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Antistar Hunter
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Antistar Hunter
Talking Take control over magic & trolling culture #pedosucking magical cucks jews

Let's create more and more insulting tags. Soon only lazy will not mock jews and their cuckold defenders — contemptible cuckold-lawyers for middle eastern scum jews.

#pentagram sucks, tarot for cucks #war of symbols #kabbalistic spiritual cucks masons #matzons #mason is matzon #magical cucks jews #tarot is kabbalistic #circle or rombus guards, pentagram sucks #tarot for cucks #pedosucking magical cucks jews... (more and more tags).

There is a good text with quotes. Similar threads stormfront Runes n swastika vs tarot n pentagram, No tolerance to Masonry and to judophilia, creativityalliance forum Take Control Over Magic & Trolling Culture.
Briefly about the essence of the "war of symbols." Spread your symbols. Expose your symbols in a positive or neutral context. And the symbols of the enemy - either try to remove into oblivion, or expose in an emphasized bad context, or mock them. The whole question of “war of symbols” fits into the materialistic worldview (there is also an opinion that materialism suppresses magic). The humiliation of symbols is the humiliation of the one whom these symbols represent. No need to be afraid of filthy symbols, but from a psychological point of view it is right to remove filthy symbols if possible (poop should be disgusting for you if you are not poop-eater). The fact is that Jews and matsons are everywhere spreading their symbols. Also, for example, in Potter, runes are displayed in an emphasized bad context, and matzonic symbols are in good or neutral (plus Potter by itself propaganda of leftism and interracial mixing, the analogy is obvious).

From a materialistic point of view, the importance of war of symbols is proved. Also, magic should be studied in order to understand people with magical thinking and influence them psychologically. One must be able to think both materialistically and magically. Anyway, magic is interesting. And to humiliate witches and sorcerers, spiritual cuckolds is also fun.

"Eye of providence" is unpleasant Middle Eastern Egyptian hostile symbol. Must be stabbed by toilet brush. Most of jewish symbols and themes are not pretended to be common to all mankind (but Jews spread their symbols). Exept kabbalistic tarot and pentagram. Every White man (mage) who use tarot and pentagram must be humiliated, trolled and treated like a cuck or low grade prostitute.

Magic should be classified.

1. Magic of White men. Most powerful — runes. Every WN has right to use runes and he should do this.

2. Magic of non-White men. Most hostile, but not so powerul as runes — Jewish (Kabbalah), matzonic, Egyptian.

3. Neutral from national point of view.

4. Positivistic magical thinking ("Secret" like materials). Unfortunately, authors usually propagandize leftism and (or) the most unacceptable Middle Eastern themes (Jewish, Egyptian, matzonic). The best — "Reality Transurfing" Vadim Zeland. By this esoteric teaching, the sense of fault is destructive. And it is right especially for WN. Must read despite Zeland is a leftist cuck. Vadim Cuckoldeland lightly propagandized leftism and recently he used Middle Eastern theme — Egyptian priestess Tafti.

It's unacceptable to use magic of non-White men. It's obvious. Tarot is a kabbalistic theme. It can serve to personal goals of user, but It will not serve to White men. If you are using tarot Jewish penis is next to you. And you are a spiritual cuck.

The guard symbol is circle or rhombus, not pentagram or other star symbols. Pentagram or other star symbols inscribe to infinity, straight-inverted-straight-inverted... Square or rhombus — no inscribing.

"Strike from nowhere. The hornbook of martial magic" Belov Alexander Konstantinovich. This book is not very serious but interpretation is good.

Symbols of stars have always been actively used by magic. Although, I must say, Arabs, Indians and Europeans put different meanings in the interpretation of these signs. Stars came to Europe from the Jewish tradition.

The six-pointed star (Star of David) - became one of the main reflections of the dialectical principles of black magic, thanks not to David, but to the black mage - Tsar Solomon.

In general, with regard to these symbols, I want to say the following: there are no "pure" five-tips and Satanic "shifters." all star signs are symbols of construction. Satanists created them for themselves. For the same reason, stars are part of active Masonic symbolism.

Unlike Satanism and Freemasonry, magic does not have political goals and plans to take over the world by the "initiates." And yet we will do without the stars. We will consider them signs of trouble for ourselves. Even if only because too many human blood has been spilled under these signs. And regarding the fact that the pentagram is a protective symbol, I will say that this is a cunning trick of Satanism. The guard symbol is a circle (rhombus). Hence, traditional European housing has four walls, that is, four corners. Among them there is a "red corner", an angle that diverts the demon, etc. The pentagon is designed to break the protective properties of the rhombus. Take the traditional "security" pentagram (in the Soviet years they painted the "quality mark") and continue it to the intersection line. What happened? An inverted five-pointed star, the main symbol of Satan!
David Star and Solomon star (pentagram). Interpretation from "The Strike of Russian Gods" Vladimir Istarkhov. This book is serious. David Star is two triangles: Jews (straight) and goyim (inverted). Top of each triangle — spirit (Jewish — up, goyim — low), sides — substance and energy. Meaning — Jews rules over goyim. Solomon star, (matzonic star, pentagram) — plus no goyim spirit. Matzons give spirit to Jews.

Every White man (mage) who use tarot and pentagram must be humiliated, trolled and treated like a cuck or low grade prostitute. To learn tarot is acceptable only intellectually (without magic). Very experienced mage can steal ideas for magic of White men. Possibly using non-canonical runescripts and other runic formules on paper is a successful theft from matzonic or matzonic-like magic. It's very good.

From Magic of non-White men must read Castaneda. Yoga is ok too. "The Eye of Revelation" by Peter Kelder from Tibetan yoga is good.

Copypast and save to your journals.
"Conspiracy theorist" is like word "racist". If response to "racist" is "cuck", response to "conspiracy theorist" is "spiritual cuck" for example. It's necessary to be able to speak without profanity or non-profanity insulting words like "cuckold". But using insults (profanity or not profanity) have advantages. For example.

It's not a secret that on psychological level it's necessary to prove to the average man (nonintellectual) that the enemy is contemptible scum (not only evil). Defenders of middle eastern scum Jews are cuckolds by default. Jews are the most dishonored nation of cucks (Jews historically always shared wives), but with coward magic. Matzons are low graded users of Jewish (kabbalistic) magic and kabbalistic spiritual cucks. Jews and matzons are the most dishonored cucks and contemptible scum (not only evil). Everybody in internet must know this. Everybody must know that to mock jewish and matzonic symbols is funny. Jews are dishonored nation of magical cucks.

Trolling help people not to be afraid of magic of middle eastern nonwhite nation of cucks (Jews) and spiritual cucks (matzons). Trolling help people not to be afraid of magic and magical thinking.

Two birds with one stone.

Trolling internet culture must be ours. It's a good idea to create in trolling sites like 4chan threads like "War of symbols" and mock there enemy symbols.

Without trolling it's necessary to emphasize that Jews are very magical thinking. And explain "war of symbols". "War of symbols" is good tag.

There is enough arguments against pentagram. It will be easy to convince to use circle or rhombus instead of "star symbols". And it must be done.

There is no ideal book. Ben Klassen is a very good writer, but to propagandize materialism is not good. As it was said "The Strike of Russian Gods" by Vladimir Istarkhov is good book but contains much nonsense. Lets find more arguments against enemy symbols and find more methods to defeat the enemy psychologically and/or magically. In this thread especially psychologically.

cuckold-lawyers, pedosucking jews, pentagram sucks, tarot for cucks, war of symbols


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