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Old August 25th, 2018 #1
John Twyman
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2017
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John Twyman
Default National Socialism: 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kampfer of the 21st Century

National Socialism: 30 Fundamental Truths for the Kampfer of the 21st Century

by Kristof von Kanwetzburg

In this definitive work by author Kristof von Kanwetzburg, the eternal truths of National Socialism are put forward in thirty concise chapters detailing the National Socialist Weltanschauung on everything from Race, Patriarchy, High Culture and High Politics, to Lebensraum, Economics, and Spirituality. But make no mistake, this is no ordinary book for the masses, but rather a Sacred Text for the true National Socialist Kämpfer of the Twenty-First Century… and Beyond... “This book covers topics whose grasp will spell the difference between life and death for many, and yet it is not a book for the masses. To be sure, it is a most demanding book, sharp and rugged, filled with a fresh air that can cause vertigo in unseasoned climbers of Geist. And although written in a clear, unapologetic language, it carries in its pages a certain hidden heaviness; not many can pick up this sword, let alone wield it… Here, both the foundations and the crown of the National Socialist Bewegung are laid forth, in plain sight, for all to See and Read and Learn. Hence, this magnum opus of National Socialism is not a book to be skimmed through and then stowed away, but to be read throughout the entirety of one’s life. Because this is a Book of Life. As such, it should be printed in Runic script on pure elektrum and kept in a box made of pure granite. On Aryan holy days, as Kinsmen from both sides of the Veil are assembled, a Priestess will read its contents out loud in a proud voice as solemn as Her Soul, a Chapter at a time. And the enemy will have heard our message: desist or be Destroyed! Hail Victory! Heil Hitler!” – Ljubo D. Hosner
Old September 12th, 2020 #2
Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager

Here is that book archived here. It's physically gone from the internet now.

aryan, hitler, kanwetzburg, national socialism, white race


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