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Old December 12th, 2006 #1
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Thumbs down Sick Vaseline ad (UK)

Ever seen such filth????

It features a crowd of naked multi-racial people of varying adult years rolling about, waving their arms and behaving like stupid colour dancers. [In case you don't know what a "colour dancer" is they are rich toffee-nosed wankers who choose to live rough and be hippies for a day]. There's a point where they all hold each other, and in front of the scene is a negroid pairing with a white woman. The message of the advert is blatantly PC clear, that there is "only one human race" who share the same skin!!! It's got to be one of the most vilest creepiest ads on TV.
Old December 12th, 2006 #2
Aryan Lord
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Aryan Lord

Yes it is one of the vilest of all multi-culti TV adverts. Vaseline truly hit rock-bottom with that one!
Old December 12th, 2006 #3
Hugs, not hate
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What's sick is if they air it during "Oz".

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