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Default Danskernes parti/The Danes' Party

Our logo is a constitution of Yggdrasil and a shield with the Danish flag inside.

Danskernes Parti (’The Danes’ party’ in English) is a national democratic party founded in July 2011.

We see it as our main duty to free Denmark from the current demographic development that threatens to wipe out the Danish people from their own country. Despite this major task, Danskernes Parti has a policy on a wide range of issues as we are not a “one cause movement”. If you are interested in our party and our policies you ought to check out the pages below where we have gathered a lot of English information about Danskernes Parti.



Here are the policies we in Danskernes Parti are working towards:

1. Democracy

We will protect and uphold the representative democracy, however the people should be able to require referendums in order to ensure that our ruling politicians do not ignore or make decisions without having to consult the general public.

2. Demographics

We wish to repatriate non-Westerners from Denmark as well as halt non-Western immigration due to our objective to preserve the Danish people.

3. Culture and Lifestyle

We wish to invigorate and promote a healthy family environment and to strengthen the peoples connection to their nation and culture.

4. Sovereignty and International Cooperation

Danish sovereignty and independence is sacrosanct, international cooperation must be based on the principal of Danish interests and should not be dictated a foreign body such as the European Union.

5. Our Position in the World

Every people in the world should have the moral right to determine its own destiny, so long as this does not harm others.

6. Society

We will ensure and protect freedom of speech, expression, research and freedom of the press as these are the cornerstones of a free society.

7. Property

Ownership of property must function as a right of the individual as well as a responsibility towards the community. For this reason under no circumstances can an individual claim ownership over something regarded as the community’s property.

8. The National Economy

We will strive to create a free market economy, which is subordinate to and ensures the well being of society and the public.

9. The Environment

We will work towards fostering and maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment. We believe this is integral for our wellbeing, health and economy.

10. Animal Welfare

All animals are entitled rights, and should be ensured conditions for a dignified life.

11. Social Policy

All Danes have equal rights and the same duties, and it is the job of the State to ensure and uphold both.

12. Justice

We will create a responsible legal framework, where there is a clear link between crime and punishment.

13. Public Health

All are entitled to equal health care treatment. Public health must take precedence and importance over financial gain and speculation, this means all produce must meet health requirements.

14. Labour

We will ensure that Danes get priority for jobs and that foreign companies in Denmark must prioritize our interests over competition.

15. Education

Everyone should have the equal opportunity to an education, we believe in a tiered school system as well as the importance of schools to foster cultural understanding as well as national awareness.

16. Family

We will uphold the family as the fabric of our society and for this reason we will pursue a progressive policy entailing extra support for parents and the older generations.

17. Defense

Our military should be reestablished as a Danish unit that works for Danish interests.
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This is a list of the most important leaders in Danskernes Parti. As one will notice, the board is constituted of people with a wide range of differences in both occupation and age.

The Chairman

Daniel Carlsen, Chairman.

Daniel Carlsen was born in 1990. He graduated from commercial high school in 2009. In the period between August 2009 and April 2010, Daniel served his military time as a Royal Life Guard, protecting the Danish castles and the royal family. In 2012 Daniel got an AP Degree in Marketing Management.

Despite his young age, Daniel has several years political experience. He has always stood his ground and he is one of the initiators to Danskernes Parti.

The Vice Chairman

Morten Schjetne, Vice Chairman.

Morten Schjetne was born in 1960. He is originally a craft man, but through his carrier he has graduated as technician.

Morten has been politcal active since the 80′s and he is one of the initiators to Danskernes Parti.

Board members

Kenneth Hellesøe, Board member.

Kenneth Hellesøe was born in 1982. He graduated from high school in 2003.

Kenneth had been interested in politics for quite some time, when he in 2004 became active on the political scene. Kenneth was one of the initiators to Danskernes Parti.

Rune Lauritzen, Board member.

Rune Lauritzen was born in 1989. Rune graduated from high school in 2010. In the period between August and December 2010, Rune served his military time at the Telegraph Regiment. Today Rune studies communication.

In 2006 Rune began to gain serious interest in politics. Later on he has been active in different nationalist organisations. Beside being board member, Rune is also editor on Identitet (‘Identity’ in English), which is the magazine for the members of Danskernes Parti.
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Daniel Carlsen @DanielCarlsen 43m

Danskernes Parti (The Danes' Party) delivered this letter to the Embassy of Greece in DK: #FreeNikolaos #GoldenDawn
Embassy of Greece
Hammerensgade 4
1267 Copenhagen K
Aarhus, 30 September 2013

On September 28, party leader Nikolas Michaloliakos and a number of other members of the Golden Dawn,among them several members of parliament, were arrested by order of the Greek government. According to the public prosecutor, the Golden Dawn, which is a large nationalist party supported by 10 % of the Greek voters, is accused of being just a ”criminal organization”.

Calling the successful party, which has been elected to parliament by the Greek people, a ”criminal organization” is not only totally wrong, but disregards the fact that the Golden Dawn has dissociated itself from all the crimes that the opponents of the party, without any base in reality, have attempted to link the nationalist party to. Thus, the accusations and the internments can only been seen as a deep fear within the ruling Greek regime, the fear of the free word and the fear of losing power to a new alternative showing the harshly tested Greeks a way out of the crisis.

Ever since the Golden Dawn was elected to parliament, there have been massive accusations leveled against the party. Within the Greek government it has been discussed how the nationalist opposition party could be banned. Through the Council of Europe, the “international community” has encouraged the Greek authorities to ban the Golden Dawn and consequently also the will of the Greek people. Thus, in a report earlier this year, the Council of Europe wrote “that it ought to be possible to effectively punish or ban the
Golden Dawn”.

The internment of the Greek nationalists is not only an attack on the Golden Dawn. The imprisonments are an attack against the whole nationalist movement in Europe, a movement that is growing stronger every day. The imprisonments are an attack against the will of the people, which secured nationalism the progress we see in Greece and in many other European countries. The internment of political dissidents is an attack against the freedom of speech and against the freedom of the peoples of Europe to shape their own future. In other words, the detentions are an attack that cannot under any circumstances be allowed to happen without comments.

Danskernes Parti therefore demands:

The political prisoners from the Golden Dawn must be released at once.

The Greek authorities and politicians will have to apologize publicly to the Golden Dawn and theGreek people.

The Greek authorities must commit themselves to obeying the will of the people and to stoppersecuting dissenters.

On behalf of Danskernes Parti
Daniel Carlsen
Partileder, Danskernes Parti
Postboks 12
8800 Viborg
[email protected]


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