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Default James Bond

- - -

. . what is 'James Bond' ?

. . why is this fiction so popular . . ?

- - -

The roots of James Bond . .

Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, was a british intelligence official, especially during the time of World War 2.

He once said , on his creation , James Bond , that it was a fiction out for adventure.

Concerning the content of the James Bond stories . . Bond is alledgedly a Western agent out to save the world and his country . .

The first Bond stories had Communism as an enemy.

I think one might say : James Bond = overdramatisation of the Cold War , at least in its early phase.

Fleming drew hard on the world-situation at that time which is probably why he got so much resonance.

Of course from an alledged 'Western' point of view.

- - -

Especially the movies made Bond into an alledged 'super-hero' out to save the world , mostly from 'megalomanic criminals' . .

Gotta say . .that picture of secret-service people is very irrealistic.

Apart from claims that they really are on the pay-list of the NWO and working for them , their life is much less adventurous than the alledged Bond.

But . . you know . ."if it sells".

- - - -

A while ago I did a thread here about the state being glorified in media . .
Well , the Bond-stories glorify the secret-services ( even though under the surface at least everybody knows that the Bond-fiction is overhyped ) . .

But . . let's look at the Bond-fiction.

The movies are more prominent than the books.

Often , even in the movies , the bad guys are communists and / or terrorists.

Sometimes even people from specific ethnic backgrounds , blacks , Latin-Americans , for example.

The Bond-fiction alledgedly paints a (((pro-Western)) picture of the world , Bond being an extravagant millionaire , out to destroy terrorists.

Weird , the whole Bond-stuff , gotta say.

- - -

My personal critique . . Fleming it would appear also was so drawn into the diffuse picture the NWO makes people believe ( they always control both sides . .) . .

. .so he made up some fiction about an alledged 'Western agent' into adventure.

He also once admitted that he saw a bit of the fictitious Bond in himself. .

So . . all in all . . Bond paints an irrealistic picture of the secret services . .

Also , he in a way represents Western decadence . .

A weird story , gotta say . .

But , you know . . part of our (((cultural heritage)))

- - -

To this day . . Bond always sells . .

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