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Post Jew-Puppet Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt: I Hate Nationalists!

Jew-Puppet Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt: I Hate Nationalists!

by: CrushZion – Fredrik Reinfeldt says he is full of hate

SWEDEN. In an interview with ‘Aftonbladet’, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says that he hates Nationalists and immigration critics.

During an interview with Aftonbladet’s Lena Mellin, Fredrik Reinfeldt expresses that he is not capable of handling dissenters. Asked if he hates Jimmie Åkesson (leader of social-conservative counter-jihad immigration restrictive political party ‘SverigeDemokraterna’), he replies that it is a well-known fact:

- Yes. It is obviously deeply known that I do not like xenophobia and racism.

At the same time Reinfeldt argues a bit contradictory that one can not build their political beliefs on hatred and being angry at opponents or enemies:

- If you build your political will on being angry and hatred, and that leads to you getting influence, it impairs the society very seriously. Then you are not building long-term, then you are not building with reforms, then you are not building with confidence. That is why I distrust that kind of political forces deeply. – Fredrik Reinfeldt: I hate Nationalists

The part-African and possible part-Jew Prime Minister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt openly states on “Euronews” that he will use all his Democratic power to stop Democracy. Even though Swedish people, and even a lot of the non-Swedish immigrants in Sweden, are increasingly supporting and voting for anti-immigrant political parties, the Jew-puppet Reinfeldt has promised to suppress the will of the people and in stead continue the Jewish-led invasion:

Fredrik Reinfeldt i intervju med Euronews

During the 2006 election, it was brought to attention that Reinfeldt’s paternal great-grandfather, John Reinfeldt, was the illegitimate son of Emma Dorotea Reinfeld , a maid from Eckau in present-day Latvia, and John Hood, an African American circus director from New York. [54] [55] Emma Dorotea Reinfeld later married the Swede Anders Karlsson, but her son Fredrik kept his mother’s surname. The spelling was later changed to Reinfeldt . [2] [54] [55] He also has Italian ancestry, via his paternal grandmother, who was allegedly descended from Ferdinand IV of Naples and his wife, Marie Caroline of Austria. [55]

He has revealed that his personal distaste for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats party is based on his partly African ancestry.

Source: – Fredrik Reinfeldt has Jewish ancestry – Reinfeldt: I hate racists because I’m negro – Fredrik Reinfeldt wore Jewish skullcap on his head – Fredrik Reinfeldt: Swedes should be eradicated at all costs – VIDEO: Fredrik Reinfeldt defends the massive immigration in an interview

read full article at source:

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