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Thomas Atkins
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Thomas Atkins
Default Jews, Eugenics & Dune

Here’s a neat little conversation I found in the comments section under ‘Jews and Race: A Pre-Boasian Perspective, Part 1’ at the Occidental Observer:
[It’s a bit long by the way, but good]

Dr. Faust
The greatest lie told by organized Jewry is that they do not view and seek to maintain themselves as a superior race. For fear of the Jews, biologists will whisper only in private that race differences in genes, behavior, and mentality are real and important.
Recently scientists have shown that it is remarkably simple to rapidly evolve (through genetic mutation and environmental selection) multicellular organisms from single-celled ancestor colonies. The trick is several generations of growth in conditions that favor survival of cooperative versus selfish cells.
Talmudic Judaism is a social organism (with Jews as “cells”) that evolved in ancient Babylon through just such a process (except genetic and cultural evolution occurred in tandem). It is the human equivalent of a colony of naked mole rats, burrowing in diaspora into the host population, with the Kohanim and other Orthodox Jewish groups corresponding to the fertile, insulated breeding pairs, and less observant Jewish groups or secular Jews corresponding to the workers, defending the breeding pairs from enemies.
No other human group has adopted an evolutionary strategy based on ingroup eugenics, outgroup dysgenics, and permanent cultural warfare. The rise of Enlightenment Liberalism, Science, Technology, Industrial, Capitalism, and crucially Mass Communication handed organized Jews an enormous windfall advantage by weakening bonds of religiosity and ethnonationalism amongst non-Jews. They are seeking to make this transient advantage permanent through cultural warfare (such as by Boas and his crew) against rival groups, advocating universal atomistic individualism and dysgenesis.
The only effective counterstrategy is one that will lead to the evolution of rival social organisms based on religio-cultural practices strictly respecting eugenic principles. This does not require achieving an ethnostate first, as proven by the Jews in diaspora. It does require survival.
A religious/social engineering genius, or group thereof, who can inspire followers to revere endogamy and eugenics (amongst themselves) irrespective of the cultural weapons marshalled against them, will thereby create a human group with a hope of someday toppling the Jewish hegemony.
(This is the lesson that the prescient science fiction writer Frank Herbert was trying to get across covertly in his six-novel Dune saga. The Jewish homologs were master manipulators of ordinary humanity, aiming for total control via monopoly of endogamy and eugenics. They were only thwarted by counter-eugenic groups.)

@Dr. Faust: Good points, thank you.

@Dr. Faust: Compliments for this in particular:
“This does not require achieving an ethnostate first, as proven by the Jews in diaspora. It does require survival.”

@Dr. Faust: Dr. Faust, that is an interesting post. I wish you would provide some reference about the unicellular to multicellular transistions–are you just making this up? Also, please elaborate on the allegory in Dune. I think I follow you, but put it in concrete terms please. Thanks.

.Dr. Faust
Here’s a blog on the recent paper on rapid evolution of multicellularity (
A detailed discussion of the Dune novels as subversive Judeo-critical allegory would be worthwhile but would take this thread too far off topic.
Briefly, the escapist genres of science fiction (and fantasy) offer plausible deniability in raising taboo subjects, by transposing them onto alien species or galaxies far far away. Frank Herbert took advantage of this plausible deniability (as did Nancy Kress in her “Beggars” series), in order to safely address the Jewish Question. The Dune novels are essentially a warning that the greatest danger to humanity is eternal subjugation by a hostile, sociopathic, super-human elite, because their utopia/dystopia (depending on whether you are ruling or ruled) leads to eternal dysgenic stagnation–a closed, static, and predictable future. The heroes try to avert this hellish, totalitarian outcome and seek to return humanity to “The Golden Path,” which essentially represents an open unpredictable future in which humanity and its many distinct superhuman descendants radiate through an infinite universe and thereby become forever invulnerable to despotic (i.e. Jewish) exploitation and control.
The Bene Gesserit are an enduring, secretive, endogamous, eugenically-focused, vengeful, conspiratorial group of matrilineally-defined priestesses with mind-control abilities, who have infiltrated centers of power by exploiting the base instincts of lesser human beings. They have covertly accumulated tremendous wealth and power by deceit, assassination, seduction, blackmail, economic blockade, financial manipulation, mass atrocity, torture, false flag terrorism, and the cynical manipulation of historical records and religious belief. They set up a millenia-long program of selective breeding to produce a superhuman Messiah prophecied to deliver humanity into their hands. Ring any bells?
The heroes (who all belong to the Atreides, i.e. implicitly White/Hellenic clan) are motivated by a universalistic impulse to win for humanity maximum freedom and dignity. They master the tactics and strategies of the power-mad villains, turn the tables, then finally renounce despotic power (like Tolkien’s Frodo destroying the One Ring). This renunciation secures The Golden Path.
Herbert has many other interests and the Dune novels are not just about the Jewish Question.
To anyone who might be interested in reading the Dune novels: read only the original six. The so-called “Dune” novels written by Brian Herbert and a collaborator after Frank Herbert’s death are unreadable dreck.

@Dr. Faust:
So the way to victory is for all Whites to convert to Islam? Because if you honestly think Herbert was writing an allegory about Jewish domination in Dune, that’s the conclusion you have to come to.

Dr. Faust
[Sorry if this is a repost--having trouble submitting this for some reason.]
The way to freedom from Jewish domination is religio-political-technological innovation that explicitly or implicitly enforces endogamy and eugenic practices.
I think Herbert is arguing (not just in Dune but in the other five books) that the primary concern of non-Jewish elites must be to deliberately guide gene-culture evolution to defend against the Jewish group evolutionary strategy of manipulating outgroup religio-political ideology towards dysgenic outcomes with the aim of permanent despotic rule.
Basically, only a few non-Jews can see through the Jewish-promulgated nonsense and chart their own course. But most people need a religious or political system to guide them. It doesn’t matter whether a group adopts as a starting point Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or Biochemistry, so long as a cultural protocol is developed that defines and stabilizes behaviors among group members that enforce a group genetic boundary (endogamy) and enact a eugenic algorithm. Once a firm foundation is built on those two principles, gene-culture evolution can take it from there.
A culture that parts ways with endogamy will be dissociated from its genetic substrate and perish. A culture that prohibits eugenics will be dominated by those that promote it.
While I agree with Mickey Meadows that a trading algorithm would be nice, a eugenic algorithm and the religio-politico-cultural superstructure to allow the ingroup to deem eugenic endogamous mating choices (or someday genetic engineering) to be just and noble and beautiful, would be infinitely more valuable.

@Dr. Faust: For the time-challenged, does the movie Dune capture any of these elements you mentioned?

@Dr. Faust: Thanks for the reply Dr. Faust!
That’s interesting. I sensed subtext about Jews too when I read Dune, but I thought it was Harkkonnen=Hebrews and Fremen=Palestinians. I admit you make a strong case with regard to the Bene Gesserit, though. I only have read the first book–other people have told me they go sharply down-hill after the first–so I wasn’t able to form a complete picture of the Bene Gesserit. Maybe that is developed in the subsequent books to a greater degree?
It’s a fascinating topic, how ubiquitous allegory concerning Jews is in the Scifi/fantasy literature. There is an ongoing dialectic on the “Jewish Question” in the fantasy literature as well, beginning with George MacDonald’s Princess and the Goblin thru Tolkien’s story of Eol the Dark Elf. Much to be inferred from all this. It would make a fascinating article for this website. I wish you would develop your thesis on Dune into a short article.
Also, Slan by Van Vogt, which I’m sure you’ve read, is an interesting meditation on this question as well. Allegory is typically used in a political context when criticizing a totalitarian regime, where open criticism would cause one to be prosecuted. That writers feel the necessity to cloak criticism of Jews in allegory is strong testament to their power to quash their critics.
Dr. Faust, what sort of doctor are you?

Dr. Faust
The movie Dune and the more recent television mini-series are worthwhile entertainments but de-emphasize Herbert’s meditations on behavioral genetics and on weaponization of religion so as to promote ingroup endogamy/eugenics.
Even after reading the entire series, I did not come to my current view on Herbert’s judeocritical intent until I read KM’s Judaism trilogy and learned to appreciate Judaism as a eugenic algorithm.
Herbert’s Fremen are, of course, following an Islam-derived religion. But Herbert has Judaicized them in subtle ways and I believe they are meant subtly to depict the ultra-Orthodox Jewish mentality. They are extremely secretive, such that the Empire has never been able to take an accurate census and has vastly underestimate their numbers; they are superstitious, supremacist, hyper-ethnocentric, insist on blood purity, fanatically obsessed with maximizing and retaining possession of their tribal water reserves (here water=money), and have established de facto control of Spice (=oil) production by the sandworms (=Arab oil-producing states), which they have secretly domesticated and turned into weapons of war. Like the Bene Gesserit (=secular Jewish elites) they wield vast power behind the scenes. Importantly, the Fremen have a Bene Gesserit priestess as their chief religious figure.
In the fifth or sixth Dune novel (it’s been a while since I’ve read them) Herbert has the Jews themselves (!) make an explicit appearance and a Bene Gesserit leader explicitly asserts that Judaism was a template for the Bene Gesserit.
Another important judeo-critical science fiction allegory, I believe, is H.G. Well’s The Time Machine. (Morlocks=Jews). It’s a short, frightening read.
Poetryman, I wish I were able to disclose personal details without fear of thereby losing my livelihood. Perhaps in a couple of decades I will be in a position to do so.

@Dr. Faust: Oh, you are seeing ghosts everywhere now. Symbolism and allegory are tricky things. They are often real, but we must be careful not to project our what’s in our own mind onto art. Still, I bet you’d be cool to talk with in person!

Leo Braun
@Dr. Faust: “For fear of the Jews, biologists will whisper only in private that race differences in genes, behavior, and mentality are real and important”!
• In his book, Abraham’s Children: Race, Identity and the DNA of the Chosen People (, Jon Entine maps some of these discoveries onto the span of Jewish history (from ancient times through the Jewish diaspora). In the process, he tries to respond to Mark Twain’s observation: “All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains! What is the secret of his immortality“?


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