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Jack Anonymous
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Jack Anonymous
Default Drive (with Gosling)

Anyone who knows me will tell you I never recommend movies and I hate Hollywood with all my heart. Usually if I watch a movie with my girlfriend, I talk through the whole thing debunking the insanity and brainwashing techniques. There is no art coming out of Hollywood, and even foreign European films (especially UK) are heavy on Jewish propaganda.

Anyway, I can recommend the movie Drive even if just barely. Why? First and foremost, it reveals a true Northman spirit. He's silent and doesn't speak unless it's necessary. This is a big one. He isn't an arrogant twat. He's working class, masculine and isn't afraid to take charge and even backhand stupid cunts. It actually shows the 'Nordic bump'- or high bridge in the main character a lot, which seems a first for a Hollywood film- as if they're always trying to hide that genetic trait.

Unfortunately it does show a little too much nudity for us conservatives in one scene, and I wonder if the movie's entire point was to put the huge Cro-magno/Dinarid Ron Perlman in there and have him brag that he's a Jew. Other than that, it was actually watchable for once. And I've pretty much seen every damn movie there is...
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Originally Posted by Jack Anonymous View Post
...I can recommend the movie Drive even if just barely... it was actually watchable for once. And I've pretty much seen every damn movie there is...
I'm truly glad I remembered your recommendation when I went to the only local Redbox the nigs haven't vandalized yet. So I rented Drive. A tepid review beats all the shit I never heard of.

And I will say it: Strange pic, but entertaining, for sure!

I liked:

1. The car stunts. Not over the top or insanely complicated. Just right for the stuff that's supposed to happen.

2. Gosling is pretty good. More dialogue might have been better.

3. Carey Mulligan. Nice preview of the gal who is going to play Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. She does look like a fine white lady. Why the beaner hubby? Well, better luck with Gatsby. Leonardo deCaprio is strange, but not a bean.

Just a nice, odd little flick but as the second half unspooled, to my amazement, kike villains!

The real deal, made my ears go up.

Albert Brooks is probably the jewiest of all jews ever in a movie. And when he takes a fork and... Wait, you gotta see that. He's utter trash and maybe not even acting. Forget the blood in this sequence, it's just jews being jewish.

The face-off is climactic, but all muted; still I liked the White Man taking out the jewtrash with style. And his sense of honor is first-rate, saving the White Girl, but not taking the place of her beaner husband. (You'll just have to take my word.)

No idea how this came off on the big screen. Sure worked for me. Yes, the movie is slow and takes a long time getting to it. Older guys like me really aren't part of this movie's demograpic, but fuck it. The kike showdown was just what I needed, and maybe I'm not alone.

Big, white thumb all the way UP!
“When I get re-elected I'm going to fuck the Jews" -- Jimmy Carter, 1980.


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