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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder


Powerful Song & DVD About Life and Racial Choices

Mes Aïeux - Dégénération (English Subtitles)
I put subtitles on this music video by Québec band Mes Aïeux that is really good. It's about different generations in Quebec and what kind of life/possibilit...
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Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,381
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

[basically everything i see on canada comes from paul fromm, so i'm not going to type that every time, but if you want someone tracking this the most, he's the main guy up there]

More Dams, More Conservation Not the Solution To Rising Energy Demand

A major news item on BC Global TV news (Dec. 1/2014) was a story about the need for BC Hydro to meet increasing energy demands:

In a 1:50 minute newsclip to highlight this message, BC Hydro spokesman Chris O'Riley said that due to this current 3 day cold snap, the corporation was expecting a record peak load of 10,100 megawatts tonight. Global TV emphasized the problem by giving examples of plummeting temperatures across the province, with some towns breaking records.

However, the conversation shifted to the big picture of increasing power demands in the coming decades. A short video of the new generator being installed at the Mica Dam appeared on the screen. The implication was that increasing power demands must be satisfied by more power generation, involving additional billions in debt financing, which will inevitably be reflected in higher rates. Then O'Riley spoke again:

"We have a growing load forecast of 40% over the next 20 years, which is a function of migration and the growing population we have in the province." Those were his exact words. End of story.

Leaving the supply question of more dam-building aside, what is interesting is that BC Hydro's website, with its "Power Smart" suggestions, focuses on the need for energy efficiency and conservation. It says, "The first and best way to meet our future electricity needs is through conservation and energy efficiency. Through its Power Smart program, BC Hydro is a global leader in conservation, providing programs and incentives to encourage customers to use less power."

Note that nothing is said about reducing the number of customers who use power. That would be good advice, would it not? But that's off the table. We must accept whatever number of customers arrive and serve them. That's Hydro's mandate. Anticipate and plan for the future. Don't turn off the tap, just keep mopping the floor. This is "global leadership".

BC Hydro even goes so far as to tell us how we can "Green Our Life" by walking more, driving less, riding a bike, sharing your car, switching to transit------you get the picture.

It's a theme which the willfully blind environmental movement echos, one that Al Gore made famous. According to people like Gore, that is the only way you reduce "demand", right?. The other way----the self-evident way----would be to reduce population pressure. But we can't go there, can we? Just as we can't point out the obvious solution to traffic gridlock or skyrocketing house prices or the relentless pressure to 'densify' Vancouver's residential neighbourhoods.

Instead, we must kick the ball into the court of individual people and their responsibility to make 'smart', responsible choices. As Hydro proclaims, "Everyday Choices Make a Difference." But the everyday choice that would really make a difference----the one that is not mentioned----- would be the choice of Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and his cabinet to vastly reduce the number of Hydro customers who come through the immigration gate.

At first glance, the green "Left" and the "Right" seem to take different approaches to these problems, but not really. Regarding electricity, they both want to promote energy "efficiency". Regarding space for housing, they both propose more "efficient" use of the land through more densification. In other words, they both want to push for more efficiency while allowing population growth to erase all of those efficiency gains. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Cut our per capita energy and land consumption in half, but double the population.

And when that is done, both promote yet more population growth through continuing mass immigration and the intake of God knows how many refugees over the next 30 years. Then, they press on for even more "efficiencies" and even "smaller", power-smart housing units to mitigate this growth. At this rate, I expect that soon Vancouverites and Victorians will be living cheek-to-jowl in insulated, energy-smart shoe-boxes. But no worries, there will be more "diversity" to offset their claustrophobia.

Recently, Immigration Watch Canada drew much attention for hanging a banner from a Richmond overpass that linked traffic gridlock with immigration. In contrast to the support they received from ordinary people in the comment sections of newspapers, politicians and grievance-mongers reacted angrily. NDP MP Don Davies even rose in the House of Commons to denounce IWC. Obviously the demonstration hit a nerve.

Perhaps the next IWC demonstration should take place in front of the headquarters of BC Hydro. But instead of placards or banners that say "Stop rising energy costs. Cut immigration", the message should be "Stop higher Hydro rates. Stop population growth". That would lead the media and onlookers to ask two questions. (1) "Can't we just use energy more wisely?". Answer: "Yes, but there are limits to conservation". and (2) "How would you propose to stop population growth?" Answer:" 70% of our population growth is driven by our unjustifiably high immigration levels. Draw the obvious conclusion."

Their predictable response has always been : "A lot of BC's population growth is a result of inter-provincial migration that we can't do anything about." Answer: "Actually, most of the province's population growth is a result of off-shore immigration."

In other words, mass immigration leads to more population growth. That leads to more energy demand which leads to announcements that more dams are needed. Higher energy rates follow.

Almost inevitably, one can expect MP Don Davies or another of his ilk to stand up and say, "We welcome new energy consumers from all over the world. Canada is a nation of energy-consumers. Energy consumers built this country. The only people who have a right to demand fewer energy consumers are our First Nations people."

See what I mean : Same logic, same idiocy.

Dan Murray
Immigration Watch Canada
Old December 29th, 2014 #23
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,381
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder


REGINA. December 22, 2014. Christmas came early for evangelist and activist Bill Whatcott in a Regina courtroom today. He and U.S. activist Peter LaBarbera were acquitted on a charge of "mischief" for having set up a table to hand out literature and discuss traditional Christian teachings about homosexuality and abortion with University of Regina students earlier this year.

The Regina Leader-Post (December 22, 2014) reported: "Anti-gay activists Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera were found not guilty of mischief in Regina Provincial Court on Monday.

Whatcott uttered "thank the Lord" after Judge Marylynne Beaton delivered her verdict.

"I'm very happy with the judge's decision ... and of course I believe she's correct," Whatcott told reporters.

LaBarbera, who lives in Illinois and heads Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was not present, but "I'm sure he'll be relieved," said Whatcott.

LaBarbera and Whatcott were charged with mischief on April 14, after distributing flyers and displaying placards with pro-life and anti-gay messages at the University of Regina campus. They were asked to leave, refused and were arrested.

At the time, U of R provost Thomas Chase called the materials "graphic" and "disturbing."

But "the validity of (their) beliefs are not in issue," Beaton wrote in her decision.

"I find that the purpose of (their) attending the University of Regina was to communicate information and their actions were passive and non-aggressive," Beaton wrote. "The university's response was disproportionate to the peaceful distribution of flyers."

Whatcott said he plans to return to the U of R in January — "you can count on that, unless I get hit by a car" — with a "flyer special for this occasion." He aims to visit the University of Calgary campus on Saturday."

Mr. Whatcott commented on his website: "The judgement is 27 pages, I cut and pasted a pertinent section to help you understand Justice Beaton's reasoning. Ms Patton is the head of campus security and Dr. Chase is Vice President of the U of R. When the judgment refers to "The Policy" it is talking about the University of Regina's "Respectful Workplace Policy," a document the university has been using as its pretext to silence debate on the issue of homosexuality:

Read complete judgment here: ... sp=sharing

Ms. Patton and Dr. Chase both testified to the effect that the decision to remove Mr. Whatcott was made to prevent students from feeling discriminated against. This is a sufficiently pressing and substantive objective. Freedom of expression is not an unqualified right. As stated again in the Pridgen decision at para. 124:

The University must be able to place reasonable limits on speech on campus in order, for example, to maintain a learning environment
where there is respect and dignity for all.

[68] The means used to prevent students from feeling discriminated against was the removal of Mr. Whatcott and Mr. LaBarbera. I do not accept that the accused's removal, in order to protect students from the accused's message, represented a minimal impairment on freedom of expression," -- In this case, the University's response was disproportionate to the peaceful distribution of flyers and was not reasonable and demonstrably justified.

[69J In summary, I find that the Charter does apply to the University of Regina in this situation. I also find that Mr. Whatcott's and Mr. LaBarbera's actions were protected by s. 2(b) of the Charter and that the infringement on this right cannot be permitted under s. 1 of the Charter. Given my findings, Mr. Whatcott and Mr. LaBarbera were acting with legal justification pursuant to s. 429(2) of the Criminal Code.

Colour of Right

[70] The Crown has argued that it would be unreasonable to believe that the right existed, as Mr. Whatcott had been asked to leave by campus security several times over the last few years and was denied space by the University of Regina Student's Union. He therefore knew that his form of communication was not welcomed at the University.

[71] However, Mr. Whatcott's testimony left me with no doubt that he believed that he had a right to protest at the University of Regina under s. 2(b) of the Charter. Given that he had been successful before various courts in the past, I have no doubt that this belief was reasonable. His testimony also left me with no doubt that he does not think that the Policy applies to him, or perhaps to anyone. He testified clearly that the Policy is "rubbish" and that several universities, including the University of Regina, have abused their rights to exclude people and so do not have that right. However, if his belief that s. 2(b) of the Charter protects his speech is correct, then the Charter would overrule the Policy. Mr. Whatcott understands this principle.

While, of course, we agree with this judgement, it is frightening that the university seems unable to distinguish between "discriminatory" behaviour and the expression of an opinion. Neither Mr. Whatcott nor Mr. Barbera were providing goods or services and, thus, in any position to "discriminate." They were offering opinions and discussing with interested students those opinions. And, by the way, isn't that what a university is supposed to be -- a place where ideas are discussed and debated, not an indoctrination centre for the cultural communist views now so in fashion among the intelligensia?

Paul Fromm

Anti-gay activists LaBarbera, Whatcott found not guilty of mischief
Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera
Anti-gay activists Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera demonstrate outside the Regina provincial courthouse ahead of the start of their trial on mischief charges on Oct. 30, 2014.
Old December 29th, 2014 #24
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,381
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

Former Political Prisoner Brad Love Heads Back to Court in Fort McMurray, January 19

FORT MCMURRAY. December 18, 2014. Court today at 1:30 p.m. and the JP, a giddy schoolmarm type would not drop my now 2-month-old charges and refused me my right to cross examine my accusers. The court room was filled mostly with Natives all demanding remands and legal aid lawyers. the JP said to me that legal aid will get in touch with me with a lawyer of their choice while I'll do my best to stay out of touch with them. Native accused have a female liaison to guide them through court. She's attractive, very business like and lives in my neighborhood... actually. Whites have no such privileges.

My trial scheduled for one day is on Jan 19. I am being tried for harassment and sending "scurrilous material" to a number of Fort McMurray media and political people.

Otherwise, I continue with my 70-hour work week in the snow and the cold. Oil company. layoffs are now a fact of life here due to $65 a barrel oil. Still none of the sheep up here dare bleat about the billions that Harper wastes on foreign aid, immigration, multicult or trips to sunny Israel. They'd rather hold a snow ball fight for charity or fly to Kenya to dig some wells. And these are "adults"?

Canadians will have to suffer before they smarten up.

Two Questions:

1) Why is it that every time sinkhole Africa develops a new disease (Ebola), I have to pay for it?

2) And how do all of those protesters in Ferguson, Missouri get so much time off work?

OOPS, one more: Why don't all of those wealthy black rappers put a song together to raise dollars for Africa like all of those goofy white musicians do?

OH, CRAP, one more: Will Revenue Canada deny my charity donation to Hamas. ???


Take Care,

Old December 29th, 2014 #25
Alex Linder
Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 45,381
Blog Entries: 34
Alex Linder

The Multicult’s bitter harvest

By Klaus Rohrich October 27, 2014

When Trudeau père sold Canadians the conceit of multiculturalism as a workable societal foundation, most people eagerly bought in. After all, what harm can there be in turning the drab Canadian mangia cake uniformity into a colorful, spicy multinational quilt? The upside includes wondrous, redolent, zesty foods; quaint customs and celebrations that turn the old homogeneity into a vibrant heterogeneous stew of warmth and mutual respect.

Of course, there were those who warned that the concept was pretty far-fetched and not much good could come of it. And naturally, they were roundly condemned as xenophobic racists.

Balkanized ghettos in Canada’s larger urban centers

Now that multiculturalism has been entrenched in our social fabric for five decades, many of us are beginning to feel slightly uneasy, as we notice that the newcomers we so openly embraced want little or nothing to do with us and tend to live in balkanized ghettos in Canada’s larger urban centers. What’s more, some of those quaint customs that we so eagerly anticipated turn out not to be so quaint after all, as words like “honor killing”, “cliterodectomy”, “arranged marriages” and “terrorism” have entered our lexicon.

While Quebecers are vigilantly guarding their culture through draconian language laws that essentially outlaws the public use of any language but French, some of our multicultural neighbors in other provinces are sending clear signals that they do not wish to have anything to do with “Canadians”. In Richmond, BC, a suburb of Vancouver, a group of residents presented a petition with over 1,000 signatures to city council requesting that a by-law be passed that any signage within the city limits contain at least one of Canada’s official languages. Council declined to do so, despite parts of Vancouver now closely resembling Hong Kong.

Multiculturalism is also extremely expensive in that federal and provincial governments

But that isn’t the worst of it. Multiculturalism is also extremely expensive in that federal and provincial governments are now providing interpreters to assist citizens unable to speak either official language in their home language. Having interpreters on call at hospitals, courts, immigration and welfare offices is a costly proposition that benefits no one, but those who do not feel it necessary to learn our language. And while being proficient in the language of the country to which you are emigrating, an even greater detriment is the way in which the native culture is affected. We suddenly find ourselves avoiding the use of the word “Christmas” lest we offend the tender sensibilities of those who traditionally do not celebrate that particular holiday. Yet newspaper and television personalities are wishing our co-tenants a pleasant feast of Eid al-Adha or “Kung hei fat choi”.

I have no issue with others celebrating their traditional holidays; just don’t keep the rest of us from celebrating ours. And while you’re at it, the official languages of Canada are English and French, not Mandarin, Urdu, Hindi or Arabic. It might be politic of newcomers to take the trouble to learn at least one of them.

Damage that is being done to our societal fabric

Finally, the most distressing aspect of the multicult is the damage that is being done to our societal fabric. It’s sort of quaint when you’re cheering your native land during the World Cup. But it’s reprehensible, even treasonous, when you’re cheering the side that’s killing our soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. And now that our soldiers have begun to be killed here at home, all bets are off. Whether the perpetrators are home grown converts or disaffected immigrants, we need to be more insistent that newcomers adapt themselves to our way of life, rather than accommodating them in theirs.

After all, the concepts of forced marriages, honor killings, Jihad, as well as self-segregation are fundamentally un-Canadian and should not be tolerated. When I was a new immigrant to Canada I often heard that if I wasn’t down with learning English, I could always go back to where I came from. I chose to learn English.

Klaus Rohrich is senior columnist for Canada Free Press. Klaus also writes topical articles for numerous magazines. He has a regular column on RetirementHomesand is currently working on his first book dealing with the toxicity of liberalism. His work has been featured on the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, among others. He lives and works in a small town outside of Toronto. Klaus can be reached at

[email protected]
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Samuel Toothgold
Charachature incarnate
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Samuel Toothgold
Default Darwin wins. Nigglet outside natural habitat loses. Becomes Niggsicle:

...Elijah ist am Donnerstag in der kanadischen Stadt Toronto bei rund minus 20 Grad tot im Freien aufgefunden worden. Offenbar schlich er sich unbemerkt und nur in T-Shirt, Windel und mit Stiefeln mitten in der Nacht auf die Strasse...
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Default Canada To Be 80% Nonwhite “Within 100 Years”

Current immigration policies will turn Vancouver into a 70 percent nonwhite state within two generations, and all of Canada into an 80 percent nonwhite country within the next 100 years, one of that country’s foremost diplomats has warned.

Writing in the Vancouver Sun, former ambassador to Asia and the Middle East Martin Collacott said that current Canadian immigration policy was “replacing its population” and was a “case of willful ignorance, greed, [and] excess political correctness.”
Quoting University of London professor Eric Kaufmann, Collacott said that “almost seven out of 10 Vancouver residents will be ‘visible minorities’ [politically correct Canadian code for nonwhite] within two generations and 80 per cent of the Canadian population (compared to 20 per cent today) will be non-white in less than century.”
He went on to write:

Kaufmann notes that, with its continuing high immigration intake and the fact that four out of five newcomers are visible minorities, Canada is undergoing the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western world.
Questions must be asked about why such drastic population replacement is taking place and who is benefiting from it.

While Canada has been helped by large-scale immigration at various times in its history, the current high intake causes more problems than benefits for our current population.

Our economy grows because of the increasing population, but the average Canadian gets a smaller piece of the bigger pie.

The cost is huge — with latest estimates indicating taxpayers have to underwrite recent arrivals to the tune of around $30 billion annually. Young people in large cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are being crowded out of the housing market by sky-high prices caused largely by the ceaseless flow of new arrivals, and the quality of life of most residents is negatively affected by increased traffic and commute times, along with congestion and pressure on the health care and education systems.

Despite this, those who profit from mass immigration continue to laud its benefits. Their claims are not supported by the facts, however.

We are not facing looming labour shortages that we can’t meet with our existing workforce and educational infrastructure.
Immigration, moreover, does not provide a realistic means of dealing with the costs associated with the aging of our population.

Those who seek to benefit from continued high immigration include leaders of political parties bent on expanding their political base with policies designed to make it easier to come here from abroad and acquire the full benefits of citizenship. Also active are leaders of immigrant organizations eager to expand their support base and influence.

Another important influence has been contributions from developers who want an endless supply of new homebuyers and are major funders of politicians and parties — particularly at the municipal level.

In this regard, it is worth noting that not too long ago, leading politicians in Vancouver on both sides of the political aisle — such as former mayors Art Phillips and Mike Harcourt — were readily prepared to identify high immigration intake as one of the leading causes, if not the main cause, of rising house prices. Now, however, no Canadian politician has the guts or integrity to connect the two.

This is not only because they are so heavily indebted to the real estate industry in one way or another, but also since criticism of mass immigration is treated in many quarters as xenophobic, if not racist, since newcomers are overwhelmingly visible minorities.

While a moderate degree of diversity can make society more vibrant — and my own family is an example of this — it is quite a different matter when it develops to a level where it overwhelms and largely replaces the existing population, particularly when there is no good reason for allowing this to happen.

With current policies, we will have to find room for tens of millions of more newcomers, most of whom will settle in the already densely populated areas of the country where most of the employment opportunities as well as their relatives are located.

We will also have to contend with the fact that many will bring with them values and traditions that may differ in key respects from those of most Canadians, such as gender equality and concern for protection of the environment.

If Canada continues along its present path as described by Kaufmann, we will become one of the first and perhaps the only country in the world to voluntarily allow its population to be largely replaced by people from elsewhere.
Is this what Canadians want for their children and their descendants? Almost certainly not.

And yet we are letting it happen through a combination of willful ignorance, political and financial greed and an excess of political correctness.

Are we prepared to do something about it? Sadly, it appears that most Canadians are too supine or short-sighted to do so — at least at this juncture.

Canadians deserve a full and informed public debate on the extent to which immigration policy will determine the future of the country. This should form the basis for a sensible public policy based on the long-term interests of the existing population, rather than those of special interest groups.

Without this we cannot expect our descendants to inherit a country that is anything like the Canada of today.
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Default 7,000 Africans Invade Canada From US In 6 Weeks: Even Trudeau Balks

August 21, 2017
The mass rush of illegal invaders—mostly from Haiti but also from African nations—pouring across the border into Canada from the US has now reached over 7,000 since July 1 alone, causing even far-leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to tell them that they do not automatically quality as “refugees.”

According to a CBC report,

Trudeau said that “crossing illegally into the country doesn't offer an advantage when it comes to obtaining refugee status in Canada.

"If I could directly speak to people seeking asylum, I'd like to remind them there's no advantage," Trudeau said at a news conference Sunday in Montreal.
In the first two weeks of August, more than 3,800 people walked over the border into the province, compared to the 2,996 who crossed throughout all of July.

Speaking prior to Montreal's annual homosexual parade, Trudeau stressed that anyone seeking refugee status will have to go through Canada's "rigorous" screening process.

Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) said the rush of African invaders was “unprecedented” and that more than 3,800 crossed the border illegally into Quebec during the two weeks spanning August 1 to August 15.

The figures were released after RCMP held a technical briefing with the Canada Border Services Agency and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
"Our officers are patrolling 24 hours day, all year long and we have never seen such numbers coming in," said RCMP spokesperson Claude Castonguay.

According to Immigration, the RCMP also intercepted 2,996 invaders seekers crossing illegally into Quebec in July. Since June 1, the RCMP said, more than 7,000 people have illegally entered Canada.

CBSA spokesperson Patrick Lefort said the RCMP is transferring around 200 to 300 “asylum” claimants per day to the official border crossing at Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, though that number can fluctuate daily.
He said in recent days there have been around 1,000 to 1,200 asylum seekers at the Lacolle crossing waiting for their claims to be processed.

Immigration spokesperson Louis Dumas addressed the false information circulating among Haitians on social media in the United States, namely a WhatsApp message that says Canada is inviting people to make asylum claims.

"It is not a message from the government of Canada; strict processes are in place for all people claiming asylum, regardless of how they enter into Canada," he said.

He said there is no guarantee that one requesting asylum can stay in Canada, noting that 50 per cent of Haitians who requested asylum in 2016 had their claims rejected.

A majority of asylum seekers coming into Quebec since July are Haitians from the United States.

With the U.S. Department of Homeland Security saying it considers Haiti to be a safe country now, the temporary protection status for Haitians in the U.S. granted after the 2010 earthquake is set to expire in January (2018).

As of Wednesday, she said 3,307 asylum seekers were in temporary residences across Quebec.


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