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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Master Index of Writings by Alex Linder, Arranged Chronologically

[taking a tip from Fred on Everything, numbering my longer or more useful writings, whether snippets, analects, columns, reviews, for easy finding. This will be late-2013-forward. May go back and add earlier writings later.

Snippets, Analects, Columns, Reviews, Other Delicious Word-Treats, by master confectionary Alex Linder

100. Outlines of the Coming Effective Response to Jews (2018-12-25)

38. Thoughts About Golden Dawn (July 2014) (7-15-14)

37. Idea Midden: Writer's Notebook (6-9-14)

36. Movie Thumbs (6-9-14)

35. Book Notes (6-9-14)

34. Column: On Strategy: Look North, White Man (6-9-14)

33. Column: On Writing: Can Writing Be Taught? (6-9-14)

32. Column: On Language: Of Oofos and Ooparts (6-2-14)

31. Column: On Language: BMW: The Ultimate Running Amok Machine (5-26-14)

30. Column: On Language: Rummaging in the Brummagem (5-22-14)

29. Book Notes (5-21-14)

28. Column: On Language: The Pre-Draft Process Failed the Noble Negro (5-12-14)

27. Column: On Language: What is the provenance of this sad little homunculus? (5-5-14)

26. Movie Thumbs (4-27-14)

25. Column: On Language: 'What does that say about me?' (4-16-14)

24. Movie Thumbs (4-13-14)

23. Ride Hard and Put Away Wet: How White Nationalism Should Use Pat Buchanan: A Review of Where The Right Went Wrong (2004)
Part Two: Social Revolution by Means of Judiciary

22. Column: On Language: The Political Uses of 'Pegboy' (4-7-14)

21. Column: On Language: Amerika and Annie the Anile Anole (4-1-14)

20. Column: On Language Two Nice Usages in Stoker Story (3-24-14)

19. Ride Hard and Put Away Wet: How White Nationalism Should Use Pat Buchanan: A Review of Where The Right Went Wrong (2004)
Part One: Placing Buchanan and (Professional) Conservatism in Context

18. Column: On Language: Haboob: because some dust storms are specialer than others (3-17-14)

17. An Uncommon Drug Dealer; or: How I Became a Regulations-Atheist and Learned to Sift Evidence and to Calculate Contingencies Like a Man; but in any case
A Review of Dallas Buyers Club

16. Movie Review: "Blue Caprice" and "D.C. Sniper": An Examination of Media Treatment of the Black Snipers Who Terrorized Washington, D.C., in October 2002 (3-4-14)

15. Column: On Language: CDC's 'immunologically naive populations' (3-2-14)

14. Column: On Writing: Give the Reader the Best Contexting You Can Provide

13. Column: On Race, Media and the NFL: Jewish Owners & Antiwhite Media Delay But Can't Stop Rise of Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins (1-23-14)

12. Column: On Language: The Unrandom Use of Random (1-22-14)

11. Observations on the Duck Dynasty Contretemps

10. Rudeness Rebranded: Jews Promote White 'Micro-Aggressions' as Hate Crimes Lite

9. Government Needs White Men

8. On Christianity vs Science, with Disrespectful Nod at Southern Culture

7. Commentary on Craig Cobb in Leith

6. Cranberries and Cold Rain

5. A WASPing We Shall Go

4. Crushing Opposition Is Not Enough; Jews Must Make Opposition Impossible to Form - By Destroying White Bodies, Minds and Characters

3. Pomona Laments Passing of Haruspex Hagedorn

2. Column: On Language: Reticent vs Reluctant

1. The Altered 'White': From Bad to Good in Breaking Bad

[begin listing November 2013, most recent on top]

The Great Black Dope: Why the Crusade to Replace White QBs with Niggers Is Doomed to Fail (9-27)


Movie Review: 'Ride with the Devil'




C-xxx Tschuss (That's German for Adios)


C-xxx Of(f) Color ----------------------

C-xxx "Dangerous" Ads --------------------------

C-xxx State Department Lecturer Visits CMC -------------------

C-xxx NATO Commander Addresses Claremont (dec 11)

C-xxx The Use and Abuse of 'Homophobia' (nov 20)

C-xxx Aid Contras, Not Communists (october 2)

C-xxx AIDS and Reason (sept 18)


C-xxx. South African Economics As A Carrot, Not a Stick ----------------------------


[college writings above, in chronological order from bottom]

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