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Old September 25th, 2016 #13
Daryl Basarab
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Daryl Basarab

Because I've observed Brad for a while and am actually the secondary target in this thread, I can concur about the ideological shifts. What's also notable however is that he seems to think he's a major player in his latest ideology and takes his site moderation very seriously. When he's in a Trump phase, he'll censor comments that are skeptical of Trump. When he's in a pro-phora phase, he'll attack the outsiders on thephora. When he's in a pro VNN phase he'll attack Guy White and Ian Jobbling (largely for their position on Jews). When he's in a "mainstreamer" phase he'll censor vanguardists. When he's a "Southern Nationalist" he'll attack regular White Nationalists, but when he wants the support of White Nationalists, he'll portray Southern Nationalism as a type of White Nationalism.

In all of these movements Brad thinks he's indispensable. He's so important that he has to control his image by moderating comments. Yet I guarantee you Trump would drop Brad just as quick as this forum or thephora did. In short Brad doesn't really have an original idea, he simply joins what he thinks is the up and coming movement and over-estimates his value to it.

This is far different from my sober recommendation that Hillary is worse than Trump.


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