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Old September 15th, 2010 #1
Leonard Rouse
Celebrating My Diversity
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Leonard Rouse
Default Whopper Virgins

Like nigger Jules from Pulp Fiction, I do at times enjoy a tasty burger.

I ran across this Burger King advertisement/film, which attempts to spin The Whopper as preferred to the Big Mac among sundry folk at the ends of the Earth--the Whopper Virgins--who haven't partaken or even heard of our ubiquitous, artery-clogging eats.

About 7 minutes long. Surprisingly good production values. Not really interested in the veracity of the burger claims. More interested in the concept itself: What are the preferences of those with no advertising bias?

Replace burgers with the myriad "moral" jewish poison we're inundated with 24/7--racemixing, homosexuality, war for israel, interracial adoption/theft, mestizo immigration/invasion--and what would the responses be?

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