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Old June 14th, 2011 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default National Socialist Films

Hitler Youth Quex (German: Hitlerjunge Quex) was a 1933 National Socialist movie based on the 1932 novel by the same title about the life of Herbert "Quex" Norkus. Joseph Goebbels spoke of the movie as "first large-scale" transmission of Nazi ideology using the medium of cinema.

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Amy Petersen
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Amy Petersen
Thumbs up This is National Socialism!

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Kill The 'Kwa
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Great video thanks...

"It is necessary that I should die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave, and the world will know that I was right." ...

Adolf Hitler
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Amor Patriae Nostra Lex
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Very sad film, even more poignant considering it's date

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Samuel Toothgold
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Samuel Toothgold

Who doesn't know that Joseph Goebbels was a film actor? During his parallel career to that of propaganda minister, he began an affair with the Czech actress Lída Baarová of whom I was trying to look up films starring both. While doing so, I stumbled onto this 4 part documentary mentioning the affair:

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Gerry Fable
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Gerry Fable
Default "Enchanted Forest" (1936) ~ National Socialist Volk Film

Forest as Volk:

Ewiger Wald and the Religion of Nature in the Third Reich

No English subtitles unfortunately. However, the pdf link above gives a great account of this film.

As expressed by this film's subtitle, "Allegory of our History and Life," the German forest is a symbol for the German people. The film describes the intimate relationship between peaceful Germans and wood from the Germanic times of Arminius to the present. It draws an analogy between the vertical German tree and the upright German peasant-soldier. In contrast, the aggressive alien is shown as destroying beloved trees, thus destroying the German people. This mystical relationship between man and nature is grounded in the organic idea of a pure-blooded Volksgemeinschaft [ethnic-racial community] rooted in healthy soil. After showing the 'rebirth' of the forest and nation under the National Socialist movement, the film ends with: "Volk steht wie Wald in Ewigkeit" [The people, like the forest, will stay forever].

The film is composed of feature, newsreel, and Kulturfilm [cultural movie] elements and was produced for the NS-Kulturgemeinde [National Socialist culture league]. It describes the anti-rational worship of the forest as a romantic obsession in German culture long before National Socialism and in contrast to the decadent civilization in the metropolis. Furthermore, the film establishes a connection between pagan Aryan customs and rites of the ancient past to the neo-pagan ideology of the SS. After passing censorship on August 20, 1936 it was screened for the first time on August 28, 1936 and distinguished as "volksbildend" [educating the people]. Despite its impressive cinematography, Ewiger Wald received criticism because its sophisticated arrangement favored beautiful pictures and bombastic music instead of typical National Socialist poetic coercion.
Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive
Gottgläubig: The Religion of the Blood

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Gerry Fable
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Gerry Fable
Default Victory of Faith 1933

Leni Riefenstahl’s Lost Film: Victory of Faith (1933)
Gottgläubig: The Religion of the Blood

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System made but shows more than it intended with jew confessions of maleficence right left and centre
The above post is as always my opinion

Chase them into the swamps
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alex revision
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alex revision

Third Reich Videos

Le Triomphe De La Volonté
Victory of faith
Geburtstagsparaden für Adolf Hitler
Words and deeds
To Human Rights
The Great King
The S. A. Man
Ohm Krueger
Goebbels family home movies
Battle for Norway
Hitlerjunge Quex
Nuremberg Festival
Pioniere voran
Berlin Reichshauptstadt
Die Stadt der sieben Turme
Ace to the Sea
La vie des juifs dans le camp de concentration de Theresienstadt
Landesbildstelle der NSDAP - Bilder vom Wahlkampf
Der Marsch zum Führer
Who outlawed the cruelty of Kosher Slaughter
Deutschland in alten Ansichten
Our Boys
The Campaign in Poland
U-Boat Westwarts
Die Kamera Fährt Mit
Deutschland Erwacht


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