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Default Jew Alana Lentin calls for open borders for Australia

Yes you guess it. As soon as any White nation puts their foot down, a Jew declares white nation must open her boarders even more.
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Cora McGuire
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Cora McGuire

See a pic of her and more here:
"White nationalism is real butter. Conservatism is that shitty vegetable spread made out of unhealthy industrial waste products."- Alex
"Our cause is a spiritual-religious thing, not a self-interest thing." -Alex
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Angry Look at what here mother is doing to my country Ronit Lentin✡ (neé Salzberger; born 25 October 1944) is a communist Jewess and critical race theory propagandist, best known as a fanatical enemy of the Gaelic Irish people. Born in Haifa to Jews from Romania, she lived in the Zionist State in Palestine and studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Following this she decided to invade and colonise Ireland in 1969 to wage a war of race-replacement against the people. As founder of the Trinity Immigration Initiative, she is best known as advocating the demographic genocide of Irish people through third-world immigration, particularly Black Africans.

Operating from Trinity College, Dublin as head of the sociology department, Lentin attacks Ireland as a "racial state", citing in her propaganda the communist Jew, Noel Ignatiev,✡ who has called for the "destruction of the white race." A publisher of numerous propaganda books, as well as race-baiting against ethnic Europeans, Lentin has also promoted radical feminism and Holocaustianity. She married Louis Lentin,✡ a Jewish media boss and spawned two offspring, including Alana Lentin✡ whom she has raised to promote similar Europhobic propaganda, presently out of Hove, Brighton, United Kingdom.

1 Jewish propaganda
2 Multimedia
3 See also
4 External links

Jewish propaganda

Interviews: Conversations with Palestinian Women (1982)
Night Train to Mother (1989)
Songs on the Death of Children (1996)
Israel and the Daughters of the Shoah: Reoccupying the Territories of Silence (2000)
Gender and Catastrophe (1997)
(Re)searching Women: Feminist Research Methodologies in the Social Sciences in Ireland (2000)
Racism and Anti-racism in Ireland (2002)
Women and the Politics of Military Confrontation: Palestinian and Israeli Gendered Narratives of Dislocation (2002)
Women’s Movement: Migrant Women Transforming Ireland (2003)
Re-presenting the Shoah for the 21st Century (2004)
After Optimism? Ireland, Racism and Globalisation (2006)
Race and State (2006)
Performing Global Networks (2007)
Thinking Palestine (2008)
Co-memory and Melancholia: Israelis Memorialising the Palestinian Nakba (2010)
Migrant Activism and Integration from Below in Ireland (2012)

See also

Snake, the animal which Lentin most closely resembles
Alan Grossman,✡ Hibernophobic fellow Jew
Alan Shatter,✡ Hibernophobic fellow Jew
Jewish actions hostile to Irish people
Communist front of "anti-racism"

External links

Dr Ronit Lentin, The Kikess Behind the Immigration Multi Cult Industry in Ireland at podblanc
Hate speech laws and immigration, Jewish influence in Ireland at Balder
Ronit Lentin academia at Trinity College Dublin
Ronit Lentin sociology at Trinity College Dublin
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Originally Posted by Alyy View Post
Yes you guess it. As soon as any White nation puts their foot down, a Jew declares white nation must open her boarders
Open up her boarders to more boarders?
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Hunter Morrow
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Hunter Morrow

So does that mean that Israel is going to tear down the Gaza Strip Wall and the Egypt Wall and stop constructing the West Bank Wall and start tearing down the electrified razor wire barrier with armed guards that it uses to keep Ethiopians and other immigrants out? Is Israel going to have an "open border?"

There I go again with my goyishe kopf. I expected the schnooks to play
by the same rules they so tyrannically impose upon goyim.
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The Bobster
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Open up her boarders?

Sounds messy.
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Default Louis Lentin was also involved in founding Israeli television.

Louis_Lentin Louis_Lentin
Louis Lentin
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Louis Lentin
Born 11 December 1933 (age 79)
Limerick, Ireland
Occupation Film and theatre director, television director, screenwriter, film and television producer

Louis Lentin is a theatre, film and television director. He was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1933 and has worked for over forty years in the arts in Ireland. He graduated from Trinity College, Dublin in 1956 with a Bachelor of Arts.[1][2]

He founded Art Theatre Productions in 1959 and was responsible for the first Irish productions of Krapp's Last Tape and Endgame.[1] RTÉ head of drama Hilton Edwards asked him to work in RTÉ.[1][2]

Louis Lentin was also involved in founding Israeli television.[1][2]

1 Productions
1.1 A Penny for your Thoughts
1.2 Cathleen O'Neill - Born Bolshy
1.3 "Ar Dover Fein" (Our Own Dover)
1.4 "The Work of Angels?....the Book of Kells"
1.5 "Stolen Lives"
1.6 "Tales from the Poorhouse/ Scealta O Theach na mBocht"
1.7 "No More Blooms"
1.8 "Dear Daughter"
1.9 "Bothar an Bhais"
1.10 "McKennas' Ireland" - series one
1.11 "McKennas' Ireland" - series two
1.12 "The Quality of Rapture"
1.13 "The Grey House"
1.14 "Personal Concerns"
1.15 "Grandfather, speak to me in Russian"
2 References

A Penny for your Thoughts

One of a series of four forty minute cross European programmes The New European on the introduction of the Euro. Script and direction, Lisa Mulcahy, Producer, Louis Lentin. In association with MM Productions Amsterdam funded by NCRV, RTÉ and ZDF Dokukanal.
Cathleen O'Neill - Born Bolshy

Documentary profile of this vital North Dublin inner city activist and educator. Funded by RTÉ. Certificate for Creative Excellence US International Film and Video Festival.
"Ar Dover Fein" (Our Own Dover)

A one hour drama-documentary re-telling/ examination of the 1937 Kirkintilloch Bothy disaster in which ten young 'tattie hokers' all from Achill Island, lost their lives. Viewed against the background of seasonal migration from Achill and Donegal; and in the context of racist attitudes then and now. Funded by TG4, The Gaelic Broadcasting Committee and Bord Scanan na hEireannm (the Irish Film Board). Second Prize Gold Plaque WorldFest Heuston. Certificate of Creative Excellence US International Film and Video Festival. John Healy Award and overall Media Award Carrick-Gold Festival. Celtic Film and Television Festival Nomination.
"The Work of Angels?....the Book of Kells"

Major one hour film exploring one of the most famous illuminated manuscripts in the World. In association with Muse Television and Film, New York and Viz Ltd. Funded by RTÉ, Bord Scannan na hEireann (The Irish Film Board), The Gaelic Broadcasting Committee, Scotland. Edinburgh Film Festival 2000, Cork Film Festival 2000, Montreal Arts Festival 2001, New York Festivals Finalist Award 2001, Banff Rockies 2000 Arts Documentary Nomination.
"Stolen Lives"

Three one hour documentaries. "Our Boys' Stories", "We Were Only Children", "Philomena's Story". Personal narratives detailing and examining the life long effect of physical, mental and sexual abuse in Irish Industrial Schools between the 40's and 70's. Funded by TV3.
"Tales from the Poorhouse/ Scealta O Theach na mBocht"

by Eugene McCabe, translated by John McArdle. The Orphan Girl; The Master; The Landlord; The Mother. Disturbing excavations of the almost unthinkable human realities of the Great Famine-set and filmed within the scenario of a Famine Poorhouse. Four inter-linked personal testimonies. Funded by TG4 and RTÉ. Banff Television Nomination 1999. Silver Screen Award 1999. US International Film and Television Festival.
"No More Blooms"

One hour documentary, examining Irelands' attitude to the Jewish Refugee Problem, 1933-46. Funded by RTÉ. Creative Excellence award 1998 US International Film and Television Festival.
"Dear Daughter"

One hour documentary -drama. In recounting the story of Christine Buckley, an Afro-Irish woman's search for her parents the film exposed the regime of cruelty that existed in the fifties and sixties in Goldenbridge Orphanage, run by the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin. Funded by RTÉ and Bord Scannan na hEireann (The Irish Film Board). 1997 Banff Television Festival Nomination for Social and Political Documentary, 1996 Creative Excellence Certificate, US International Film and Television Festival. Input and the best of Input.
"Bothar an Bhais"

Eight by thirteen minute location based series on The Great Famine. Presented by Michael Gibbons. Funded by Teilifis na Gaeilge.
"McKennas' Ireland" - series one

Six by thirty minute 'Hidden Ireland' food and hospitality series presented by award winning food writers, John and Sally McKenna. Funded by RTÉ.
"McKennas' Ireland" - series two
"The Quality of Rapture"

One hour documentary profile of international Irish Soprano, Regina Nathan. Funded by RTÉ.
"The Grey House"

Twenty minute arts documentary examination of a location installation by Glen Dimplex nominee artist, Patricia McKenna.
"Personal Concerns"

Four one hour profiles of major Irish dramatists, Tom Murphy, Paul Mercier, Frank McGuinness and Graham Reid. Funded by RTÉ.
"Grandfather, speak to me in Russian"

In this docudrama Lentin reconstructs the life of his paternal grandfather, Kalman Solomon Lentin who came to live with his family in Ireland in 1936. Lentin sets out, with his son Miki Lentin, to find out where the old folk came from, what was it like and if anything survived. Leaving Ireland and journeying through the Baltic countries he uncovers the story of his family and the lost world of the Jewish shtetl.
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M.N. Dalvez
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M.N. Dalvez

Excellent thread.
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On her twitter she says she's a miscegenist...
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N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest

If her co-kikes didn't have a stranglehold on the media & academia, genocidal cuntz like her would be laughed to scorn. Since they do, and therefore no White counterforce is allowed access to those "mainstream, legitimate" arenas to vie with them for the minds of the sheep, there's only one way left to deal with the scum.
"First: Do No Good." - The Hymiecratic Oath

"The man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation — is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life." - John Wesley Hardin


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