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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
How are you sure about that?
I don't think I said I was sure about that. There's no way to prove either position. We'd have to consider thousands of variables.

Originally Posted by Fico View Post
Christianity and Islam have same mongrel program.
Christianity has teachings that strongly oppose mongrelization, but these teachings are largely ignored by modern mainstream Christians, including WN Christians and Atheists.

While mainstream Christianity is insane, it doesn't mean it can't be sanitized.

Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
We should try to be as good as we can. Xtianity is not good because it is not true. It is not good for many more reasons than that, but that is the starter point for looking for what is good: look for what is true.
Which is why I state we need to look at the Bible and figure out what is true, or more importantly, what works and what doesn't work, even if we don't fully understand why something works.


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