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Default Stormfront posters (Italy)
(machine translation)

Neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, operation of police post and Digos: arrests and searches in Italy (PHOTOS)

Had constituted a criminal neo-Nazi, with bases in Italy, from Aosta to Caltanissetta, and whose members were ready to move from web to reality, with violent actions targeted against immigrants. Theirs was "a real attack on the values ​​of our Constitution," in the words of the head of the Roman Digos, Lamberto Giannini. For years they have given to the Italian section of the American forum "Stormfront", their statements against Jews, foreigners, homosexuals. Blacklisting, insults and defamatory post against anyone considered close to Israel. Ministers, journalists, members of the entertainment world economy and whose names have been included in the blacklist, against which were submitted parliamentary questions and complaints (starting with those of the Jewish community in Rome). Now step into the real had been initiated contacts with Forza Nuova Casa Pound and also with the Fiamma Tricolore. In order to grow, and hitting. And not just in words. Already studied an attack on the camps, as he unveiled the superintendent of Rome, Fulvio della Rocca: "The timing of the surveys has avoided in all probability the most serious problems in some areas of northern Italy."

Surgery, one conducted by the Postal Police and the Digos: they renamed with the same name of the forum, at this time, was overshadowed on the instructions of the public prosecutor. A delicate and complex, also made possible by dozens of complaints in recent years by the victims of the site. "The Postale, with coordination with the UNAR (National anti discrimination) and the Oscad (Observatory against discriminatory acts) lends a strong attention to phenomena that, apparently, fall within the sphere of freedom of thought " said the director of the Postal Service, Antonio Apruzzese . E 'was he, along with the pursuing officers across the country, to allow to give a name and a face to the hands xenophobic compiling the forum post. Four arrested, 17 suspects subjected to searches. But other suspects could come in the next few days: the users of the forum, in fact, tens and we must carefully distinguish their different roles. Incitement to racial and ethnic hatred a crime.

Those arrested. The promoter of the association to commit a crime is called Daniel Scarpino, 24 years old and lives in Milan. Once located, the police monitored his work computer (also intercepting his phone conversations). From him we come to the other moderators of the site: Mirko Viola, 42, of Como, Luke Ciampaglia, 23, Pescara; Diego Masi, 30 year old in the province of Frosinone. On the Web, however, were not known for their real name, trying to hide by using some tricks informed that, however, are not enough. "Dani14", "NonConforme", Antilife, Biomirko and still Constantine, Partenopeo, Neocrack, Evoliano, Republikaner and so on. In all 21 people in 12 regions, finished in the network of investigators, who, this morning, they have also asked about 100 national providers of "inhibit Italian users the ability to reach that domain." The searches against all the defendants were allowed to recover a large amount of computer equipment, as well as publications, posters and flyers, and other paper items glorifying racism, Nazi flags and emblems and weapons, which would have been used in the raid that the neo-Nazis were planning. Among the items seized there is also the Italian translation of a novel banned in many countries for its violent content and subversive: the book, entitled "The Turner Diaries" and published in 1978 by the leader of the "supremacists" whites of the West Virginia, William Pierce (under the pseudonym Andrew McDonald), tells the story of a group of "patriotic" Americans to rebel against a law against possession of weapons, implements a subversive plan to seize power by using the methods cruelest until the bombings and the killing of people of color and Jews.


"People from different social backgrounds - said Giannini - with a very wide range of ages, from 50 years up to minors. Their claims were not just on the site: we are not, in fact, talking about the free expression of thought. We are faced with an organization that wanted to attack the constitutional values, starting with the equality of citizens. " All had criminal records: one of them (Masi) was subjected to a measure Daspo, while Viola was already being sued for threats (against a person "guilty" of having protested against the celebration of Hitler's birthday). The investigations have also enabled us to ensure the procedures used for the financing of the association: Scarpino was the collector of the financial contributions paid by members and was the only representative of the vertices in the U.S.. Funding came through the payment card rechargeable.

America. The heart of the forum is located in Florida which made ​​it particularly difficult investigation, since, in the United States is protected, even at the most extreme, freedom of expression, "The legislation - is noted - does not guarantee reciprocity of treatment at the level of sanctions and made vain preliminary activities under the international judicial cooperation. " Can not even work with the leaders of the forum that was created by Don Black, founder of the Ku Klux Klan. "The letter rogatory is an instrument now passed - noted the head of the Counter-Terrorism Pool of Public Prosecutor of Rome, Giancarlo Capaldo - In some countries, including America, we started very fruitful collaboration, which are bearing fruits ". And so it was with Stormfront.

The agents of the Postal focused on computing activities that were conducted by the four arrested in Italy: the step to get to the collection of evidence required to arrest them was short. "The fact that a site is abroad - have pointed out the agents of Postal - does not guarantee impunity and for us to get to identify those who Italy, commits a crime on the web, is anything but complex." This is despite the 21 defendants tried in every way to evade police checks. "Read and delete this e-mail," is the message text "intercepted" by the men of Apruzzese. "We have to wipe out the Jews," wrote yet sure not to be read. "The terrorist crime uses the web as a weapon combinations - pointed out Capaldo - and represents a great opportunity, thanks to the anonymity that the Internet has to offer." But that, of course, this time, it was not enough to cover this association.

The political connections. Forza Nuova Fiamma Tricolore and CasaPound: the 21 suspects were trying to approach these movements, even to organize meetings or to take part in meetings scheduled by these formations. One of them, Viola, was active in Como, on behalf of the movement forzanovista. "But they wanted to be a separate entity - notes Giannini - The policy area where gravitate is to the extreme right, but certainly this nucleus was something different."

The previous. Blacklist, xenophobic insults and hatred. It was in 2009 that rose from the pages of Stormfront regular attacks on Jews, homosexuals and immigrants.

- January 2009 : On the forum are published jokes against Jews.
- February 2009 : insults against Balotelli.
- October 2010 : "The Holocaust? E 'a lie." Begin delusions deniers.
- January 2011 : Tick the first blacklist. "Faces delete" are defined dozens of people mentioned in a post.
- December 2011 : New blacklist of people who are fighting for the rights of immigrants. But there are also judges.
- December 2011 : Gianluca Moulds, author of the massacre of Senegalese in Florence, is called a hero.
- January 2012: Mirko Viola will hold a conference on the Holocaust, called "an April Fool's Jewish."
March 2012 : He sings the massacre of Toulouse.
- April 2012 : a documentary comes denial: "Wissen macht Frei". It has been created Mirko Viola. Is distributed through the forum.
July 2012 : Attacks against the minister Riccardi.
- November 2012 : Insults against '"Saviano jew".

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