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Alexander M.
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Alexander M.
Default Cuckold Porn Allowed on Youtube as “Art”

Recently I reported on a how Youtube Allows a Video That Promotes Kidnapping, Raping and Murdering Whites while banning anything that effectively exposes jewish criminality (like Hellstorm) and the epidemic of black violence.

Now I would like to show you what jewtube considers perfectly acceptable.
Experience molds perception.
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Crystal Winterfrost
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Crystal Winterfrost

Has to be a kike behind the scenes. I saw this repulsive garbage on YouTube about a week ago and flagged it, reported it, gave it thumbs down and a negative comment. I can't believe it still hasn't been taken down. And what the hell is wrong with those girls that agree to participate in this blasphemy? I'd never touch a stinky, greasy nigger for all the gold in the world. Those shameless whores haven't got one ounce of decency or self-respect.
“The sweet Goddess of Peace lives only under the protective arm of the ready God of War.” ― David Lane

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Cale Sparks
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Cale Sparks

The photographer, as well as the model, are both opportunistic whores pursuing their careers as "artists".

When white men and women lose every trace of shame and propriety, their niggerization is shown to be complete (niggers, themselves, being a race of whores).
The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.
- Hitler


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