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Default #1 Simon Sheppard Thread: A Maverick Psychologist's Jail Diary - Simon Sheppard


A Maverick Psychologist's Jail Diary - Part 1 of 4

Simon Sheppard

The sky above Heresy Manor in April 2013


Jared Taylor has kindly pointed out that non-British readers may not understand the legal background to these events. This is perhaps not surprising, considering that many people in Britain are still under the illusion that free speech exists in this country.

Following complaints by Jews I was raided in 2005, 2006 and 2007, each time with large amounts of book stock and equipment being taken away by police. Initially the subject of the action was the revisionist comic book Tales of the Holohoax (which had been sold in Britain for around two decades). Later, with authorisation from a Jewish Attorney General, the opportunity was taken to set a precedent using several pages on this site to extend the repression of opposing views to the internet. This despite the distribution being from California, where the site was, and still is, hosted. This too had been regarded up to this time as being completely legal.

In 2008 Steven W. (writing as Luke O'Farrell) and I were prosecuted. The relevant law was the Public Order Act 1986: for the background to this iniquitous and vague law search for "Longest Hatred Race Laws." When Lady Jane Birdwood was similarly prosecuted, the judge told her "The truth is no defence." In other words, it is only necessary for someone to say they are offended, or for a prosecutor to convince a jury (easy in a dry courtroom) that there is a "likelihood that racial hatred will be stirred up." It is not possible to argue that what you said or published was true – that is legally irrelevant.

At this point my co-defendant and I fled to California to seek political asylum. After eleven months in jail there, the asylum claim having failed, we returned to Britain and I received a sentence of almost five years. With a reduction on appeal I spent altogether three years in jail. In May 2011 I was released "under licence," meaning that various conditions were imposed and if I broke those conditions, or committed another offence, I would likely be recalled to prison to serve the remainder of my sentence.

Initially the maximum sentence under the Public Order Act 1986 was two years, but an amendment was added to the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000 which extended the maximum sentence to seven years. In 2006 (I think) a similar law was passed criminalising "incitement to religious hatred." Since then there have been extensions protecting homosexuals, the disabled etc. from "hate speech." Recently a woman in London endured a dawn raid by police after making facetious comments on Facebook about someone with Tourette's syndrome.

In January 2013, while still under licence, I good-naturedly gave a single copy of my 'Spree Killers: The Forefront of Knowledge' article to a local librarian. I had used the library to work on the article, and am rather proud of it, being probably the best I have ever written (I detailed why in my December 2012 news update). This is an account of what happened shortly after.

The beginning: 25 January 2013

My probation officer's hastily-arranged visit had ended just a few minutes previously, he ostensibly unaware of what was about to go down. I was in the hallway experimenting with how many boxes of TOA sheets could be loaded onto my sack trolley when about four policemen started pushing the door, which had been slightly ajar. Instinctively I tried to push it back but they pushed harder. One said "Don't worry we're the police." A few moments later one of the officers confronted me, the one I was shortly to dub 'PC Believer,' and asked me if I was Steven W., my former co-defendant. It was his idea of a joke. When that was got out of the way I was arrested "under Section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986 on suspicion of distributing material intending to stir up religious hatred" an offence which, unless I'm very much mistaken, doesn't exist. Asked if I understood why I was being arrested, I said "No."

More officers shortly arrived and began donning rubber gloves to start going through my computers and possessions. PC Believer asked me, now in handcuffs, and having great difficulty coming to terms with the situation, if I was on drugs. I was in shock. They tried to arrange my coat over my hands so the handcuffs wouldn't be visible during the walk to the police van: "I've done nothing to be ashamed of" I said. After being loaded into the back I was driven to York.
Discussions at York

In an anteroom for people waiting for the custody desk was a swarthy, Eastern European gypsy woman who spoke no English. She didn't look the least bit worried. I shortly learned she'd been arrested for purse-dipping (pick-pocketing). Mindful of my caution ("Anything you say may be taken down...") I chose my words carefully, and mentioned to PC Believer that the presence of both her and me was an interesting juxtaposition, pointing out that while I was in handcuffs she was not. He responded with some rubbish which made it evident that he was a committed adherent to political correctness. I remembered him telling the newly-arrived officers – three I think – who were about to embark on a search of my flat to "knock yourselves out." Clearly me and PC Believer were not to be the best of buddies.

He told me that handcuffs were at the discretion of the arresting officer – him. I said that as a police officer he had a vested interest in believing that his job furthered a functional society, mentioning cognitive dissonance, but that my conclusion was that the police role nowadays is to foster a dysfunctional one. I'd recently come to the conclusion that by the enforcement of political correctness, practically everywhere the police go they make things worse.

The constables in the room, now about four, waiting with their charges, reverted to chatting among themselves. It was a long wait for the custody desk. PC Believer was evidently a keen gardener and picking up on the discussion about fertiliser, to pass the time, I related how while hitchhiking I had once been given a lift by a pair of "sheep-shit rustlers." They had found the theme hilarious and had picked me up to share the joke. The contraband, if such it was, was in the boot of the car. The second arresting officer, who was more amiable, moved to sit opposite me and take up the conversation. He pointed out that the "sheep-shit rustlers" had probably committed no crime. There was a digression into coronial law, that apparently while a body is with a coroner it is his property. I replied that politicians have been creating so many laws to justify their existence that there is always some law which can be quoted as being broken. While living in Market Weighton I learned of a story, which I told the assembly, of a farmer who's practice had been to drive his horse and cart to a pub a couple of miles away. There he would drink a skinful and invariably pass out. When he did his drinking friends would, by long-standing habit, carry him out to the cart and load him into the back. Then one would give the horse a healthy slap on the backside and it, well used to this routine, would walk the farmer home through the deserted country lanes. This continued for several years until "one of you lot" laid in wait for him one night and had him for being drunk in charge of a vehicle.

At this PC Believer objected to the categorisation and implicit tainting of himself which had been implied by the term "one of you lot." I replied that it is well-established that humans sort into categories, and in any case he was wearing a uniform. "I don't want to talk to you any more" he said. "That generally means that you've lost the argument" I replied. Apparently there was a serious proposal in rural Ireland recently (County Kerry to be exact) to issue licences or permits to allow driving over the limit. The argument was that the traditional Irish culture of drinking, music and story-telling was under threat. One of the officers made a remark about the damage that ensues when a family is wiped out by a drink-driver, but in this case we are talking about a short journey along rural roads at perhaps 30mph with probably the biggest danger posed by the driver being to himself.
Formally interviewed

More than an hour later at the custody desk my handcuffs were finally removed. The sergeant behind it looked around 17 (he later told me he was 30) and after that I was shown to a cell. An hour or two passed and then I was pulled out to be interviewed by two detectives. I was asked if I wanted a lawyer present: I declined, knowing that one wouldn't be much help in this case and that everyone would have to sit around for several hours while he arrived. The interview was recorded on DVD disc – this was new, I was told it could record video if necessary. The lengthy interview consisted of questions about the Spree Killers article I'd written (and by this time had been published) in Heritage & Destiny. I had learnt already that my supposed offence was connected to the local library, and my growing suspicion was confirmed that it was this article. Someone had kindly made me some copies for free, and I had given the last one to the only male employee at my local library. He, apparently, had referred it to his female superior and both she and he had made statements for the police. However absurd it seemed, the police were treating it as a potential criminal offence!

The interview was exceptional in consisting chiefly of an elaboration of evolutionary psychology and the concepts and mechanisms detailed in the Spree Killers article. It was very exhausting, because the article had truly been at the forefront of knowledge. Some additional background was added however. David Buss pointed out in one of his books that the very fact that we are here, each individual one of us, is proof of an unbroken lineage: every one of our ancestors, going back countless generations, must have successfully found a mate or else we wouldn't be here. By the same measure, the fact that we have white skin is proof that men have fought to preserve that difference. At some time the mutation would have occurred, and if the distinct population had not defended itself it would have been wiped out or assimilated by a darker one.

Also discussed was the wide variation in genes and language in African and New Guinea tribes, and the ability of the former to identify members of their respective tribes, even though they all look similar to us. In New Guinea there are reported to be over 400 languages, even tribes living a couple of miles apart speak different languages. One account relates how two neighbouring tribes had a minor dispute, so one decided to play a trick on the other. On a certain day they exchanged their word for 'yes' to mean 'no', and the word for 'no' to mean 'yes.' Trade with their neighbours was certainly interesting for a while.
The mass suicide cult

The two officers went through the article, questioning me on various points, until we came to the part at the end about the government's "suicidal immigration policies." It took me a few moments to think of an example, because there are so many, but then I realised I had it from the Government's own mouth. No less than the Chief Medical Officer had stated just a week or so previously that antibiotic resistance should be treated as a critical threat, on a par with terrorism or nuclear attack. The warning was that we could all be wiped out by a common bacterium which had acquired antibiotic resistance. What was left unstated was that the major source of antibiotic resistance, particularly tuberculosis, is India and Pakistan. There, incorrectly-stored antibiotics are sold from market stalls like Smarties. Asian schoolchildren visiting relatives, for example, bring the resistant bacteria back to Britain.

The most notable feature of the interview however was the testimonial I received at the end. One of the officers said I had "a great mind" and other things which were plainly intended to send a message to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) to back off. This is certainly not the first time I have received sympathetic treatment from police officers – one even apologised on behalf of the State for the actions it was taking against me – but this was actually on record, obviously being spoken for the benefit of that DVD recorder. Definitely a novelty. With these and other officers I had by this time discussed episodic memory (similar to snapshot memory), neurotic transfer (spurious false confessions) and the Stockholm syndrome.

A couple of hours later I was called out of my cell again and stood before the custody desk. The teenage-looking custody sergeant told me I was being given bail until March. Then I waited in a glass-walled booth for a few minutes, and was beginning to think that, against all the odds, I might actually be going home. Shortly however I was re-arrested for recall to prison. The form stated as official reason "poor behaviour."
Police cells until Monday

Rather like the early days in the tank at California, in the bowels of a skyscraper in Los Angeles, it takes time for the shock and sense of unreality to fade. It seemed as if I would only get a few minutes' sleep before the constant noise of the fan, or the ever-present light, would cause me to wake with a jolt, when I would realise all over again that I was back in a cell. According to the normal routine I should be shipped to the nearest reception prison, Hull, midday on Saturday. However heavy snow put paid to that, and I was told I would be held in York until Monday. At least I was given paper, a pencil and some books to read, but it would be better in a proper jail where I could make my own tea and have a smoke. That's invaluable when you're under stress.

On Sunday however the cell door opened and I was told I was being moved to Harrogate as they were running out of cells. The officer told me it was 3 o'clock, and so disoriented was I that I assumed it was 3pm. It was actually 3am. This, a new facility, was even worse than York. I only had inferior horror books to read – as if I'd want to read those in a situation like this.
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A Maverick Psychologist's Jail Diary - Part 2 of 4

Simon Sheppard

Back to jail

I ended up on the induction wing in Hull. First in a cell with a flap on the cell door and then I was moved to one without. I seemed to be constantly being asked if I wanted methadone. The first time a female officer opened the flap and posed this question I laughed, but after that it ceased to be funny. One time I woke up thinking I had fallen asleep inside a swimming baths, the acoustics around the wing being quite similar. Jail was just like before and I settled down to reading a book a day and watching a less than perfect TV, with only about three channels, at night. I normally don't have a TV at all but you can't read all the time: after a while your eyes start automatically scanning the lines without taking anything in. Fortunately one of the stations was a film channel. Most importantly, I was on my own and this compensated for a lot of things. Another novelty I saw immediately was that the expiry date on the long-life milk cartons we were given every evening was later than my release date. My licence expired on 16 April and they couldn't hold me after that. In jail you notice these things.

I took part in a few cosy cell-huddles during association. One time the conversation turned to criminal (probably drug) matters and someone said "He looks well dodgy, he does," meaning me. "I don't want to know" I said and beat a hasty retreat. Later I caught up with the speaker leaning against some railings and joked with him "The accusation of dodginess is a compliment, coming from you!" because he was indeed dodgy. Another time there was someone I was told felt stress in any social interaction. This was one of those times when I put my psychologist's hat on. I said it was not my area but thought that social empathy as a sort of 'brain muscle' which usually operates automatically and unconsciously.
Social empathy

This 'brain muscle' becomes evident when one is sick or dealing with people with mental illness. A patient in a hospital becomes rapidly exhausted by visitors, for example. Our natural tendency when transacting with another individual is to reach some midway point, to achieve some reference for further understanding. This capacity for social empathy must confer considerable survival advantage because its energy allocation has a high priority, so that in normal everyday life we hardly notice it. Only when someone is sick does that energy drain become noticeable. When talking to someone who is psychotic, one must curb the natural tendency to reach a midway point otherwise one is drawn to share the other's psychosis. This is why attendants at mental institutions can mock and mistreat patients: they are broadening the gap between 'us' and 'them' to protect their own mental health. Reportedly mental health workers have a tendency to go senile early. Mental illness can be contagious.

So in this individual the part(s) of the brain which I call the 'brain muscle' may have been weak or dysfunctional, much as I have difficulty recognising faces (prosopagnosia). Then I launched into some procedural analysis, saying that the natural domain for the male is things, taking apart car engines and so forth, while the natural domain of the female is relationships. All relational activity is really sex for the female. We were interrupted before I got any further.

I've had various prison names: "the Professor," "Jackanory" (because I told stories) and "Reader." As far as stories went, their favourite seemed to be the one about the origin of the term "rule of thumb." I would tell about the judge (it was reputedly Sir Francis Buller) who, from the bench, ruled that it was lawful for a man to beat his wife providing the stick was no wider than his thumb. This was in the days of coverture, when a husband was responsible for all the debts, and even criminal acts, of his wife.
Sociopathy and psychopathy

I think one thing of significance was learnt during this brief (5½ weeks) jail stint. In my own mind at least I have established models of the sociopath and the psychopath. A clear distinction between the two has never been obvious, according to the definitions I have seen. According to the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology, psychopathy features "superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, lack of remorse and callousness." I have met and become aware of several psychopaths, both inside and outside prison.

Probably the most dangerous type is the psychopathic politician, representative examples being Tony Blair and Nick Griffin just for starters. Because of their influence, having clear definitions is important.

My conclusion is that the sociopath exhibits superficial charm, pathological lying, lack of remorse and callousness but lacks egocentricity. All the psychopaths I have met have had a compulsion to "get one over" the other person, to always come out on top. The psychopath always has to come out better, to prevail in whatever the particular contest is. This also works in business, where the psychopathic businessman always has to feel that he has come out ahead (I think I met one such once; he was also exceptionally promiscuous). Psychopathic politicians generally use legal means, but the criminal psychopath will exploit the advantages and weigh the risks of using illegal ones.

The individual I recently shared a cell with exhibited superficial charm, pathological lying, lack of remorse and callousness but without any sign of that ruthless compulsion to prevail. The ego seemed normal or near-normal. Moreover his ploys were crudely executed, making the manipulations obvious. He was compared to a true psychopath with whom I had shared a cell in Leeds prison: that individual had lain awake at night plotting how to trick me out of more tobacco. I don't remember him ever actually asking me for a smoke, that would have been tantamount to surrender. His manipulative ability was exceptional: it's likely that he had manipulated the staff into putting me into his cell, solely because I had tobacco.

A sportsman has a strong will to win, and strives to do so, but he is not a psychopath. Here is an important distinction, because real, physical activity is involved: it might be running, swimming or throwing. The athlete's own physical limitations are of account. The psychopath has only moral and legal constraints (the former being more fluid). His activities are cerebral: he is devoid of conscience and limited only by his ability to manipulate others and plot a path for himself.

The prisoner with whom I talked about 'brain muscles' evidently had a social disorder, but I don't think it could be deemed sociopathic. Most of the time during association periods I leant against a radiator and read. I would try and read a part of some educational book (psychology or science) then after I'd done my daily quota, pick up a novel again.
Move to Northallerton

After 13 days at Hull I was moved. Northallerton is a small but old prison which had formerly been a Young Offenders Institution. There were two wings, a large one for Category C prisoners and a smaller one for Category D. I had been Category D at Wolds and while at Hull I had received paperwork again stating that I was Category D (which qualifies you for an open prison). Inexplicably however on my move to Northallerton I became Category C, so was located on the larger wing. I saw the Cat. D wing several times during trips to and from the prison library, and the regime there was that the cell doors were open all day, but it wasn't as if there was anywhere to go. It was only about seven cells long and was reminiscent of a Lilliputian tower block. I found it rather claustrophobic. They made a big thing of the fact that there was a carpet on the floor.

One character I was re-acquainted with from a couple of years before had a persistent compulsion to shave his body. I doubt if anywhere was spared. I had shared with him briefly at Wolds prison but now he had a cell to himself, which was a good thing. I used to be woken at five in the morning to the sound of him scratching with a razor. I told him about the neurotic paradox, which is that regardless of how illogical or detrimental an individual knows his behaviour to be, he cannot stop himself doing it. Nowadays the fashionable term is OCD, but formerly these maladaptive behaviours were classed under the general heading of neuroses.

At Northallerton I finally managed to get hold of some toothpaste, but then came a disappointment. After mercifully spending three years inside without toothache it now struck with a vengeance. Having toothache inside and being dependent on the prison dentist is no joke. Prisoners' teeth are often extremely poor, due to all the drugs. However the nurses' station did me proud and soon I had clove oil and painkillers. A week or so later the dentist herself was much less impressive and I elected to struggle on with the clove oil. Both prisons gave me immunisations; at Northallerton there had been a recent measles outbreak. At Hull during one of the induction talks a man revealed incidentally that antibiotic resistant gonorrhoea was now at large in Britain – it could be controlled but not cured. This valuable warning was not delivered by a medic though, I don't think I was aware of a single male medical worker in either of the prisons. Northallerton was more feminine than Hull, with pairs of female officers sitting together to gossip while keeping an eye on the prisoners.

Shortly after arriving at Northallerton an Imam walked into my cell, dressed in full gown and garb, asking about religious matters. He started acting on behalf of the Christian chaplaincy by inviting me to Christian services. This is the second time this has happened, a Muslim acting for the CofE in prison, there's been some kind of directive about it. It's also practically impossible in British jails not to eat Halal food. I got rid of him as quickly as I could and engaged the chaplain later. One had already got an earful about Holocaustianity being a post-Christian quasi-religion, and quoted Chesterton, that when people stop believing in God they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything. In Holocaustianity we have Auschwitz as Calvary, Hitler as the Devil and the Jews as completely innocent, sacrificial lambs. Us "racists" and "Holocaust deniers" are cast as the angels of Satan, seeking to disrupt the coming multiracial utopia. I think this end-times scenario is called a secular eschatology.

One man told me his situation "on the out" had been so grim that he deliberately set about having himself sent to prison. A catalogue of woe followed, the details of which I cannot give here since they would identify him and I was sworn to secrecy. Another set of people seemed incapable of managing money, short and in debt in whatever situation they find themselves, apparently never having been other than dependent on the State. Of course the prison currency is tobacco. The trick to getting by in prison is to see the best in people, and the truly bad individuals are a definite minority, certainly in the jails I have been in. There were a couple of ex-policemen in this jail, in for smuggling tobacco, and I had regular chats with one of them. I asked him if he would lose his pension but he said no, he'd paid into it for years so it couldn't be taken away. An oft-made pronouncement of mine was "If our country was governed properly, 80% of these people wouldn't be here."

One time I was standing in the queue for food and immediately in front of me a couple of prisoners were mock-fighting. One of the dummy swings came uncomfortably close, I backed away and some remark was made about my retreat. "I'm a writer not a fighter" I said. The prison authorities were very good about forwarding mail, and the other prisoners were in awe of the messages of support I received. Some were plainly jealous of the money I was sent. I told them you have to be a political prisoner to get such treatment.
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A Maverick Psychologist's Jail Diary - Part 3 of 4

Simon Sheppard

A heretic inside

Word soon got around among the prison officers and inmates that I was a "Holocaust disbeliever" and this led to some interesting debates. The prison environment lends itself to some obvious parallels and my argument ran as follows: "Imagine this is the 1940s, and we are losing a war against Russia. The Russians are invading from the north, and all the prisons up there are being evacuated southward. This wing, designed for 300, is packed with 1,500 people, six to a cell instead of two, with people sleeping on the floors in addition. Moreover, the people coming in from the north are carrying fleas, which carry typhus. The Russians have control of the air. Attempts to bring food or medicine to the prison are frustrated, because any train or lorry is being shot to pieces by aircraft. That is what happened in the closing days of the war with Germany."

I have deliberately mixed the order and location of some of these exchanges to save possible embarrassment. One officer got a bit heated about the topic. "You can stick your beliefs up your arse! Three-and-a-half million people died!" he said angrily. I'm not normally very quick verbally, and usually only think of a suitable reply half an hour too late, but on this occasion I immediately retorted "It was six million last week!"

Many times I came up against a stock argument: "My grandfather was at Dachau/Belsen/wherever." Then I had to patiently explain, for the umpteenth time, that even in the orthodox version of events there were no mass exterminations at the camps on German territory. It was all supposed to have happened in the East, chiefly at Auschwitz. I sometimes told of the time I visited Dachau years ago, when I was still a believer. I had sensed that something was wrong. It had been brewing even before I saw the notice tucked away in a corner, along the lines of "This shower room was never used for extermination but was constructed after the war for demonstration purposes."

I noticed that a certain washroom-toilet always had at least one prison officer stationed outside. This apparently was for the sole purpose of stopping inmates having a sly smoke inside. When I realised what was going on I dubbed them "smoking guards" and told one that "the present regime makes the Nazis look like kindergarten teachers." A couple of days later I was passing off the wing, and had to give my name for the movement record. "Sheppard" I said, "political prisoner." "Jawohl" replied the officer and I walked off chuckling.

One of the prison libraries had a display about Holocaust Memorial Day. This prompted me to tell all within hearing that when the German administration at Auschwitz learned that the Russians were advancing, they offered the inmates the choice of staying and waiting for the Russian "liberators" or marching with them several hundred miles to another camp. Almost the entire camp chose to flee with the Germans and march. One of the few that didn't was Otto Frank, because he was in the camp hospital recovering from typhus.

On my birthday, 19th February, only a couple of days after I got access to a computer, my 'Appeal against Recall' was faxed off. The paperwork said there were "complaints to the Police by members of the public that he had distributed written material glorifying spree killers." I had given one copy to one male librarian, and the article had even been shown to Probation beforehand. My appeal said that on the basis of the information I had been given, I had not breached my licence conditions at all. I tried to contact my former lawyer to assist but learned later that his firm didn't have the necessary contract. Apparently firms need special Legal Aid contracts for matters of prison law and actions against the police. So I did the right thing going ahead with it myself.
What passes for work

In the mornings I was enrolled on a pointless computer course. I was able to skip most of the word-processing (not much to learn there, I've been doing it for decades) but reached new heights with Powerpoint. How can anyone ever manage without it? Scores of pointless print-outs had to be made, while at the same time the content witters on about recycling and reducing waste. The atmosphere there was okay however, and I was able to sketch some notes for a future article. There were some lively discussions as well; one young man said he believed in equal opportunities and I said that it was never about equality, only superiority. I quoted the survey I did in Hull in 1997, where 80% of the unemployed were male but 69% of the people working in the unemployment benefit offices were female. Then look here I said, with a huge proportion of probation officers and other administrators being female. "Do you think then that women shouldn't work?" I was asked. "Not while there are men on the dole" I said and continued, "Women are crooks who steal men's jobs." "You can't say that!" someone said. "I just did" I replied, to howls of laughter.

It was notable how the presence of even a single member of one of the "protected groups" stifled free discussion. I was sitting beside a Pakistani one day and said to him, "Do you know that the Nazis had a Muslim division?" Of course he didn't.

The worst part of prison is having a psychopath for a cell-mate, or sharing a cell with someone otherwise severely dysfunctional (into this category I include the large number of TV addicts, whose first action on waking is to turn it on). Fortunately I only had to endure this for a week or so. Hence the worst part, which I came to dread, was the work detail I had in the afternoons. This was billed as "Business Administration" but its primary purpose seemed to be keeping Manchester College in funds. Daily committee meetings, with minutes taken, pathetic "theory" exercises on how and why to give a presentation, mind-numbing minutae concerning health and safety and how to use a computer. The whole atmosphere stifled any initiative and ability. The obvious observation was that if this was how business at large was run it was no wonder the country was bankrupt.

A trickle of real work came though the door, but the important thing seemed to be completing the Manchester College forms. It had all the characteristics of a New Labour box-ticking scam. Prison when all is said and done is just a microcosm of wider society, although with added restrictions and exaggerations of policy. This afternoon work session came to epitomise the mediocrity of society at large. That is, a society replete with institutional incompetence, steered by people of doubtful ability, only a willingness to toe the party line. Some organisations go along with the dogma, having to adhere to the letter of the law, and of course there will be rationalisation (reducing cognitive dissonance, in orthodox terminology). The most insufferable however are those who wholeheartedly embrace this rubbish, and for whom box-ticking is a way of life.

One time there was a discussion about bullying, a poster was being produced about it and everyone was invited to sit around the table and contribute. I piped up from the far corner, "What about bullying by the state of people who refuse to go along with their dogma?" "We're not talking about that" was the answer. A few days later my frustration boiled over to an argument with the supervisor, at one point drawing a cheer from the other prisoners. "This is all to keep people like you in fancy salaries" I said. "I wish" was her response. "Well it's a lot more than I get" I said. The plain fact was that here we had large numbers of men working on these vapid courses, no doubt designed and marked by women, while the prison population is 94% male. We were paid about £1 per day for our contribution, and a large proportion of inmates are in prison due to being unemployed and having nothing to do except take drugs and commit crime.
The last day

It all happened on 5th March. In the morning I met a police officer who told me there would be "no further action" in respect of the Spree Killers article. This was a relief, although it might have been interesting to see how it played out. How would the media spin the trial? In essence, it is the case of a writer – indubitably in this context, a journalist – being tried for an article which had already been published after complaints by two librarians!

I asked the police officer for clarification about whether I would get into trouble for posting the SK article on the Heretical site. He seemed to be aware of my appeal against recall, but said I had little chance of release before the remaining six weeks of my licence were up. In the afternoon, the normal supervisor was on "maternity leave" (this is an approximation), some men were supervising instead and I actually got some work done. During a discussion of criminal matters one young lad said something of such naivety (he'd confided some incriminating information to a lawyer) that the laughter took a while to die down.

After work came tea, then a smoke then association. About 18:30 I was leaning against a radiator as usual when an officer approached and said "Mr Sheppard?" I was thinking, 'What trouble am I in now?' but said that I was. "Immediate release" he said, "You've got five minutes to pack your stuff." "You're joking" I said. I suspect he was enjoying himself. No, he insisted, pack your stuff. He eventually had to come and get me while I was giving things away to my shaven-headed friend and others who had got the word.

The corridor which led off the wing seemed much busier than usual, and maybe others had gathered to watch me go. As I was passing through I recognised the one who had dubbed me "Reader" and gave him my alarm clock. I'm afraid my last words to my fellow prisoners were "If this turns out to be a joke I want it back!"

At Reception something was said about this happening only once a year. It was like being in a Hollywood film, enjoyable but thoroughly implausible. I quoted a film I had watched a couple of nights before, featuring Sharon Stone as a sharp-shooting gunslinger. As if! "Why can't a girl be a gunfighter?" one of the officers asked, clearly another pc believer. The fact is that even the male ones are a Hollywood myth: their pistols were wildly inaccurate and I have seen a claim that bullets were very expensive at the time, making a mockery of all those trigger-happy shoot-outs. Whether this is true or not, handguns are still hopeless at distance even today, and the oft-repeated theme of shooting through ropes to free someone from the noose, hitting silver dollars in mid-air, or any of the other displays of astounding accuracy, are pure fantasy.

Then there was a walk to the gates with another officer, and we fell to talking about American prisons. I told him I much preferred British ones, and that the American justice system is cruel, quoting a case I had seen of a young black of 17 or so who had held hostage a group of college girls at gunpoint. None of the young women had been shot, raped or even hurt, but he got 50 years. "I'm not overly sympathetic to blacks who hold up college girls" I said, "but 50 years is a bit steep. We all do stupid things sometimes and anyone can make a mistake." "They would have been in fear of their lives" he said, adopting the opposing stance. "That's a fear crime" I replied, "it's impossible to measure and everyone is trying to scrabble to the top of the victimhood ladder."

Shortly we arrived at the 'lock,' the staggered doors which are the prison entrance and exit for vehicles. Normally all releases take place first thing in the morning; processing of departing prisoners is begun even before everyone is opened up for work movements. I was shown to a glass panel and run through a series of questions which were checked against the paperwork. Then a button was pressed, the heavy door slid aside a few feet and with a cheery wave to the officer behind the glass I stepped outside. I had a pint of bitter in a pub on the way to the train station, but it was not until I reached York and familiar territory that the realisation that I was free again finally struck home.
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A Maverick Psychologist's Jail Diary - Part 4 of 4

Simon Sheppard

Librarians get writers imprisoned

Among the property returned to me was the Parole Board report though I didn't look at it until later. It directed my immediate release but made no mention of the appeal document I had sent. This affair brings to four the number of times librarians have acted as snoops and eager agents of the police: one in Lancashire and three in Yorkshire. These incidents reveal a level of collusion between librarians and police which would put the East German Stasi to shame. What seems to be happening is that the librarians fawn over the PCSOs (a sort of new, amateur police) and the PCSOs are apparently desperate to ingratiate themselves with the full-time police. The latter seek to score points with their superiors and win politically-correct credentials. In the papers I think I can see the work of the "policewoman from Hell" I had the misfortune to meet in January 2012.

The ambivalence of librarians getting writers imprisoned quite defies comprehension. I had an interesting letter in jail from a lady who had formerly been a librarian telling me how things used to be. On reading it I remembered myself meeting that attitude of public service and serving members of the public impartially, regardless of their political perspective.
The perfect crime

It doesn't require a lengthy jail term to know how to accomplish the perfect crime. In fact our prisons are full of failures, because successful criminals don't get caught. (The cynic might remark that the most successful ones are in government.) It's quite simple really. Do one, really well-planned job, then stash the proceeds as a nice nest-egg for the future. Above all, keep your trap shut and resist the temptation to flaunt your ill-gotten gains. Where most people go wrong of course is that they get greedy, do it repeatedly and sooner or later they make a mistake – usually sooner, for most of the prison population. Or they establish a pattern which eventually leads straight to their door and shortly thereafter to the back of a police van.

It strikes me now that this is what the Establishment has done. They've been banging away at me and others with similarly heretical views, to keep the puppet-masters happy for a while. That is, until they demand yet more repression to quell their resurgent insecurity and paranoia. And Big Sister has been getting away with it helped, in my case, by a certain judge at Leeds Crown Court. This time she may have gone too far, though most of my disgust is for the librarians, because they don't have the excuse of being obliged to follow orders.

Not atypical of the cost of amateur crime was that committed by a man I shared a cell with in Armley, Leeds. He got five years for a £30 theft. One night, on his uppers (short of money) and the worse for drink, he demanded money from a taxi-driver. The Pakistani swore under oath that he had brandished a knife, thus it qualified as armed robbery. My cell-mate, an industrial fitter, insisted this was false, and also told me he had never been in trouble with the law before. All this depends of course on whether what he said was true, but I had no reason to doubt him. Within a few days of his arrival in jail, before he knew what was going on and how better to deal with such matters, he had his Rolex watch stolen, a more significant theft than the one which cost him his liberty.
Questions of identity

Until 16 April 2013 I must see probation officers at least weekly, one being as part of a "Healthy Identity" programme for "extremist offenders." My reaction to this topic was that our sense of identity is an illusion. That is the current attitude, as I understand it. To have a true meta-brain would require a separate organ 'above' the brain, and this then involves having one above that, and so on. So evolution has taken a short-cut to avoid this complexity and provided the same benefit (survival advantage) by giving us the illusion of having a unique identity. Many visual processes have evolved using similar short-cuts, hence the large number of optical illusions.

I discussed collective identity once as I was being driven home after one of the police raids. I talked to the officers about the Stalinist raids against political dissidents, where an arrest team would pick someone up at four in the morning. My take was that with a police force in the traditional British model, consisting almost exclusively of white males, government-directed raids of a similar kind might initially take place, following orders. However after a while resistance would emerge, and the police would find some means – fudging or losing paperwork, taking sick leave and the like – to avoid executing orders they considered unfitting. If the police force were to become heterogeneous however, filled with women and ethnic minorities, they would follow such orders unquestioningly, perhaps even eagerly. A deracinated population is (simultaneously and equivalently) feminine and impressionable. It derives its identity solely from the State and mass media. A police force of this complexion would do absolutely anything the politicians wanted, regardless of traditional British values.

This is evidently the 'long-term plan,' though I would not claim that it is necessarily deliberate or even conscious. It is simply the logical conclusion of certain instincts being uninhibited. I am confident however that it will not come to this – other instincts will prevail, not least the Occidental respect for objective truth.
A strategic analysis

There is also the female policy of Marginal Defection to consider. In Marginal Defection, the female (the Protagonist in this game) optimally proceeds just below the threshold at which the male is provoked. This game is mentioned, but not yet named, on p. 36 of All About Women and described more fully in my forthcoming book 'Sex & Power.' Closely associated with Marginal Defection is supra-maximization and Going Too Far (GTF). Supra-maximization is manifest by repeated efficiency drives, being unable to tolerate incidental losses, being unable to throw anything away etc. When employed in Marginal Defection, supra-maximization is expressed by the player trying to achieve the maximum possible payoff; the temptation to do so cannot be resisted. This is one reason why in a feminine environment GTF is inevitable, and ultimately spells the demise of players employing this policy.

Today we have societal mediocrity, institutional incompetence, not only mores but our very identity being defined by an overweening mass media. If we are to analyse this in terms of game strategies, we must consider the possibility that the harmful policies now being promoted are the product not just of misguided delusion, but also of disguised malevolence. In other words, there is a population (the Protagonist) encouraging its opposite player (the Opponent) to follow detrimental policies. I call this Malign Encouragement.

An obvious adjunct to Malign Encouragement would be for the Protagonist to suppress criticism of the policies it promotes. Another adjunct would be to suppress, for example by stigmatisation, any attempt to remedy the problems the Protagonist thrives on creating. My experiences are offered as contemporary expressions of these adjunct strategies, and may serve as illustration.
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[This was the essay that Simon Sheppard wrote and leisurely gave a copy of to a helpful local librarian, who then proceeded to very Orwellianly report it and him to the thought police like a good obedient party-ant, which wounded up getting him arrested, his house raided and him thrown in the penitentiary for 5½ weeks, which in turn prompted the above write-up of reflections and musings from inside the gates of the ING-ZOG penal-system:]


The Forefront of Knowledge - Simon Sheppard explores the mind of the spree killer

Published in Heritage and Destiny, issue 52, January-February 2013

Note: A few weeks after publication this was shown to a Yorkshire librarian and subsequently two library staff made complaints to the police. This resulted in the author spending 5½ weeks in jail for this article, before being hurriedly released.

On 22 July 2011 Anders Breivik embarked on a carefully planned murderous rampage which ended the lives of 77 and injured 242 others. This much is common knowledge, but he is only a recent example of a long line of spree killers. It can confidently be predicted that there will be more.

The origins, motivations and psychology of the spree killer are little understood. Certainly this is the case in the mainstream but, not for the first time, nationalists have a huge advantage. Not only are we freed from the bounds of political correctness but we are closer to understanding the motivations of the spree killer, even while we don't condone his actions. No doubt agents of the State will be keenly watching, and scrutinising every word of this. Let them read and learn!

Of course when someone like Breivik goes on a killing frenzy the Establishment fires up its engines of righteous indignation. And what mighty engines they are! The ground shakes, the air pulsates and the walls tremble, so powerful are they. Hour upon hour of condemnatory commentary fills the airwaves; the hand-wringing and angst of the commentators is almost palpable: Why? Why? Why? One might even suspect feigned innocence.

Eventually though we become inured to the awesome clamour of the Establishment's machines of mass influence, and we venture nearer to the source of the constant noise. Our exploration takes us closer and then beyond. Behind the great clanking monolith, located discreetly some distance away and hidden from view, we come upon the machine's exhaust. There we are almost overcome by the great noxious clouds of hypocrisy belching forth. Amid these dense clouds of cant we glimpse some of the 3.5 million German homes destroyed and over 6,000 medieval houses razed in a "terror-bombing" campaign so formidable that whole species of birds and insects were wiped out. The images shift and fade, hard to identify, because they are but ghosts of the Prussian royal palaces, Hanseatic cities, the birthplaces of Bach, Dürer and Goethe and thousands of other unique historic and cultural sites deliberately targeted with phosphorous and incendiary bombs. Most are familiar with the events at Dresden, but that city was merely the zenith of an evil campaign of civilian bombing in an unnecessary war which was certainly not started nor fought for British interests.

Yes, it is wicked to slaughter innocent people; but the present regime, and its bedfellow the media, or rather the tail which wags the dog, is in no position to lecture on this score. All the victims of spree killers added together number less than the innocents who died horrifically in a few seconds of an Allied-created firestorm. The current regime draws its line directly from that wartime one, which the recent action against Iraq confirms.

Matters of life and death

Here, in treating the subject of spree killers, we are operating at the forefront of knowledge, an environment which is natural territory for the scientist but not perhaps for readers of this magazine. But we have already been there, with the introduction of neurotic transfer (Issue 50), so perhaps it is not so unfamiliar. Plus the subject is of such importance, literally involving life and death, that the topic must be explored.

We start with a summary of incontrovertibles – facts which are known – not about Breivik particularly but about spree killers generally. That is, we seek to establish a stereotype. It should be noted though that the spree killer is not a uniquely Western phenomenon, although incidences in Western societies have accelerated since the earliest event I could discover, that of Howard Unruh in 1949. The word amok derives from Malaysia, where there (and reportedly several other countries) a man can suddenly flip and run wild with a machete or other weapon, killing and maiming at random. The cry of amuq is issued as a warning, allowing people to find refuge and for the men to arm themselves and overcome him. In fact the record before Breivik was held by South Korean policeman Woo Bum-kon who, drunk after an argument with his girlfriend, killed 57 plus himself in 1982.

The facts then are as follows: the Western spree killer is usually a white or Jewish male. He seeks to inflict maximum damage by killing or maiming as many as possible, and he usually finally kills himself or arranges his own demise (e.g. 'suicide by cop'). The killer executes his scheme with a cool rationality such that he is able to kill any bystander, child and even his own family members dispassionately.

It is clear that two categories exist: those who plan their spree and those who do not. In the latter case, the spree is triggered by some event. When the action is planned in advance the impetus to spree kill is evidently nurtured and with premeditation the attack can be executed to more devastating effect.

Racial aspects

Finally, it is clear that a significant proportion of spree killers possess some conscious racial awareness, as demonstrated by their known history, their comments at the time or their choice of targets. Tellingly, the victims of the few black spree killers to date have been overwhelmingly white.

Typical of this aspect was law student Benjamin Smith in 1999. He had been a member of the World Church of the Creator the year before. Probably as part of his preparation he wrote to its leader Matt Hale in an attempt to insulate that organisation from his subsequent actions, and it may have been the denial of a law licence to Hale which triggered his spree. Smith wounded six Orthodox Jews, killed a black, a Korean and then himself.

Achieving greater success (if it may be called that) was Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish immigrant to Israel from Brooklyn. In 1994 Goldstein burst into a mosque in Palestine to gun down the gathered worshippers, killing 29 before having a fire extinguisher smashed on his head. Goldstein is now revered and his grave is treated as a shrine by ultra-orthodox Jewish settlers. Similarly, chants in support for Breivik were made by Russian nationalists at recent 'National Unity Day' demonstrations there.

With varying racial aspect we have Michael Ryan in Hungerford, Berkshire who in 1987 initially targeted Asians at a service station, Martin Bryant in Tasmania in 1996 whose first targets were Malays and made comments about WASPs, Larry Ashbrook at Fort Worth in 1999 who had previously flirted with racialist groups, and Buford Furrow who in 1999 attacked a Jewish community centre. The latest (at the time of writing) is Wade Page, referred to as "a racist skinhead," who in August 2012 opened fire at a Sikh temple, killing 6 and wounding 3, also killing a police officer.

Psychology and motivation

Having laid down some of the basic elements we now enter into the less tangible area of psychology and motivation. During his trial Breivik was declared sane. What this means is that there was an absence of psychosis; technically, psychosis involves detachment from reality. So Breivik's actions were not just carefully and rationally planned: his scheme followed a logical, grim progression.

Britain has no equivalent of America's NRA, and what advocates of gun freedom there are consist of farmers and a few specialist sportsmen. Notwithstanding, the point has been made that in practically every case, the weapons used by spree killers have been licensed or otherwise legally in the possession of their owners. They were not criminals; in a large number of cases they were normal, law-abiding citizens, perhaps even less criminal than average. Despite this, two notable spree-killing incidents in Britain have each led to increased stringency concerning gun ownership: the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 following Hungerford in August 1987, and the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 following Dunblane in March 1996.

It is well to recall the position in earlier, more masculine times. Hitler was able to stand and wave to adoring crowds as his procession passed along, this at a time when gun ownership was commonplace and limited only by the requirement that firearms be officially registered, a purely bureaucratic measure. Similarly, in Britain at this time guns were widely available. It was an era of greater social cohesion, during which spurious instincts, to the extent that they existed, were controlled. Nowadays even the Pope rides behind bullet-proof glass.

Restricting gun ownership is no solution, because a means to kill will always be found by the determined. Emphasising this, in October 2012 Matthew Tvrdon went on a hit-and-run spree in Cardiff using his vehicle and a steering-wheel lock as weapons. Tvrdon deliberately aimed his van at pedestrians, sometimes even reversing back over the mostly women and children he had mown down. If we are to have any hope of preventing such killing sprees in the future, it is necessary first of all to understand the phenomenon.

The first question we need to ask is, how closely does Breivik fit the mould of the 'perfect' spree killer? The answer to this is – pretty closely. Breivik's only major deviation from the standard pattern was to live to tell the tale, and in that at least he has done the world a service. I have no doubt that he is aware of this aspect and that it was intentional. Allowing his motivations to be examined subsequently was almost certainly his preferred outcome.

A distinguishable subset of spree killers includes psychotics and social outcasts, a group that probably contains one of the few female spree killers to date, Brenda Spencer, whose 1979 eruption using schoolchildren for target practice inspired the lyric "I don't like Mondays." (In fact the only two she killed were men.) Plus Tristan van der Vlis, who killed six and shot himself near Amsterdam in 2011. However even these cases may not be completely divorced from the general trend: psychosis is a disorder of the mind, or higher brain, while the instincts (motivations) which impel the spree killer, I would contend, derive from a lower level.

Neurosis and tipping points

My definition of neurosis follows directly from Pavlov: neurotic stress ensues when one stimulus evokes two or more responses. (Pavlov's definition is rather more involved, but amounts to the same thing.) The ultimate psychiatric reference, the Diagnostical Statistical Manual, states that "in neurosis, reality is grossly intact." This then is an immediate pointer to the state of mind of the spree killer, the "hyper-rationality" which enables him to murder and maim with calmness, disassociation and ruthless aplomb.

Western societies have become highly feminized, and I can quote some observations from Holland (my prototype Super Feminine State) which are pertinent. Due to female influence, all forms of violence were strongly discouraged and thus were generally inhibited by males. Sometimes however sudden eruptions of disproportionate violence would occur, triggered by some relatively trivial incident. These seemed completely unpredictable; there was no forewarning that a 'tipping point' had been reached.

In such an intensely female-friendly environment, a number of factors operate. First, males see females unreservedly following their instincts and not unnaturally want to do the same. Needless to say, they cannot. Second, expression of those female instincts was usually to males' detriment: he could be, and was, manipulated, toyed-with and teased practically without limit. Third, he could not avoid being influenced by that atmosphere of disinhibition, and the burden of restraining his own violent and other socially undesirable instincts increased.

The confused and neurotic male is easier to manipulate. In that super-feminine environment, and increasingly elsewhere, even innocuous male instincts (such as to place indiscriminate markers, just being friendly or passing the time of day) are repressed. This is because such inhibition serves to maintain males in a state of generalised neurosis and maximizes female control. The whole environment becomes arduous for males.

Humans originally members of a tribe

Humans are undeniably social animals, and arguably each race has a distinct collective unconscious. Jung, who at least had the wisdom to disassociate himself from Freud, spoke of the "race memory" – or, to quote Heisenberg, "Every race has its soul and every soul its race." The next question we need to pose is, what is it that strikes so deeply at this collective psyche to provoke individuals in a society to such casual atrocity? Clearly something along these lines is taking place: spree killings are no longer isolated incidents but have become a social phenomenon by their repetition. At least 75 spree killings have taken place since 1949.

A nationalist perspective would be that three obvious new features of Western societies are mass immigration, the promotion of miscegenation and miscegenation itself. As always, we put our observations of behaviour in its evolutionary context. What evolutionary scenario can be envisaged in which a male would see members of other races moving freely about, promoted to positions of authority over him, and occupying other prestigious roles? Or when might he see his women parading through thoroughfares with a male of another race, transporting children sired by him, and obviously servicing his domestic and personal needs, while his own remain untended?

It is that the tribe has been defeated and cast into servitude. In this case, throughout history, the indigenous males would have been rapidly dispatched (put to the sword, or machete, or whatever) or quickly transported away to be sold as slaves. In any event the vanquished males would be hastily got out of the way, for obvious reasons. Their reaction at seeing their women expropriated, their families destroyed and their settlement exploited makes them dangerous to keep around. With nothing left to lose a humiliated male would, given any opportunity at all, strike back with maximum force. This would be without regard for his own future, for the simple reason that he has none.

In leading these social changes the media are probably the main offenders, so we would be naïve to expect them to point the finger at themselves. Not only do they encourage and mendaciously portray as normal the mass immigration and miscegenation which strikes deeply at the core of the male psyche, but non-whites are elevated to the positions of newsreaders and presenters. This can only be a deliberate, finely calculated insult. It is surely stretching credulity to believe otherwise – think of the millions of native British men who would eagerly take such a well-paid and prestigious job!

Digressing for a moment to the serial killer, he is better understood. A huge volume of literature exists so that at least a primitive comprehension of him exists. Putatively the defining characteristic of the serial killer is control, because the ultimate control is power over the life of another person. If he leaves some form of signature (because of course we cannot rely on fictional renditions of such crimes), this is an expression of his ego. The male desires control; this is how his ego is expressed. If powerful he issues orders and affects destinies. A craving for control seems to be the essential characteristic of the serial killer.

Essence of the spree killer

In contrast, the essence of the spree killer is rebellion against his devaluation. His protest at his derogation is expressed by the number of victims; his tally is a demonstration of his worth. In most cases the spree killer has already decided to end his life, either because of events immediately beforehand or as part of a long-standing plan. Circumstances have ceased to make his life worthwhile, and he raises the cost of his demise with a final statement of his value.

We can now consider his choice of targets in light of this, particularly his emergence in modern, feminized, Western societies. In the male-female 'game of opposites' I have referred to before, males value the old while females value the young. Thus in the feminine mindset, children are valued more than men. This has become especially manifest since the State has supplanted the husband as the female's protector and ultimate provider.

Female largesse extends to the many groups with which she feels affinity or sympathy. Yet practically everything that has ever been discovered or invented has arisen from white male ingenuity. Although virtually all our modern amenities derive from the efforts of exceptional males, our society could not function without ordinary men performing mundane jobs. Nevertheless in contemporary society he is constantly devalued and insulted; his concerns are routinely dismissed. What more profound insult can be delivered to a man than for a woman to advertise that she prefers a male of an alien race, even one who a century or so ago was called a savage, to seed future generations of her line? These are the provocations which can transform a normal, law-abiding and otherwise unexceptional man into a kind of Vulcan murder-machine.

Thus in raising the cost of his demise, the spree killer can target the young, raising the cost according to the values of his opponent. Breivik's choice of target was coldly logical – since the State, as in this country, has defined "the invaders" as a protected group, any action against them will only increase their guardianship and exacerbate the situation he is rebelling against. Plus of course, information about where the blame really belongs is hard to come by. Pointing the finger can land you a jail sentence.

Intolerance of criticism

Even moderate critics of the Establishment's suicidal immigration policies are marginalised and vehemently traduced as "racists," "xenophobes" and the like. The fate of Matt Hale is a case in point. Nationalists' concerns are ignored, or they are the theme of phony, stage-managed debates by a closed group of 'media darlings' who only repeat their stock agenda. The spree killer arises out of repressed fury at the despoliation of everything he is, has or holds dear; indeed spree killing might be regarded as the ultimate displacement activity.

Under this analysis it becomes apparent that fathers who destroy their children and then themselves, usually after the mother has spurned the marriage, are another form of spree killing. Including these personal tragedies adds significantly to the total number of spree killings already recorded.

This is only a provisional analysis of the spree killer phenomenon – H&D is an invaluable forum for intelligent nationalist thought but it is not an academic journal – and there may be some loose ends. At the forefront it is easy to lose your way. However evolutionary psychology provides us with a reliable guide, and the tribal scenario above is consistent with phylogenetic (i.e. natural) principles and the gut instinct of many individual males. It has always been, and will ever be, the male who fights to preserve the integrity of the tribe.

The spree killer may be at the outer boundary in the range of normal human behaviour, but nonetheless his is the natural response of the social animal provoked beyond endurance. He is merely the forerunner, and until he is given legitimate expression of his valid and justified anger, and allowed to respond to the daily injustices and affronts he must presently endure, each new atrocity will only herald more to come.
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Simon Sheppard is a true hero of the resistance as well as an accomplished writer and researcher. Thanks for relinking me with the great site. I understand it is mirrored somewhere from the USA, since it was taken down by the British government about the time they first arrested Sheppard for reporting truths they didn't like.
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Originally Posted by Bardamu View Post
Simon Sheppard is a true hero of the resistance as well as an accomplished writer and researcher. Thanks for relinking me with the great site. I understand it is mirrored somewhere from the USA, since it was taken down by the British government about the time they first arrested Sheppard for reporting truths they didn't like.
Yes he truly is.

I had not visited for a while either, and I'm now taking the opportunity to re-visit some of his very enjoyable and interesting writing.
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Lol. Arrested two more times, this time for handing out a christmas card with his theories on female mating dynamics, apparantly deemed "misogynic" and "hateful" by some Orwellian PC-creatures.

I must say UK appears to have the most jitty and outrageous speech crime-enforcement on this earth.

Arrested by North Yorkshire Police for giving a girl a Christmas card

Simon Sheppard
December 2013

It was 11am on Christmas Eve and I was just about to get down to the day's activity when a knock was heard at the door. I opened it to find PC Believer and another asking to come in. I replied with a question: "What’s this about?" The response was to inform me that I was under arrest "on suspicion of causing harassment, alarm or distress" and the two barged in.

PC Believer was trying to be friendlier than he had been before, and explained that a girl, named, had made a complaint about a Christmas card I had given her. He said that she had been upset. "If you’d told me that I would have come willingly" I said. As I prepared to leave the suggestion was made that they were doing me a favour by not coming to arrest me on Christmas Day ("We could have") and allusion was made to taking my computers as well. That would have been illegal, but it hasn’t stopped them in the past.

I was loaded into the back of a police van again and driven to York, with an interruption while PC Believer stopped to issue a fine to a driver who had run a red light. My stomach churned all the way.

The new bonhomie lasted until part-way through the custody desk interview, when I objected to being fingerprinted yet again, and refused to sign my consent for it. I knew they would take them anyway, but I was damned if I was going to agree to it. Thereupon PC Believer’s promise of a cup of tea while he prepared his "interview plan" was pettishly withdrawn. I was fingerprinted by a female Detention Officer then shown to a cell while PC Believer went to work on his "interview plan."

Around half an hour later I was brought out for the interview, which was recorded. PC Believer confronted me with a six-page statement by the girl (strictly: woman – it transpired she was 21), no doubt drawn up by a sympathetic policewoman.

My attempt to explain the sequence of events methodically, from the beginning, was cut short. All the incidents are so lame that they don’t warrant repeating. However they have evidently been so amplified, and are being pored over by State employees, that I have to make a response. This was the significant exchange, which took place in the foyer of the local post office.

How relationships start

I was leaving and she was entering, and we almost collided in the foyer of the local post office. I looked back and she looked back, and unless I’m mistaken, she spoke first. (This was notable: I mention in The Tyranny of Ambiguity instances where females believe they have spoken first while in fact they had merely signalled.) She said she had seen me before, recently. I explained that I cannot recognise faces, it’s called prosopagnosia and it was years before I realised what it was. "Do you work in a shop?" It turned out I had met her while trying to get blank card for the Christmas cards I was quickly running up. I said that if she told me her name I would give her one so she could see it. I would call with one the following Saturday I said, and we parted.

Apparently there were a couple of innocuous earlier encounters, going back months: "I stared at her" and "He said something about the cost of postage as we were leaving the post office at the same time." I have only the dimmest recollection of these, and hadn’t associated them with the girl. I talk to lots of people, young and old, male and female, and always have interesting stories to tell. (Though perhaps my audience doesn’t always agree on their interestingness!)

The contents of that six-page statement, what little I know of it, are really not worthy of being repeated, not here, not anywhere. For instance, an occasion when I was walking past and tapped on her window to give a cheery wave, to be greeted by a wave and a cheerful smile in return, is transformed into me hammering on the window and "frightening her."

Anyway PC Believer’s promise of a quick "in-out" interview was kept but the intimation with it that all would be resolved quickly and I would soon be home was not. I spent a further four hours in the cell.

Gresham’s Law: Bad drives out good

My this is difficult to write, so I fear this will not be one of my more entertaining stories. It may demonstrate however, the process of degradation which occurs when feminist ideology invades institutions. Gresham’s Law (‘bad money drives out good’) applies, as the environment becomes progressively inimical to males. They cannot withstand the constant offence to their natural authority, plus demands for "sensitivity" and all the rest. Every perceived male shortcoming is leapt upon, while the shortcomings of female colleagues are passed over ("Oh, it’s just so-and-so"). The perception of any particular male’s failings are efficiently transmitted between the women, with subtle inflections of voice and innuendo. I’ve seen this at first hand, in my local council office.

Again I am ‘the canary in the coalmine.’ My experiences, and the following, illustrate the lunacy which descends when people evolutionarily unadapted to holding power are given it.

Part of the "disrespectful" Christmas Card

A 'feminist programming language'

Appearing on The Right Stuff website recently (December 14) was a story by Michael Enoch. A "feminist scholar" Arielle Schlesinger proposes a "feminist programming language" in which a variable and its inverse are true at the same time. "I think this type of logic represents the feminist idea that something can be and not be without being a contradiction" she wrote. Putting her various formulations a different way, she is saying that in this hypothetical programming language a variable can be both TRUE and FALSE at the same time.

In a computer program thousands of branches take place continuously. Has he pressed a key? Is it a command or data? What command? Where to put the data? The program would be useless without conclusive, accurate answers to every one of these questions.

Again, computing is a microcosm. We are all programs, although our logic may be somewhat fuzzy. (Has Schlesinger heard of fuzzy logic I wonder? One doesn’t hear much of that recently, probably for good reason.) We are all continuously branching, basing our decisions on tests of greater than or less than, weighing costs and benefits: making comparisons at every step of our lives and acting according to them. Our success, both individually and as a species, relies on our ability to accurately distinguish TRUE from FALSE.

So anyone with an ounce of common sense would not let this "feminist academic" or anyone like her within a million miles of a real-world project. To err is human, and our decision-making is rarely perfect. Schlesinger is in effect launching an attack on our very ability to branch, even when we have perfect information.

Enoch remarks that Schlesinger’s skill is in stringing together plausible-sounding, but in reality specious, phrases, having picked up enough about programming and its jargon to do so. This is what she calls "research."

The crucial point

But here is the crucial point: all Schlesinger is really doing is applying absolutely standard female instincts. Perhaps her idea is novel (neglecting fuzzy logic) but if so, its only novelty is in the application of female instincts to a hitherto unchallenged male domain. The female strategy is to prevaricate, diffuse and avoid resolution. The evolutionary origin of these policies is set out in my books and no doubt elsewhere on this website. They chiefly derive (of course) from sex. That is, from mate-selection by the female which, evolutionarily and historically, was critical for her.

It was getting dark by 4pm when I was brought out to the custody desk, where the female Custody Sergeant informed me I was being charged. Asked if I had anything to say, I replied that the allegation was a complete fabrication and that the brief interview I had had was unsatisfactory. However my attempt to get this down accurately before I signed was cut short by the woman behind the desk snapping "Tell it to the court" and PC Believer exclaiming "Now you’re insulting me!" It wasn’t an insult, but a criticism, but PC Believer is known to be hungry for promotion. "What do you expect" I asked, "Really, what do you expect?" In true feminine style it was all supposed to be nicey-nicey, with us all on first-name terms, neglecting everything I had already been put through, never mind the future court appearance. My criticism of the interview led to PC Believer’s promise of a lift home being withdrawn, so I had to catch the bus.

A new tale

I got home for a much-needed cup of tea and a smoke. Then, wanting sane company, I called upon a certain friend, also to hear more of an astonishing story he had briefly mentioned a few days previously. Told of what had transpired that day I was given a catalogue of local women who had made false allegations of rape to the police, then months later had withdrawn them. None of the anguish they had caused the men had resulted in any consequences for the women.

"I’ve come for my Christmas present" I said as he was pouring out our coffees. "All you have to do is talk." So I got another incredible-but-true story, or at least the necessary notes, for the article I’ve been working on recently, ‘Tales of Yorkshire Folk.’ It’s intended for a future issue of Heritage & Destiny, but is already rather long, perhaps too long for the magazine. This particular tale couldn’t possibly be left out though: ‘The Tightest Man in Yorkshire.’

Then it was back home to pick up the job I had been about to start when I was interrupted. This involves manually processing the SAP text, about 80,000 words. After the stress of the day it was relatively unthinking work, so quite therapeutic to spend a few hours on that.

State bullies

The impression carried away from this latest encounter with the police was of bullies exploiting the power of the State to work out their innate resentment and bitterness. I am an easy target for them. The big question for me is, how long was it before the complainant looked me up on the (male-invented of course) internet. Was it in the twenty minutes or so between being given the card and me asking if she would like to be taken out, or in the two days which elapsed before the production of that six-page masterpiece? Possibly I was part of long-term plan for Trading Up, or perhaps she felt cheated because I hadn’t allowed myself to be strung along for an adequate duration. I admit that I am speculating here, but the number of possible explanations is definitely finite. Those familiar with Procedural Analysis will recognize the girl's complaint as an ordinary case of Inverted Proclamation of Enhancement combined with Indirect Invocation.

I am only one of millions of men who feel the absence of those comforts only the female can provide more keenly at this time of year. In my case in addition there are wounds to be healed – I haven’t mentioned this before, but the experiments documented in TOA, from which so much knowledge was gained, were not without personal cost. Perhaps my reader can imagine the state of one of Pavlov’s dogs after a particularly arduous, and long-running, series of experiments. Indeed Wolpe in his 1952 paper observed that the effects of experimentally induced neurosis were remarkably persistent, sometimes enduring for the life of the animal. I think most of my psychological scars have healed in the intervening years, but not all of them.

It seems that institutions can only survive the female onslaught for so long – they have inertia for a while with a robust masculine core, not least because the institution is itself a masculine construct. The teaching profession was an early casualty. With the police, we reach the position where female criminality is regarded as normal behaviour and normal male behaviour is treated as criminal. The political correctness, box-ticking, and imposition of patently absurd rules now pervading British officialdom resembles not so much Super Feminine State as Super Feminine Farce. Fred Reed is dead right about the feminocracy (his recent column 578): this cannot continue indefinitely – there will be consequences.

I only hope they are not catastrophic. At the moment Cameron’s feminine Tory party intends to allow the Chinese to operate nuclear power stations in Britain. So maybe a few decades from now what remains of the British people will only emerge onto a vista of what was formerly our beautiful countryside wearing radiation suits.

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A Second Christmas Card Arrest

Simon Sheppard
January 2014

Update, January 2014

This is the brief description of Indirect Invocation in All About Women:
Indirect Invocation occurs when the authority of a third party is invoked without referring to the second. Examples are calling the police without asking someone to leave, or complaining about the non-repayment of a loan without confronting the debtor directly. It is a female strategy to avoid confrontation, exploit male protective instincts and raise the cost of involvement with them.

A few days ago I attended York Magistrates Court where I pleaded 'Not Guilty' and a trial date was set in March. They reckon the trial will last 2-3 hours. The female prosecutor said my Christmas card was "extremely offensive" which is a considerable advance on "disrespectful."

Apparently the normal practice in cases like this is for a police officer to visit the accused and warn them that a complaint has been made, and make them sign his notebook to acknowledge that a warning has been received. Then if another complaint is made a charge likely follows. This was not done in my case. As my former co-defendant used to say, it's "institutional anti-Sheppardism"!

Somehow I'm reminded of the incident near the University of Amsterdam mentioned in TOA, possibly also on this site. The Army had an advertising billboard near the University which, in true Dutch Uber-PC style, featured a female soldier and two males, a black and a white, all smiling in harmonious equality. The students at the University of Amsterdam were so desperate for a masculine target on which to vent their feminist spleen that the Dutch Army advertisment was the nearest thing they could find, and it was defaced.

Further Update: Arrested again on 16 January

I was just settling down to a tea-break when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to be confronted with – yet again! – the dome-headed visage of PC Believer, accompanied by a policewoman this time. Shortly they had barged in, telling me I was under arrest for "Causing harassment, alarm or distress" and, PC Believer pointedly added, "Publishing written material to stir up racial hatred." "What's that about?" I asked, "I haven't distributed anything." "The Christmas card" was the reply. It was 4:30pm.

While I was putting on my boots, not paying very much attention, PC Believer seemed to be saying that he himself had received the complaint from the girl, who had shown him my website and the account of my last arrest featuring him. "It was funny" he said. I was told to follow the WPC, who was shortly to become in my mind 'WPC Mysterious.' She led the way out while PC Believer took up the rear. A few seconds later I was in the back of a police van being driven to York, just like before.

It may be noted that both my recent arrests were actually unlawful. Only when a suspect is unwilling to attend voluntarily is an arrest legally justified. I made it clear last time that I would have come willingly, but on both occasions the officers arrived in a van, with no spare seat for a suspect who accompanied them voluntarily. I quote a letter in the Times of 30 April 2013 from a retired Professor of Law:
The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 s.24(4) states that an arrest is only lawful if it is necessary. A person who is willing to come to be interviewed at the police station does not need to be arrested.

The PACE Code of Practice on Arrest was amended last October [2012] to make the point crystal clear. New Note 2F says that an arrest would not be necessary where the officer 'is satisfied as to their identity and address and that they will attend the police station voluntarily to be interviewed, either immediately or by arrangement at a future date and time.'
Talking about hearing

We arrived at York and hung around a few minutes in the anteroom, there being "sensitive charges" or something going on at the custody desk. I dug in my jacket pocket and my hand emerged with a packet I had found a few days previously, I didn't know what it was. I put my glasses on to see. "What's that?" asked WPC Mysterious. "I think it's a set of earplugs" I said, "Useful." I then launched into talking about how easy it is to get permanent hearing damage, our ears not being adapted to amplified sound, the structure of the ear and how less is known about how we hear than about how we see. For loud noise, there is a "threshold of pain" at about 120dB at which sound becomes physically painful, but permanent hearing damage can occur – destruction of the hair cells within the cochlea – with either brief, very loud sounds or sustained lesser ones. It is said that sustained exposure to a baby crying at full blast is enough to cause permanent hearing damage. At this WPC Mysterious expressed concern for herself, "I've done plenty of that." She wasn't very old at all, suggesting that if the baby or babies concerned were hers it would be better for her young family if she were at home with them.

Then I was taken through to the custody desk and the routine began of emptying my pockets, answering questions etc. This time they really didn't seem to like that I wouldn't sign to have my fingerprints taken, maybe it makes extra paperwork. I learnt later that I couldn't even be released until that box was ticked; it was mandatory, even though it was only three weeks since my arrest on 24 December for the same Christmas card. I struck up with WPC Mysterious again, saying that what gets me is that women are taking men's jobs, doing jobs that men used to do, being paid the same as men, but as soon as something happens they don't like they act like little 8-year-old girls who would jump out of their skin if you said 'Boo' to them. "They," then pointedly to WPC Mysterious, " – you – can't have it both ways" I said.

Meanwhile PC Believer, seeing that the situation was in hand and I was discoursing merrily with his much more fetching colleague, kept out of the way and phoned upstairs to receive instructions. PC Believer really is a sterling chap and obviously deserving of promotion, if he can remember to get the arresting offence right. He almost made the same mistake again at the desk but I corrected him. There's been lots of mistakes like this in the past, and I've kept quiet hoping they would provide me with a loophole, but the Public Order Act is infinitely flexible and they just amend the charges.

The formalities out of the way, WPC Mysterious walked me to a cell and held the door open for me to go in. With a straight face I invited her to join me in the cell "to help me pass the time." I shan't record her reply here, but it was very feminine.

Mutations of handles

Minutes passed, then hours. I tried to clear my mind and doze, there being little else to do in a police cell. The shift changed. A personable detention officer came and took my fingerprints. He got an introduction to Procedural Analysis while it was being done: Signals, markers, tokens and handles, and he seemed to pick it up very quickly. As I was walked back to the cell I tried to tell him how crime was the mutation of a handle to a marker, but found myself confused and struggling; I'd forgotten about the 'implicit handle' part. I get rusty on my own theory sometimes, being distracted by so many other things, not least events like this. I did tell him that when a neighbour or acquaintance with whom you can expect to exchange a greeting ignores you, that's the mutation of a handle to a signal.

This time, seeing that things were getting out of hand, I had stipulated immediately that I wanted a lawyer and he arrived. I was pleased that it was the very one that had represented me a few days before at York Magistrates Court. Apparently he had been driving back from a Crown Court case in Leeds when he got the call. I immediately bemoaned the fact that an 'ordinary criminal' often commits a hundred crimes and only gets caught for one, while I give Christmas cards to two girls and get dragged off twice.

Two policewomen showed us, my lawyer and I, into the interview room. I went through the card, image by image (it featured ten images, including the two displayed at the top of the Heretical main page over Christmas). Eventually the older policewoman, who led the questioning throughout, came back to the front picture (the Femen activist) and wanted to know what the significance of it was. "It's just a good image" I said.

Reflecting neurosis

Then mention was made of my "previous" for "causing harassment" and I told her about the time I had been handing out leaflets of the Signals List ('Mainly Female, Mainly Sexual Signals') to men in the city centre of Hull. A policewoman had been passing by and asked if she could have one. "Yes of course" I had replied. Sometime later I was charged, she claiming it had "caused her distress." That, I said, could be the very offence she had pointed to on my "rap sheet."

A few women have taken exception to this list, instinctively or consciously sensing that it is contrary to their interest. In fact it's a reflection of neurosis. This was confirmed by F21DSG during a squatters' meeting in Amsterdam: "You make me neurotic about whether I'm signalling or not."

The point, I went on to say, was that some weeks later I was idly looking through a Sunday magazine and saw a feature about a female psychologist who had reached the same conclusions, although her list of signals was considerably less extensive than mine. Yet I had been criminally prosecuted for my list while she had been the subject of a flattering magazine feature.

During the interview I told the two policewomen that "feminism won't make you any happier" and if they are reading this, it's not just me who says so. Here's a reference as it appears in Sex & Power:

The changes brought about through the women's movement may have decreased women's happiness. The increased opportunity to succeed in many dimensions may have led to an increased likelihood of believing that one's life is not measuring up. Similarly, women may now compare their lives to a broader group, including men, and find their lives more likely to come up short in this assessment. Or women may simply find the complexity and increased pressure in their modern lives to have come at the cost of happiness. 'The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness,' American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2009

I said that historically the girl complainant would have gone to a "male protector" (by which I meant, a male she had "honoured" with that role) "but now she comes to you, and finds lots of sympathetic policewomen to write her statement." Reference was made to the accusations of sexual impropriety that are the rage in England at the moment. Recently three trials involving actors and entertainers started on the same day. Particularly, that one of the allegations is about something that was supposed to have happened 49 years ago.

There was no doubt this time that the complaint had followed looking me up on the internet, and the Wikipedia page about me was mentioned, so I suppose Wikipedia's Jewish moderators can chalk up another success. Some of the girl's statement was quoted, I gave the analogy of the little 8-year-old girl again, and said that the place where I'd been exchanging a few words with her doesn't have a sign outside saying 'Only bland people allowed in here.'

Indiscriminate marking

Indiscriminate marking is a masculine instinct and something I do, much of the time anyway. Talking to people with no particular reason is indiscriminate marking, as is a company giving away free samples or gifts. They may be seeking to acquire "goodwill," but that's a token (until the business is sold, at which point the company's "goodwill" is given a tangible value). I told them my observations in Holland, about what seems to happen around Queen's Day. This is a national holiday when everyone fills the streets and there are stalls and entertainments everywhere. Officially, no tax is due that day.

For the four or five days leading up to Queen's Day, and of course during it, it's as if a catharsis takes place for the entire year of the instinct to indiscriminately mark. There are comparable effects during Christmas-time in Britain.

The question arose as to how many cards I'd put out. Only two to people I didn't know very well, I said, then recalled that I had given one to my barber, and said so. It occurred to me that this might have been a mistake, as I wouldn't put it past them to send some nosy PCSO around the local barbershops to solicit another complaint. For the Don't Be Sheeple (the free newspaper I distributed in 2008 or thereabouts) I learnt that it had been a complaint from a single Jewess that had led to my third police raid, during which thousands of pounds-worth of equipment was taken (and never returned). Then the police had gone door-to-door encouraging people to make statements. There was a bunch of them at the trial, so they even managed to get a conviction on that.

As we emerged from the interview room the senior policewoman held open the door. "After you" she said. I commented that it was a role-reversal. "Nature is the supreme force you know, you can only go against it for so long." Then perhaps another hour and a half was spent in the cell, with me wondering if I would be staying the night. Eventually the door opened and it was the elder policewoman again. I commented on Nature always being She, always feminine, as we walked back to the custody desk. There I was bailed; the male officer behind the desk was being quite jocular and made a joke about skywriting, which he had to explain (he was thinking old-fashioned planes, I was thinking lasers). I said it wasn't a bad joke, for a policeman. I wasn't charged this time.

Women KKK members march in early America. The Ku Klux Klan was a Christian organisation which administered 'frontier justice' in the days before mobile phones and the internet. They lynched criminal whites as well as blacks.

It was now 11pm and I talked "off the record" to the senior policewoman out in the foyer while restoring my property to my pockets and sorting out a taxi home. It was actually a minibus and I joined the driver at the front. Then he listened to me telling him three stories at once; I was "hyper" from my experiences. We discussed Gresham's Law, wine and the wartime tin of sardines. Plus how writers make 'the death of a thousand cuts,' Mencken being the Master (see 'The Wedding'). Shortly we arrived within walking distance of my flat, and I gave him every penny I had, which was still a few pounds short of the horrendous amount showing on the meter. He could have driven me to a bank machine if he'd insisted.

Advanced Disclosure = Debasement

Later I got to thinking about the women coming forward with sordid claims from decades ago briefly mentioned during the interview. These certainly have the stamp of Debasement, but I haven't quite worked it through yet. Here I shall explore and see if it comes out.

An element of Procedural Analysis is that procedures advance. Players seek to proceed. Behaviour can evolve in a micro-evolutionary fashion, to confer further benefit. The forces are ancient, but the way those forces become manifest can dynamically alter. An existing advantageous procedure can be modified and extended for greater advantage or new ones. Unlike normal evolutionary time-scales, these changes are practically visible before our eyes. The progression of Disclosure to Debasement is as good an example as any.

Disclosure takes place when a female, shortly after sex, reveals intimate details of her past. Putatively (for I stress again, this is a theoretical system) this is evolutionarily advantageous, in that it reinforces a pair-bond. This leads to a stable environment for progeny should she fall pregnant from this occasion or a subsequent one. The male's caretaking instincts may be inspired.

However, the Disclosure can be advanced to take place not post-coitus, but pre. In this scenario the revelations are used as a test of the male. Then the revelations function to check the male's resolve before there is even a possibility of falling pregnant to him. Specifically, she tests whether the male is to stay around to care for her during the lengthy gestation and still lengthlier rearing of progeny. In this scenario the revelations may be exaggerated for greater effect, increasing the efficacy of the procedure.

Historically and evolutionarily, pregnancy for the female involves high cost. Not only in terms of the biological resources she provides to the foetus, but also risk of death. Death during childbirth was a major cause of female mortality until quite recently. Thus for the female, "notional" sex is much safer – indulging in fantasies about sex is a great deal less risky than actually doing it. She can use a male's preparedness to enter into sex with her to fuel those fantasies, and a female assuring herself of a male's willingness to engage with her is a rich origin of many psychological games.

A key component of Debasement is that, as the sex becomes more notional, so too does the Debasement. That is, the less physical sex she has, the wilder will be the Debasement (potentially a testable hypothesis). It is notable that it is not only the female making the revelations that is debased: the male is diminished too, by his association with her. This, indeed, is part of the "test." If he fails this trial the relationship will be abandoned pre-coitus, and she can then safely continue her quest for a male who is more likely to stay with her during the months and years ahead when she needs him.

Applying the model more widely

Now, generalising, we apply the Debasement model to evangelical Christians. (This is an impartial analysis of behaviour; I mean to disrespect whatever to them.) The same dynamic operates, indeed as best as I can tell it is the same mechanism, with the same pattern of forces. (By which I mean, similar forces act in comparable ways.) Among evangelical churches there is almost a "celebrity circuit" of individuals who "bear witness" to their lives before they were "born again." The greater the wickedness of the individual before his conversion, the more impressive he is, and the more eagerly he is heard. This is the vector which encourages exaggeration, for it is obvious that this sometimes takes place, of his former sinful life. His audience is also debased, for they too are human, and conscious of sin.

When someone "bears witness" in this way God is glorified (enhanced), that He is able to rescue such a sinful person. Does the model fall down at this point? Here though God is notional: this is a closed system, involving analysis as a game, based on evolutionary precepts. Comparably when a female engages in dramatic, public Debasement she is enhanced, by being given attention and assuming importance. So enhancement takes place in both scenarios.

Debasement then is a potential model for the accusations of sexual impropriety by media figures decades previously now filling pages in the British tabloid newspapers. It can confidently be predicted that some of these allegations will be found to be fiction. Putting the analysis aside for a moment, it strikes me that these trials will often amount to nothing more than a competition to convince (the jury). On one side is a professional actor, on the other, a female who probably believes her own fantasies.

It is clear that these instances of Debasement (if such they are; I think so) benefit females generally, by raising the cost of sex and increasing male neurosis. Hence this is one of many female procedures which are not only of benefit to her individually, but to females collectively (Compound Benefit).

'False memory syndrome'

Debasement is also a superior model for "false memory syndrome," superior because it is part of a consistent system, with a putative evolutionary origin. According to the well-established rules of science Procedural Analysis, being internally consistent, must be taken seriously.

Perhaps I have an unusual metabolism or something, because it wasn't until around the second mug of tea that I started shaking, a delayed reaction to the traumatic events of the day. It was as if I had Parkinson's. Then I switched to brandy, and got thoroughly blotto'd. Normality returned as I found myself pondering what to do about the problems with Amazon and the 4.3V Zener diode needed for the spare 'scope under the bench.

A friend comments: "You could validate your Christmas card experiment, by distributing them to very much larger numbers of girls and it would be interesting to see if the socio-economic group makes any difference to the number of complaints. Your results could then be peer-reviewed, but on second thoughts perhaps not, as you would probably be charged with incitement to mass hysteria."


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