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Default Banjo_Billy's new book: “The Sumerian Swindle”

That's right, Folks, I writ a book all by myself. Here's a review of it and a telephone interview I did.

Editorial Review

How the Jews Betrayed Mankind:
Volume One: “The Sumerian Swindle”
by G_d

The Bamboo Delight Company is proud to announce a long-waited book by

I say “long awaited” because this irascible author has promised to supply us
with a steady output of his short works for our website but has, instead, put
his time into something too big for either our website or our newsletter. And
instead of his usual humorous view of the Jews, he has written a scholarly
330-page history of the perfidious moneylenders.

I can't say that the book is funny, although there are a few moments that
gave me some chuckles. After all, it deals with the history of the evil and
obnoxious Jews starting at around 5,000 BC and finishes Volume One at
1500 BC, just after they had escaped from Egypt with their stolen goods.
So, it is actually a serious historical work that has made some unique
discoveries both in historical analysis and archeological research.

Banjo_Billy has been able to solve a number of historical puzzles that has
stumped all previous archeologists, historians, Nazis and Bible scholars who
have ever studied the history of the ancient Near East, and especially the
history of, as Banjo_Billy writes, “those modern-day frauds and swindlers
known as rabbis and Jews”.

This book has real merit and will fill the missing links in the puzzle of what
Jews really are and where they actually came from. These discoveries have
never before been published anywhere in the world, so we are happy to be
the first to distribute such a fine book.

This book will change everything that you ever thought that you knew
about the Jews and their nefarious history.

Download your free copy today:

"How the Jews Betrayed Mankind":
Volume One, "The Sumerian Swindle",
by G_d, 330 pages,
Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf file size 7.4 Mb)

Download here:

An Interview with Banjo_Billy, author of "The Sumerian Swindle"

Telephone Interview with Banjo_Billy by the editor of the CSN.

CSN: It’s been quite a while since you sent us your last short stories. Why is

BB: Well, you never said that I had to work on a schedule, so I didn't.

CSN: After reading “The Sumerian Swindle”, I am wondering why you gave
up poking fun at the Jews in short story format and wrote this rather
scholarly study of them?

BB: I’m glad you think it’s scholarly, maybe because I put in footnotes. But
I was just trying to write something that the average reader would find
enjoyable and interesting.

CSN: I found it very interesting and I am not an average reader.

BB: Critics and reviewers like you read stuff because it interests you not
because you paid money to get it. I am talking about the average reader who
is interested in solving the world’s Jewish Problem but who is sick and tired
of all the usual books on the subject. My books set history back on its feet
instead of ass-backwards like the Jews want to tell it.

CSN: Can you tell us why you decided to write this book? And why is it in
three volumes?

BB: Well, the more I studied the Jews and all the problems that they cause
in the world, the more I realized that as ugly and obnoxious as they are,
they just were not funny to me anymore. Sure, the Jews are ridiculous frauds
and outrageous phonies who are funny because they actually take themselves
so darned seriously. But what they do to the non-Jews around them isn't
funny at all. It’s down right awful. The Jews are mean critters. So, I decided
to show just how mean the Jews really are by beginning at the beginning in
the ancient times long before the devil ever invented any Jews.

CSN: I see by the footnotes that you did quite a lot of research for
“The Sumerian Swindle”.

BB: Sure did. It was interesting finding all those dead Jews and the messes
that they had made in the ancient times.

CSN: What dead Jews?

BB: Well, the ones I wrote about! How many people from 3000 BC do you know?

CSN: Can you tell me why you titled your book as you did?
“How the Jews Betrayed Mankind” seems to encompass the whole world. I
thought you are a White Nationalist who is interested in the plight of white
people. You and I both know that the Jews are betraying the white people of
Europe and America, but you seem to imply from your title that the Jews are
betraying the entire world.

BB: Well, it’s true. And I can prove it. And I do prove it in Volume One,
“The Sumerian Swindle”. And I continue to prove it in Volume Two and
Volume Three. So, what’s your problem with that? The Jews have got to
understand that they only have two choices: either they repent of their evil
toward the people of the world or the people of the world will rise up and
kill every damned one of them. The Jews have never been too smart about
understanding that every evil that they have ever suffered has been the
results of their own wrongdoing. And yet, they moan and groan and blame
everything on everybody else. The Jews are an extremely stupid people.
Not much better than Mexicans, really.

CSN: Isn’t that making too big of a claim?

BB: No, it’s a fact. You’ll see. I’ve got all the proof.

CSN: When are you going to let me read the other two volumes?

BB: Let's see how Volume One is accepted first. I want to sell the other two
volumes so if the readers like Volume One, then maybe they will buy the
other two. After all, I discovered some stuff that has never been published

CSN: Are you going to let me read the other two volumes?

BB: One day at a time. Let’s see how good you are at distributing Volume One.
If “The Sumerian Swindle” is a success, I will give your company first
publication rights on the other two books.

CSN: Okay, that’s a deal. But why are you using a pen name on your book
instead of your real name?

BB: For the same reason that I use Banjo_Billy on the chat boards and
websites and on all my writing. For the same reason that Ernst Zundel got
kidnapped and imprisoned in Jew-Occupied-Germany. For the same reason
that all of the patriots who ever spoke the truth about the goddamned Jews,
got hassled by those vipers. Besides, I like being anonymous.

CSN: Let me re-phrase that question. Why are you signing your book with
the pen name “G_d”?

BB: For name recognition, pure and simple!

CSN: Name recognition? That, my friend, is ridiculous!

BB: No, it’s not. Figure it out. Whoever heard of Banjo_Billy? I’m a nobody.
I like being a nobody; it’s so nice and peaceable being a nobody. But who’s
going to take an intellectual masterpiece like “The Sumerian Swindle”
seriously if it’s signed by somebody who calls himself “Banjo_Billy”? So, I’m
going for the name recognition. Name recognition sells books. Besides, I want
to warn any Jews who want to argue about my book just who they are
messing with.

CSN: And you think G_d is an improvement over Banjo_Billy? Really! You
can't be serious. Who is going to buy your book if you sign it “written by G_d”?

BB: Well, for one, the damned Jews will. They can’t help it. They will be
drawn to that name like mosquitoes to a mosquito zapper. After all, G_d is
the one who they’ve been praying to for ever so long. So, I thought that when
they saw a book written by G_d that they would fall all over their rotten
selves trying to be first in line to buy a copy. The Jews have stolen all the
money from America and Europe with their banking swindles and other
assorted frauds, so they can afford the $30 cover price. Even the Jews who
can’t read English know who G_d is. So, it’s name recognition, plain and

CSN: Okaaaay. Your three volume work is entitled “How the Jews Betrayed
Mankind”. Volume One is entitled, “The Sumerian Swindle’". Volume Two is
entitled, “The Monsters of Babylon.” And Volume Three is entitled:
“The Bloodsuckers of Judah.” Will you please explain those titles to the

BB: No, I won't. They gotta read the books, then they will understand the
titles. And after they read The Sumerian Swindle for free, then they won’t be
shy about buying the other two volumes.

CSN: We agreed to give you your own web page to showcase your work but
we were expecting more humorous pieces from you. More of them and more

BB: Yeah, everybody likes a good laugh.

CSN: You seem to have a talent for showing what dastardly fools the Jews
are in a funny way. We were hoping for more of the same. The short essays
you wrote about the Babylonian Talmud were hilarious.

BB: Thanks. I’m glad you liked them. I will write more of them as I read
more of the Talmud. What amazes me about the Talmud is that the Jews
brag about how smart they all are; but the Jews are really too stupid to see
that the rabbis are leading them all into hell through those devil teachings
in that Talmud. It’s really quite funny, all of those stentorian kikes with their
noses in the air, holding their circumcised nubs with one hand and with
the other hand, studying the Talmud like copulating dogs, up and down up
and down.

CSN: When can we expect more of those short essays on the Talmud?

BB: I’m kind of busy right now but after another week or so I'll have
some spare time.

CSN: We were planning to publish the Chinese Swaztika Newsletter once
again with you as the star attraction. After Dr. Wu passed away, we really
needed someone else as a regular columnist. But if you can’t fulfill your
agreement for a weekly column, then we will have to find someone else.

BB: That’s fine with me. I have more of the Talmud commentary that I will
let you publish, but only when I feel like it and have the time. So, if you find
someone else, that’s okay with me. Put an advertisement on the patriotic
chat boards and you will get some good writers to help you.

CSN: Coming back to Volume One, “The Sumerian Swindle." Why did you
abandon comedy writing?

BB: I didn’t abandon it. Comedy is just one of many writing genres. And I
don’t want to just write humorous stuff otherwise people will always expect
to have a laugh; but when I write something serious, then they will feel
bummed out that their expectations were not met. Then later, if I write some
humorous stuff, they won’t read it because they think that it’s something
serious. So, I try to mix things up so my readers are always surprised.

CSN: Do you think your readers will be surprised by what they read in
“The Sumerian Swindle”?

BB: I am sure that they will. It contains some secrets that are known by
very few people as well as some original discoveries that I made in historical
research. There are absolutely no Bible scholars, historians, archeologists, or
patriots who know many of the things that I put in this book.

CSN: Why did you write this book?

BB: Books. There are three volumes. And I may even write a fourth one.
I haven’t decided, yet.

CSN: Why did you write these books?

BB: Because nobody else could do it. There are a lot of writers out there
who know what criminal frauds the Jews really are. And over the years, no,
actually, over the centuries they have told everyone what charlatans the
Jews are. But none of them know WHY the Jews are such monsters. So,
since no one else could do it, it was left to me by default. I know, I know,
I’ve run across it plenty of times on the chat boards of Jews and Commies
making fun of me because of my nick-name. But after I kick their asses in
debate they just slick away. Like I said before, I’ve decided to use a better
nickname because "G_d" has a better name recognition than "Banjo_Billy" has.
Being a nobody is okay with me but it doesn't sell books. But G_d can sell
books. You'll see.

CSN: On that note, you have previously told me that your books refute the
theories of Professor Kevin MacDonald. Can you elaborate on that?

BB: Sure, I can. While Professor MacDonald wrote some great research and
made some original discoveries concerning the damned Jews, his basic
theory is all wrong. The main problem with MacDonald’s theories is that
he tries to make the Jews look like victims. The Jews love being victims
because that’s the only way those devils can get any sympathy from the
people they swindle and murder. They commit genocide and all manner
of atrocities against Mankind and then they expect you to feel sorry for
them. And Macdonald goes along with their scam.

CSN: I don’t understand what you are saying. I’ve read MacDonald’s books
and they seem accurate and incredibly well researched.

BB: Sure, his books are well researched! He’s a damned PhD in something or
other, so he knows how to prove that he didn’t make any of that stuff up.
His data is accurate as far as it goes. But he is making the wrong conclusions
from his data. He thinks the Jews are no different than rats or cockroaches
in that they are the victims of Nature and can’t help being the Jewy bastards
that they really are. But in fact, the Jews are demented perverts, psychopaths
and greedy con-artists who purposely destroy everybody around them
through their innate evil and not because “Mother Nature made them do it.”
My books show that Macdonald’s theories are wrong. He claims that the
Jews can’t help being swindling fiends and I claim that they are swindling
fiends because that’s what they are determined to be. MacDonald claims that
the Jews are victims of Nature who can’t help themselves and that Darwinian
Natural Selection turned them into assholes. My books show that the Jews
are assholes, alright, but they are assholes through their own efforts.

CSN: That sounds serious.

BB: Of course, it’s serious. But I have some funny discoveries in the book
that will give you a few laughs. For example, the discovery that every Jew
on earth claims to have inherited Abraham’s ass-hole.

CSN: I have to admit that that was funny.

BB: Oh, there are funnier things than that about the Jews. In fact, the Jews
are the funniest people on earth if you really look at what those morons
actually believe. The ridiculous things that those lying rabbis teach would
draw laughter out of a stone, except for the fact that the very stones are
standing in condemnation of the Jews as they await their Last Day. And
that’s all I’m going to say in this interview. Okay? Give me a call when you
have the web page set up.

CSN: Okay, will do. But about those humorous pieces on the Babylonian
Talmud that you promised to send us. When can we … Hello? Hello?


Download your free copy today:

"How the Jews Betrayed Mankind":
Volume One, "The Sumerian Swindle",
by G_d, 330 pages,
Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf file size )
Download here:

If anybody wants a signed copy, you'll have to wait until the cows come in.

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The Jews have got to understand that they only have two choices: either they repent of their evil toward the people of the world or the people of the world will rise up and
kill every damned one of them.
Sounds good, Banjo Billy. I'd add to option one the following. After repenting of their evil, they all (from wherever they are) need to find their way to and live in forever the land especially created for them, their very own true "Promised Land" -- a land on the southeast outskirts of vast Russia, a desolate and almost utterly isolated piece of Russia -- created for them by none other than their brother-in-evil, who knew them oh so well, Stalin. Their true Israel:

Birobidzhan, "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" (that's its name)

(Congratulations on your book, Banjo Billy.)
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I'll download and check it out soon, B.B. It oughta be a good "un", since few know the Talmud or the kikes better than you. Congratulations on getting the job done. Hymie gonna be pissed.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl

Hmm: I'll reserve judgement until I've actually read it (although I noticed you did cite the Thugee reference at the start correctly, but it does seem reference lite as far as I can see [316 references is pretty small for 330 pages; but that's my preference for the German system of citation]). My only serious objection is the notion that you only get your actual references at the end of the third volume (which seems rather silly to me given that it stops anyone seriously reviewing your book in terms of factual correctness and the durability of its thesis ergo limiting its readership, because serious reviewers would be put off).

Although that said well done in terms of effort: in spite of our differences of opinion (I can already tell from that interview you did that I am probably going to disagree with you as I am a 'nature theory' advocate as well although I have a different theory of the jew [albeit similar on some levels] to MacDonald).


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