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Talking If you were in charge for one day , what would you do ?


If you had absolute power for one day , what would you do ?

I mean you are the absolute ruler of this world and have one day ?

I know what I'd do . .

First I would forbid all secret societies worldwide and thereby dethrone the NWO . .

Secret societies are their weapon and a means by which they achieve their goals ( Freemasonry , occult organisations , banking cartels . . . . . )

Once the NWO with its One-World agenda is gone this world would already be much 'relaxter' . .

I would , like Trump , build a border between the USA and Mexico , yet one which cannot be tricked with . .


Concerning the other European world . .

Concerning Germany . .

I would again revive the montan industry which was closed down by the NWO adherent politicians . . .

Did I mention I would outlaw multiculturalsim ?

Actually , a lot . .

But these are the main points . .

I admit I'm also not too aware of problems outside the US or Germany specifically ( I'm a German myself and due to my adherence to US-based racialst boards I'm aware of many problems there too . .)

lol . .

What a dream it would be ( for now . .) . .

Some people think this world is much more complex than it really is . .

I'm not saying the world is (((too simple))) yet sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do . .

Some simple steps even though I admit the aftermath of the things gone wrong would probably take longer to 'wipe out' . .



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