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The Truth At Last
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The Truth At Last
Default Justice4lindalewis


This site has been set up on behalf of the " Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign. "
The true and harrowing story of a 12 year old child "illegally removed " or "Kidnapped " at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America by agents from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services using a false passport to cover up for medical negligence in South Wales in 1998.
Today Miss Lewis daughter is aged 24.
As a living,walking,talking witness to the extreme cruelty that she has suffered she is still being controlled by Social Services and the medical profession who do not want her reunited with her loving and caring family.
The evidence which has been carefully documented by the Lewis family has now been distributed on disc worlwide and is ready to be released when the time is right.
Corrupt Lawyers,Judges,Politicians,Doctors,Social Workers have all lied and conspired to block this case from entering a " Criminal Court " where the over whelming evidence held by us would expose them all for what they have done.
A lifelong injunction has been placed on this case to prevent the evidence from coming out and you the public seeing it.
A completely innocent Mother Linda Lewis has been threatened with immediate arrest and jail if any of her evidence is ever made public.
Despite this with Miss Lewis authority we will be releasing the evidence in due course.

Kevin Edwards who's running this blog/campaign is a BNP councillor .
"In no circumstances should anyone reduce the effort or support given to coming BNP activities"
- John Tyndall,


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