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Default Holocaust Beliefs Since 1945

Holocaust Beliefs Since 1945

By Jürgen Graf

Published 1997

For a half century, all of humanity knew, or thought it knew, that something uniquely cruel took place during WWII, when Germany was fighting nearly every other major country in the world.

Of course, it is true that atrocities were in fact committed during the war — atrocities which were unprecedented in their degree of unique cruelty. These atrocities were as follows:

– The merciless, systematic terror bombing by the Western Allies [jews] of German and Japanese cities. For the first time in the history of the civilized world, a belligerent sought openly and without pretense to kill or maim the greatest possible number of human beings, including the elderly, women and children, without any military justification, and to destroy as many cultural monuments as possible. At Dresden, in February 1945, when the war was all but over, 250,000(++) human beings were burned alive or buried under the ruins of their houses in a single night. In August of the same year, the US dropped the atomic bombs on a Japan which was already prepared to capitulate;

– The mass murder of prisoners of war. In this unique atrocity, the Allies deliberately allowed enormous numbers of prisoners of war to starve to death or to die of exhaustion. It is recognized that 1.5 million German prisoners in the USSR died this way. That the Western democracies cold-bloodedly permitted at least 800,000, possibly more than a million, prisoners of war to die of hunger, was hushed up in shame for decades, and first came to light through the research of the courageous historian James Bacque;

– The greatest mass expulsion in human history, far exceeding anything occurring in past centuries. Between 1944 and 1949, approximately 15 million Germans were driven from the homes in which their ancestors had lived peacefully for many generations, and were thrown onto the roads under conditions so inhumane that Europe had not seen the like since the Thirty Years War. These mass expulsions — unique in their cruelty — caused two million deaths from cold, exhaustion, starvation, and deliberate massacres.

And yet — all these horrors are hardly even noticed when there is talk of WWII atrocities. When people talk of THE unique crime of the century — a crime which staggers the imagination — we immediately sense that we are about to hear — once again — of the German genocide of the jews.

There is only group with victim status: the Six Million

There is only one scene of any crime: Auschwitz

There is only one group of unique criminals: the “Nazis”

There is only one new, horrifying weapon: the “gas chambers”.


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