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Default Key WW2 Addresses From Hitler

Mein Side Of The Story Key World War II Addresses of Adolf Hitler
With commentary and illustrations added by M. S. King 2015

Our system of justice grants prima facie murderers, rapists and serial killers the opportunity to speak, does it not?

Indeed, convicted killers like David ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz, Speck, Bundy, Dahmer and others have done televised interviews.

Even the erroneous and dangerous ranting of Karl Marx is taught, no,
glorified, in American Universities.

So, what is so dangerous about merely presenting the opinion of Hitler’s Germany?
King is also the author of The Bad War: The Story Never Taught About World War II, The REAL Roosevelts: What Ken Burns Didn’t Tell You, and The War Against Putin: What the Government-Media Complex Isn’t Telling You About Russia. King’s other interests include: the animal kingdom, philosophy, chess, cooking, literature and history (with emphasis on events of the late 19th through the 20th centuries).


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