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Default More And More Mutated Vegetables In Japan

Mutated vegetables

Posted by Mochizuki on December 19th, 2011

Having the harvesting season, more and more mutated plants are found.

↑ From Sankei newspaper, Ibaraki 12/17/2011.

The man who runs his Soba shop grew these “carrots”.

He is “happy” to find them. He thinks it looks like paper, scissors, rock.

He has no question to serve them at his shop.

↑ Location unknow. Ms.Miwae (79) grew this from her farm. It’s 40cm long. The bottom is split into 5 parts.

She says she has been growing plants for decades but she has never seen a Japanese radish like this.

↑ In Kyushu. (The location is in the picture below.) They grew a tangerine colored half orange and half green. It was harvested in late November. This is a kind of mutation called chimera.
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Steven L. Akins
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We may be seeing the effects of Japanese radiation on plants here in the U.S. too:

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Nate Richards
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Nate Richards

Well, this is Japan. Funny-shaped vegetables is a silver lining. Raises spirits during the chemo.
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