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Tomasz Winnicki
White - European - Aryan
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Tomasz Winnicki
Default Canada bitches @ Egypt for suppressing dissent. OH @#$% YOU! Restore real free speech

... or SHUT THE @#$% UP ALREADY! Ever since I became racially aware; a White Nationalist, hypocrisy irritates me much more.

Here's why Canada, 'our' anti White government that is, has no moral leg to stand on when it comes to lecturing others on free speech issues.
David Ahenakew, Arthur Topham, Melissa Guille, Jim Pankiw, Kenneth Whyte, Bruce Allen, Mark Stevenson, Brian Segal, Chris Cook, Connie Wilkins, Mark Fournier, Lubomyr Prytulak, Bruce MacKinnon, John Ross Taylor, Charles Scott, Kevin Lew, Wolfgang Droege, Alex Di Civita, William James Harcus, Randy Johnston, Terry Long, Eldon Warman, Harry Vaccaro, Tony McAleer, John Micka, Craig Harrison, Glenn Bahr, Peter Kouba, Bobby James Wilkinson, Fred Kyburz, Jim Keegstra, Brad Love, Doug Collins, Jean-Sebastient Presseault, James Scott Richardson, Henry Makow, Victor Fletcher, Robin Ronstead, Jason Ouwendyk, Fr. Alphonse de Valk, Mayor Brad Woodside, Mayor Diane Haskett, Scott Brockie, Ron Gray, Terry Tremaine, Philippe Rushton, Tom Winnicki, Ciaran Donnelly, Jessica Beaumont, Alexan Kulbashian, Marc Lemire, Stephen Boissoin, Bill Noble, Ernst Zundel, Paul Fromm, Kathy Shaidle, John David Beck, Chris Kempling, Malcolm Ross and more.
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