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Post Israeli rabbi rules: Plagiarism is kosher

Israeli rabbi rules: Plagiarism is kosher

A prominent Israeli rabbi has this week ruled that plagiarizing academic papers is acceptable according to Jewish law.

Rabbi Avraham Yosef, Holon's chief rabbi and the son of the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was asked by a university student in an online forum whether Jewish law permits submitting someone else's paper as your own.

The message read: "My friend needs to submit a paper in one of her university classes. She took someone else's paper from a previous year and asked me to change the wording so the paper won't look the same (the paper will be handed in to the same lecturer). I believe that the lecturer is aware that many students recycle papers in his course since every year he gives the exact same assignment but I'm not sure. Am I allowed to help my friend reword the paper?"

Rabbi Yosef answered that she is, in fact, allowed to do so, and even said that she would be doing "the mitzvah of charity" especially if she is well acquainted with the material.

A student group affiliated with the religious Zionist movement Ne'emanei Torah Va'Avodah condemned Yosef's comments. "How did he think to answer this way? It is an immoral act how can it ever be justified?"

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Talking jewish 'morality'

But these same kosher cunts will be all over you howling 'copyright infringement' and 'intellectual property' when it's in their interest to do so ...and then there's the case of the greatest single intellectual fraud and plagiarist of the 20th century Einshstein
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Of course it's OK for kikes to lie, cheat and steal. Kikes are the biggest criminals on the planet!
Kikes make better fuel than they do human beings!

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