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Cora McGuire
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Cora McGuire
Default Daniel Houfek shot by police in Ventura County, CA.

ADL are claiming this man was a "White Supremacist". I searched this forum and didn't get a hit, so just passing on the story:

First the ADL's blurb:

Deputies with the Ven*tura County, Cal*i*for*nia, Sheriff’s Depart*ment shot and killed a promi*nent local white suprema*cist, Daniel Cur*tis Houfek, 42, on the evening of July 12, fol*low*ing a short vehi*cle pur*suit and confrontation.

Houfek was one of the lead*ers of the Dead*line Fam*ily Skins (also known as Dead*line Skins or Skin*heads), a hard*core racist skin*head gang with around two dozen active mem*bers in the Santa Clarita area. Mem*bers also oper*ate in the Ante*lope Val*ley and Ven*tura region. Houfek, also known as “Danny Boy,” owned and oper*ated a tat*too par*lor, dubbed Dead*line Tat*too, in Ven*tura (often used as a meet*ing place for the group). A num*ber of Dead*line Skins have tat*toos cour*tesy of Houfek, includ*ing tat*toos of the group’s logo and com*bat boots.

On July 12, the Ven*tura Sheriff’s Depart*ment received a call about a sus*pi*cious man sit*ting in a parked car near a Girl Scout lodge in Oak View. Deputies found the vehi*cle, with Houfek in it, but Houfek sped off, lead*ing offi*cers on a brief vehi*cle chase. Accord*ing to police, Houfek soon stopped his vehi*cle and exited it with a hand*gun. The pur*su*ing deputies fired at Houfek after he allegedly pointed it at them, fatally wound*ing him. He died at the scene.

This inci*dent is the 36th known shooting/shootout con*fronta*tion between extrem*ists and law enforce*ment offi*cers in the United States since 2009, accord*ing to Anti-Defamation League records.
Newspaper account:

Authorities Monday identified a 42-year-old man shot to death by two sheriff’s deputies Friday in Oak View.

Daniel Houfek, of Ventura, pointed a handgun at deputies before they shot and killed him near a Girl Scouts camp in the 1000 block of Old Creek Road, authorities said.

Emergency personnel were contacted soon after the shooting, but the injuries were too severe, and Houfek died at the scene, officials said. He died of gunshot wounds, an autopsy found Monday.

Armando Chavez, a senior deputy Ventura County medical examiner, declined to say where or how many times Houfek was shot.

Deputies responded about 5:40 p.m. to a report of a suspicious person in a vehicle near the camp, officials said. The caller was near the camp but not at the site.

Deputies found an SUV, and a short chase occurred. Houfek eventually stopped the vehicle, got out and pointed a handgun at the two deputies, officials said. The deputies then fired at him.

Sheriff’s Capt. Don Aguilar declined to say whether words were exchanged before deputies shot at Houfek.

Aguilar said the incident remained under investigation. Houfek’s gun was found at the scene, officials said.

The names of the deputies had not been released, but the two were put on administrative leave, which is standard procedure in a deputy-involved shooting, Aguilar said.

No deputies were injured, and no one else was with the man at the time of the shooting, officials said.

In 2011, Houfek pleaded not guilty to possession of a controlled substance in Simi Valley, court records show.

He also was charged with committing a crime while having a prior felony, but all the charges were eventually dismissed, according to records.

Three other fatal shootings involving law enforcement officers have been reported this year in Ventura County.

On Jan. 5, Theodore Keiper, 58, of Ventura, was killed by a California Highway Patrol officer near Padre Juan Canyon Road north of Ventura after a chase.

On Jan. 30, Josue Jimenez, 33, of Fillmore, was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in that city after officers got a call about a man with a gun at a school.

On March 13, Clifford Park, 29, of Vancouver, Wash., was killed by a Ventura police officer at a Motel 6 in Ventura after apparently hitting two officers with his pickup.

Read more:
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