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Default Getting the official word out: The Rust Belt Revival Movement

Created by yours truly, me.

It is a brand new idea.. I am trying to get the word out here at least to start talking about things, then move on to the big stuff after.

Cities I plan to focus on to start are the worst:

Calumet City IL
Johnstown PA

If a lot is accomplished within at least 3 of the above options, then we would move onto new considerations such as:

St Louis
Minneapolis (last due to Cost of living, someones gotta get those Somalis out though)
Philadelphia (last due to Cost of living)
Indianapolis (last)
Chicago (last)

Basic rules:

Bring enough money (30,000 might be good to start especially if you want to own a home outright + pay to fix the run down homes up.. you can rent if you want and bring less if you wish.. you can still add value to the area as a renter too)

Bring weapons of all kinds that you own

Bring all your talents from cooking to medical work to beer brewing to construction to entrepreneurial skills

Being cleancut is not a necessity, just if the job requires it but it would not be a territorial rule for those coming here. In fact I encourage some to grow their hair out to not appear like skinheads so much to the public.. We want to win without fighting as much as possible, but we may just have to anyways.

DO NOT wave your nazi flags in the public or that will cause fights.. I expect fights at times, but just don't make it visible yet until victory occurs, THEN pull them out.

DO NOT be openly gay (What you are is your business and only yours)

No public displays of affection or you should at least know better not to.

Left wing national socialism is welcome so long as its genuine and separatist and it will not conflict with the countries objective. Not all Bolsheviks will be disqualified necessarily. I see myself as a progressive nationalist to some degree, but I am not a communist. Mostly all businesses are expected to have an actual owner, however if a few businesses want to put the means of production in the hands of the workers, they can do so and if they fail, well they do.. Just don't expect a bailout.

On the whole, I expect a lot to get done in 10-15 yrs and then it could be the most booming part of America.. yes I said it.. the unthinkable.. The Rust Belt would have a booming economy again especially if California continues to become a 3rd world hellhole and Texas gets overcrowded by that time with all the resources tapped out.


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