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Border Ruffian
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Default Funny show tidbit

Ok so I'm watching the televitz right now. Shame shame yeah I know. Anyway I'm watching "Conan O'Brian" and they have "Val Kilmer" on there. He was just in some movie where they have him playing a gay guy. I'm not a fan of the guy but he doesn't seem like a homosexual to me and that's probably why they're using him to portray one. Actors do anything for money

ANYWAY, he was talking about the animals his family has. He said they have a buffalo named "James Brown", and O'Brian asks him why he's named that. Kilmer goes "well.... because he looks like the godfather of soul" and the crowd laughed pretty hard at that. Just after he says this, they show a picture of James Brown next to a pic of a buffalo. Really it was a pretty strong resemblance lol. Reminded me of how the Indians used to call nigger union soldiers "buffalo soldiers". Buffalos have dark faces, big lips, and wooly mats on top of their heads. They really do look like niggers. Buffalo tastes pretty good though so I hate to put them down too much. Anyway it was pretty funny.
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White Winger
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White Winger

If he's a jew,there won't be any heat on him.He'll get away with it.


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