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Old August 8th, 2018 #1
Ned Hiller
Junior Member
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Ned Hiller
Default Are Rebellious Subcultures and Sexual Degeneracy Promoted by Jewish Controlled Media to Destroy Gentiles?

The media has been promoting undisciplined and degenerate behavior, especially in adolescents, for decades. There are plenty of adults and adolescents who engage in addictive behaviors like cursing, overspending, gambling, sex, drinking coffee, smoking, alcohol, and drug use. They are also overly preoccupied with their appearance, spending plenty of money on cosmetics, and hair and skin treatments and they do degenerate things to their body which they consider art such as putting on lots of makeup, putting gel on their hair to give it an ostentatious look such as making the hair spiky, dying their hair with unnatural colors like green, getting tatoos, and getting piercings. Many of these addicts also act like assholes because the media promotes the idea that being an addict and acting like an asshole is cool and means that the person is living the high life. Aside from propaganda in media that promotes addictive behavior, the media also promotes sexual degeneracy such as feminism, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality, through books, comics, movies, TV shows, video games, and feminized love songs and soft rock. Are rebellious subcultures and sexual degeneracy promoted by jewish controlled media to destroy gentiles by weakening them, with addiction making the people undisciplined, asshole behavior causing divisiveness and unnessarcy conflict, which prevents people from acting as a united, combined and disciplined unit for the greater good, and sexual degeneracy causing STD's and reduced testosterone levels in men? Below are timelines of two categories of degeneracy: addictive degeneracy and egalitarian sexual degeneracy.

Addictive Degeneracy:

1920's: Jazz music is introduced by Jews and has plenty of wild, addictive and sexual overtones. The mini-skirt was invented during this time and young women called Flappers started wearing them. Nightclubs playing Jazz music also emerged during this time, and nightclubs became places for people to engage in all sorts of addictions like smoking, getting drunk, high on drugs and having sex, provided that there were private rooms that could be rented by customers.

1950's: Rock and Roll music is introduced and degeneracy worsens. Now adults and adolescents called Greasers go around in motorcycles, wearing black leather jackets, blue jeans and indulging vices and starting trouble everywhere they go. The Jocks also emerged during this time and did the same degenerate behaviors as the Greasers, except that they rode in sports cars instead of motorcycles.

1960's-1970's: Love Ballads and Soft Rock are introduced and people start turning into anti-war pacifag Hippies, spreading their irrational left-wing propaganda of non-violence while simultaneously being addicts and starting the pro-drug movement.

1980's: Pop, Techno, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Goth Rock, and Heavy Metal, are introduced and degeneracy becomes even worse, now people do not just content themselves with indulging vices, they also modify their bodies in the name of body art. This is where the aforementioned degenerate acts such as putting on lots of makeup, putting gel on their hair to give it an ostentatious look such as making the hair spiky, dying their hair with unnatural colors like green, getting tatoos, and getting piercings started.

1990's: Reggae, Hip-Hop and Rap is introduced and the degeneracy goes to greater extremes. This time, an additional obsession with jewelry, also called bling, is added as a new vice and this makes people's extravangance and addiction even worse.

2000's-Present: Hipster music and culture are introduced and the vice as far as fashion is concerned goes to a greater extreme when body mutilation is no longer enough, people now have to wear constrictive clothing such as tight shirts, tight jeans, tight ankle socks, and pointed shoes which can chafe skin, strain muscles and fascia, raise blood pressure, cause blood clots, damage nerves, and lower testosterone by inhibiting blood flow to the testicles. During this time the Hipsters also promote pseudo-healthy foods like whole grains which are full of gluten and soy which is full of xenoestrogens, goitrogenic compounds and polyunsaturated fat, all of which are anti-androgens that can lower testosterone. With the Hipster music, which is as feminized as the Hippie love ballads and soft rock, being played all the time in public places, radio and TV stations, and music and video streaming websitses, hipster clothing being sold on all clothing stores, which can lower testosterone, and pseudo-healthy testosterone lowering foods like whole grains and soy being promoted as part of a healthy diet, the feminization through testosterone reduction has begun.

Egalitarian Sexual Degeneracy:

1850's: Egalitarian Sexual Degeneracy begins when Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto in 1848. The style of art which was popular from the 1800's to the 1850's was Romanticist art and music, with its themes of the fear of nature, industrialization, mad scientists and horror, which was intellectually sophisticated, but all this changed from the 1850's to the present, when Romanticist art was replaced with Sentimental and Realist art. Sentimental art, wtih all its sappy, corny, hammy, cheesy messages about idealized love, relationships and marriages based on intense emotions as opposed to practical and logical concerns, peace, altruism, self-sacrifice, white knighting, placing women on a pedestal, and the stupid delusion of empowering women, making them equal, if not, superior to men, and Realist art which promotes the idea of placing the working class on a pedestal, equality, and the reverence for the mundane, average, mediocre and ordinary both had their roots in leftist ideology. The Communists deliberately promoted these ideas to reduce people's intelligence and make them emotional and irrational so that they would not question Communist ideology, such propaganda is termed Anti-Intellectualism.

1900's: The Women's Suffrage movement succeeds in getting women the right to vote. This allows women to vote for leaders who would support feminizing policies. Additionally, with the invention of motion picture cameras and projectors, pornographic theaters emerge during this time, marking the beginning of the porn industry.

1930's: The Wall Street crash of 1929 causes people to lose confidence in capitalism and increases support for left-wing ideologies. The liberal parties of western countries which used to support free trade have changed their policies to support egalitarianism instead, causing economic liberalism to transform into egalitarian liberalism, which promotes left-wing principles such as high taxes, social welfare, and social equality. Social welfare is specifically a scam because it is used by politicians to justify high taxes in order to give them more money to steal. To make this scam less obvious, some of the money is used for social welfare to make it appear that the social welfare policies are being implemented while most of the money is secretely stolen.

1960's-Present: The counterculture movement is launched which is comprised of several irrational left-wing movements such as the Anti-War movement, the Feminist movement, the LGBT movement, the Political Correctness movement, the Social Justice movement, the Pro-Drug movement, and the Animal Equality movement. The Love Ballads and Soft Rock introduced during this time include counterculture propaganda in their lyrics. During this time, feminists demanded equal pay, for all working women, even though payment is based on merit and there is no evidence that all women are working hard enough to deserve equal pay to all men. The introduction of equal pay caused average wages to rise which triggered inflation because companies need to increase prices to compensate for increased operating expenses. During this time, women started wearing masculine clothes such as pants, and the first contraceptive pill called Mestranol/Noretynodrel was introduced in June 23, 1960 and this truly began sexual degeneracy because it enabled men to have sex with women without the risk of inducing pregnancy in women, because of this, promiscuity has risen tremendously and with it, increased risk of catching STD's, which is evidenced by the fact, that most news reports on people catching STD's come from the 1960's to the present. Promiscuity has also caused men's testosterone levels to decline because ejaculating causes the pituitary gland to release prolactin which lowers testosterone, so the more frequently it is done, the lower the testosterone becomes, and this rule applies no matter what the sexual act, so the promotion of LGBT and other sexual perversions has contributed to the decline in testosterone levels as much as the invention of the contraceptive pill.

The Spread of Liberal Degeneracy Outside the West:

Liberal degeneracy has also spread to South America, Africa, and Asia. For example, the comics, live action programs, anime programs and video games produced in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan contain characters that dye their hair, and gel it into a spiky hairstyle. The characters also engage in addictive behavior such as sexual perversion and promiscuity, smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs. Additionally there is feminist and LGBT propaganda in Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese media where the women and LGBT are portrayed as dominant, strong, if not invincible, action heroes and the heterosexual men are portrayed as submissive weaklings. The worst part is that the virus is not contained in only these Asian countries because the Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese media are either subtitled or dubbed in other Asian languages and exported to those other Asian countries. This is where Americanism does Asia more harm than good, as the attempt to imitate everything American has resulted in the Asians also copying the liberal degeneracy.
Old August 10th, 2018 #2
Skinhead Zack
Racial Aristocrat
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Location: Canada
Posts: 503
Skinhead Zack

Good observations.

First of all, I must say that I'm not a fan of degeneracy.
Blatant anti-White racism in popular culture disgusts me.
I do listen to some Rock / Heavy Metal, play video games but I know who are behind those 'rebellious' subcultures.

Video games were invented by the Jew Ralph H Baer.
The Japs actually made some decent games with Western themes and characters, if not anime style degenerate garbage.

I am not a fan of gook culture.
Yes, Asian pop music and anime promote homosexuality, bestiality and pedophilia.
Many anime / manga characters are underage yet they engage in sexual activities with male protagonists.
Ever seen Asian male pop stars? they all look effeminate with the same Justin Bieber haircuts and their music is utterly soulless. apparently there is the Jewish hand behind them.

No surprise at all because East Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan are democratic / liberal due to their post war relationships with America.
Jewish-influenced degeneracy seems to run rampant in those countries.

Western pop music is even worse.
Singers like Ladyboy Gaga and Miley Virus are tools of the Jew Illuminati and they promote homosexualism, materialism, Satanism, hedonism, feminism, etc.
Many young White girls look up to these filthy whores as role models, it's a shame!

Rock and Heavy Metal scene are predominantly White.
However degeneracy is rampant in the scene as well.
Influenced by LaVeyan Satanism (Jewish), there is excessive use of an anarchy symbol, devil horns, all-seeing eye (the eye of Horus which is an Illuminati symbol), inverted cross (to trigger Christians) in Rock and Metal.

Some Metal bands incorporate Viking and Pagan imagery into their music.
Although degenerate to some extent, I personally think it's great.

Also profanity is very common in the lyrics.
And Death Metal promotes misogyny, sodomy, cannibalism and necrophilia.

Cross-dressing / homosexuality is very common in the Goth / Industrial scene.
Pale feminist girls with tattoos wearing eyeliner and skimpy black clothes (same goes for the 'Emo' ) make up the majority of its fanbase.

The Jews were indeed behind the subversive Rock 'N' Roll movement, just like they were behind the Civil Rights and Sexual Liberation movement.
The Beatles were a bunch of communists.
John Lennon was a race mixer and his song "Imagine" is still an anthem for every liberal person.

Negro rap music is the worst of them all.
You cannot get any more anti-White than that when it comes to music.
Started in the 1970s, it is a bunch of niggers ooking about White women, "gats", weed, hoods, bling, rims and money into microphones, over hypnotic jungle beats.
Their lyrics are written and music is composed by the Jews.
It requires no talent. just like modern pop music.

The Jews promote Black masculinity, Black male / White female miscegenation among other filth in rap videos.
While our White male counterparts are homos like Justin Bieber or One Direction.

These rappers advocate murder and rape of White people. the filthy Jews have been using them for three decades to incite racial hatred of White people among Blacks.

Some examples here:

Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha";
"Kill d'White People"; --Apache, Apache Ain't Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.
Buck the devil; boom. . . . shoot you with my .22; I got plenty of crew; I take out white boys. . . . we got big toys with the one-mile scope, taking whitey's throat";
"Buck tha Devil"; --Da Lench Mob, Guerrillas in tha Mist, 1992, Eastwest Records America, Elektra, Atlantic, Time Warner, USA
More of those anti-White rap lyrics at:

The Jews control our media and entertainment industry just like they control our government, schools and banking systems.

It's no secret that the mainstream music is part of our enemies' globalist agenda.

I still find some of it to be enjoyable as many do, as long as they are not blatantly anti-White.
All those celebrities who've sold out their race and their souls to the Jew World Order are a despicable bunch anyway, though.

Classical music is the best choice for us when it comes to White music, anyway.

Last edited by Skinhead Zack; August 10th, 2018 at 09:15 AM. Reason: Adding More Information


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