests know all the answers and will score 100%. What is their IQ?
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