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Black Legion in fight against Bolshevism:

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Recently died one of the most popular croatian tratidional singer. I want that moderators here change name of this topic in "croatian (traditional) music",whatever. Look this masterpiece of melody by him,my favorite part starts in 5:30 minute:

Here is another traditional song by croatian singer and leader of enough strong opposite conservatives who want croatian policy same as have Hungary and Poland:

Dr. Tom Sunic was on their list in EU elections he had not been in last elections with them. Reason can be because he know that Christianity can not help us,he in conservative shows try to explain that Christian Curches promote multiculturalism. I think that he is scared to speak against Christianity directly even if he personally do not agree with christian teachenings. I also do not put much hope on Hungary and Poland because they advocate same policy. Soon it will come times when will european nationalists have choice,be pro or anti-white because it is possible that non-white in future become christians and nationalists because nationalism and christianity do not know for biological hertiage.

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