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Mick Walker
Jew Crimes Exposer
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Mick Walker
jewsign With militarised media as a weapon of mass deception, what is the plan?

Democracy can exist only with the informed consent of the people to be governed. Democracy does not survive where votes are either obtained by fraud or embezzled after the ballots are counted. If the decisions that impact the “represented” are made behind closed doors, as a result of so-called “lobbying” that is inserted between the voter and the decision-maker, the vote is effectively cancelled – democracy dies.*

The vestiges of democracy that we have in the West today are threatened by an information-war, waged upon us by our governments and the media that serve them. Steve Biko pointed out that the most powerful weapon in the hands of an oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. The info-war that we presently face is carried out by disinformation, misinformation and propaganda-by-omission. An*increasingly militarised, Zionist-managed, corporate media has become the number one weapon of mass deception. For those who do not know, Zionism is an ideology that asserts that historic Palestine belongs to the Jews, all Jews, and that only Jews are entitled to full rights in the state of Israel. The Zionist movement proclaimed the state of Israel in 1948 and now occupies the territory of historic Palestine.*

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