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The Bobster
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Default 1010 WINS anchor beaten by homeless queer nigger lover

Anchor Brian Carey’s lover confesses to attack
By Jamie Schram
September 13, 2013 | 10:31am

The homeless man who pummeled his on-again, off-again lover — 1010WINS anchor Brian Carey — confessed that the vicious attack was sparked by a botched pizza order, a law enforcement source told The Post.

Anthony Elton, 48, told cops that he became irate when a deliveryman showed up at Carey’s Upper East Side apartment Monday night with a pizza that didn’t have double cheese, the source said.

1010WINS anchor, Brian Carey

Elton scolded the deliveryman, saying, “You’re doing this because I’m black,” the source said.

He complained to the restaurant manager and received a fresh pie free of charge, sources said.

Carey blasted Elton for causing a scene, triggering an argument, the source said.

It soon turned violent when Carey allegedly clutched Elton’s arm and Elton repeatedly punched Carey in the face.

Carey, whose voice is familiar to millions of news junkies who listen to 1010WINS, suffered a broken jaw, facial fractures and a deep gash.

Carey had taken in Elton, who had recently become homeless, sources said.

He told police that they had an on-again, off-again sexual relationship, sources said

Elton admitted to the assault on Carey, but said he didn’t steal anything, sources said. Carey’s wallet and cell phone were missing following the attack.

Elton was busted Thursday morning near Central Park on East 108 Street after police received a tip.

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