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Old August 19th, 2005 #1
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Default ZOG's Top Ten Law School Deans-6 Of Gawd's Choosies, A Congoloid, A Dink& 2 White Men

As taken from Alex Linder's post citing the 10 Top Law Schools-
1. Yale
Dink Dean Koh-
Dean and Gerard C. and Bernice Latrobe Smith Professor of International Law
Contact Info
Yale Law School
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06520
[email protected]

2. Stanford
Jew Dean Kramer-
[email protected]

3. Harvard
Jewess Elena Kagan-
Phone 697-495-4601

4. Columbia
Jew Dean Schizer-

David Schizer, featured in The National Law Journal
Columbia Law School Dean David Schizer, 36, was named to the National Law Journal's annual "40 under 40" list of upcoming lawyers.
Dean Schizer, who just completed his first year as dean, is the youngest dean ever to serve at the Law School.
435 West 116th St.
New York, NY 10027-7297
(212) 854-2640
[email protected]
5. New York University-
Jew Dean Revesz-

The scholarship named after Dr. Mordechai Revesz – established by his late widow, Dr. Thea Revesz – was awarded this year to Mr. Tzvi Hartman for his doctoral dissertation on "Transylvanian Jewry between the two World Wars".
6. University Of Chicago
Jew Dean Saul (a lovely first name) Levmore- (How about some "Lev" LESS?)
The University of Chicago Law School
1111 E. 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637
phone: 773-702-9494
[email protected]
[email protected]
7. University California At Berkeley Law-
Nig Dean Edley-

8. University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
Jew Dean Caminker-

9. University Of Pennsylvania
White Man Dean Fitts- (and "Bernard G. Segal" professor of law)

10. White Man Dean Jeffries-,dean

John C. Jeffries refers to Vanguard News Network-
John C. Jeffries Jr., dean of the law school at Virginia, which had a number of professors named, said in a statement: “Despicable hate-mongering is facilitated by the Internet. For reasons both technological and legal, such speech is impossible to control. It should nonetheless be condemned and, to the extent possible, ignored.”

...Hate Group Casts a Wider Net
A few weeks ago, participants on an anti-Semitic Web site became angry when a law professor at the University of California at Los Angeles refused to participate in an exchange of e-mail messages.

The professor was Jewish, and the Web site responded by placing photographs of and biographic material about UCLA professors and anti-Semitic diatribes online. In recent days, the Web site — Vanguard News Network — has expanded its campaign, which it says is designed to draw attention to the high percentage of Jewish professors on law schools’ faculties.

The Web site is now publishing a variety of information — photographs, results of Google searches, phone numbers — of faculty members who are Jewish (or have Jewish-sounding names) at leading law schools all over the United States.

Among the institutions who have faculty members discussed by name on the Web site are Georgetown, Harvard, New York, Stanford and Yale Universities; and the Universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Most of the comments attack Jewish faculty members at law schools, with a theme being that they make up a larger share of law school faculties than do Jews in the U.S. population, and that this over-representation signifies Jewish control of American society.

But some of the professors attacked are not Jewish or law professors. A black female professor is described as “Mammy Stormtrooper for Jooz.”

And a few professors who are listed teach in other disciplines. Harry Jaffa, a professor emeritus of government at Claremont McKenna College, is described by one of the Web site’s authors (verbatim) as “a troll jew at CMC, next to my school, Pomona, in Claremont. He’s the major Lincoln liar — the leader of the school that refurbishes reality to fit current jewish political needs, ie claiming lincoln was a liberator rather than dictator.”

Jaffa, author of such books as Crisis of the House Divided: An Interpretation of the Issues in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, says that he is Jewish and he does believe Lincoln was a liberator. The site on which he is listed generally sickens him.

“These people are old-fashioned racists who are defenders of slavery,” Jaffa said, adding that it was “a badge of honor” to be hated by the people who produce Vanguard News Network.

Several professors contacted said that they were just learning that they were being discussed on the Web site, and some said that they were shook up by being there.

Carl C. Monk, executive director of the Association of American Law Schools, said he was “very concerned” about law school faculty members being singled out for being Jewish — or for any discriminatory reason.
Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said that the Web site’s tactics were particularly offensive because of the pattern of anti-Semites’ first trying to publicly identify Jews, and then waiting for others to attack them in various ways. “History has taught us that this is the way it starts, and then all it takes is one crazy person.”

The Vanguard News Network, he said, “is all about hate, to facilitate bigotry, prejudice, racism and anti-Semitism.”
Old August 20th, 2005 #2
Antiochus Epiphanes
Ἀντίοχος Ἐπιφανὴς
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Antiochus Epiphanes
Default truth excoriates the Jewzim like a flagellum!

This is an important work Chain, keep after these motherfuckers.

For every White boy that has been forced to sit through the "indoctrination camp" that now poses for "law school," you are striking a blow!

For every White boy who had to watch the Jews and coloreds get all the favors, while he was sent to the back of the room behind the favored students, you strike a blow!

For every White boy who couldnt get in the "good" law schools, because there were only so many merit slots left over after the favored coloreds got in-- you strike a blow!

For our FRIEND MATT HALE, wrongly denied a law license, wrongly arrested and incarcerated, railroaded, and denied his constitutional rights -- YOU STRIKE A BLOW!

Flagellate these lying kikes and their lackeys with the SCOURGE OF THE TRUTH!
Old August 22nd, 2005 #3
Posts: n/a

Thanks, AE.

OK. Let's move on through the top 19 law schools, and I'll continue onward.

For numbers 11 through 19 (9 spots) we have:
4 Jews,
1 boon,
1 Jewized White female feminist,
and 3 White men.


We see that we have

11. Duke Law
Dean White woman Jewized feminist, Bartlett-
REFERENCE Bartlett's "Feminist Legal Theory"-

12. Northwestern Law
White man lawyer and PhD in sociology, Van Zandt-

13. Cornell Law
White Dean Schwab-
Old August 22nd, 2005 #4
Posts: n/a

14. Georgetown Law
Jew Dean Aleinikoff

15. University Texas, Austin Law
White Dean Powers

16. UCLA Law
Jew Dean Schill
Here our old Lefkow speech expert, Jew Volokh, trumpets the Jew news-

17. Vanderbilt
Jew Dean Rubin-
Professor Edward L. Rubin of the University of Pennsylvania Law School will present the 2004-05 Cutler Lecture titled “Sex, Politics and the Constitution” at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 17 in Room 127 at the William and Mary School of Law. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Rubin is Dean-Elect of Vanderbilt University Law School, a position he will assume on July 1, 2005.
18. University of Minnesota
Rangutan Dean Johnson

19. George Washington University Law
Kike Dean Lawrence
Interests: civil procedure; civil rights crimes; criminal law
Frederick Lawrence is one of the nation’s leading civil rights experts. His recent book, Punishing Hate: Bias Crimes Under American Law, examines bias-motivated violence and how the United States deals with such crimes. “For me, it is a great privilege to be able to integrate ideas and issues that I care about deeply into my scholarly work,” he says.

Professor Lawrence began his legal career as clerk to Judge Amalya L. Kearse of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Later, he was named an Assistant United States Attorney for the southern district of New York, where he became Chief of the office’s civil rights unit. Since joining the School of Law faculty in 1988, he has taught courses on civil procedure, criminal law, civil rights enforcement and civil rights crimes. In 1996, he received the Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching, the highest of the University’s teaching honors. “I endeavor to teach students how to think about law in its fullest sense and imagine themselves as creative and responsible lawyers,” he says.

Professor Lawrence has been a senior visiting research fellow with the University College London Faculty of Law and has studied bias crimes law in the United Kingdom through a Ford Foundation grant. He has lectured nationally and internationally about bias crime law, testified before Congress in support of federal hate crimes legislation and concerning Justice Department misconduct in Boston and, in 2004, he was a member of the American delegation to the meeting of the Organization and Cooperation in Europe on Enactment and Enforcement of Legislation to Combat Hate-Motivated Crimes. Since 2003, Professor Lawrence has served as chair of the National Legal Affairs Committee of the Anti-Defamation League.
Professor Lawrence also has performed in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts with the New York Choral Society.
Old August 22nd, 2005 #5
Posts: n/a

No Jew. Just Right. ...on numbers 20-26; four White women and three White men. (Partlett is either a very enabling shabbez goy or a Jew. Fair notice).

20. University of Notre Dame
White woman Dean O'Hara

21. Washington University (at St. Louis) Law
White Dean Keating

22. Boston University Law
Maureen A. O'Rourke (presumably White)

23. Emory Law
White Dean Alexander (affordable housing expert)

24. University Iowa Law
White woman Dean Jones

25. Washington & Lee University Law
Nominal White man Dean Partlett (MAY be a Jew- CERTAINLY at least a shabbez goy- based on his writings...see below)
From 1974 to 1975, Partlett served as a senior legal officer for the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department in Canberra, Australia, where he was responsible for policy advice on the Racial Discrimination Act and other related human rights legislation.
Professor David Partlett explores this delicate balance in "From Red Lion Square to Skokie to the Fatal Shore: Racial Defamation and Freedom of Speech" (1989), 22 Vand. J. Transnat'l L. 431, at pp. 459 and 468-69:
26. University Illinois Law (at Urbana)
White woman Dean Hurd-
Old August 26th, 2005 #6
October Sun Films
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October Sun Films

Very well done. You've certainly done your research.
October Sun Films
Old August 28th, 2005 #7
Fritz Kuhn
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Fritz Kuhn

Chain, you're ahead of the curve as usual. The Jew York Times reports on a Georgetown Law School study of elite law school professors and has found them to be overwhelmingly . . . Democrats! You didn't think they'de use the dreaded J Word, did you? Some truths are too dangerous to mention outside of VNN.

PROFESSORS at the best law schools are generally assumed to be overwhelmingly liberal, and now a new study lends proof. But whether the ideological imbalance matters - to the academic environment students encounter, to the kinds of lawyers the schools produce and to the stock of ideas the professors generate - depends on whom you ask.

The study, to be published this fall in The Georgetown Law Journal, analyzes 11 years of records reflecting federal campaign contributions by professors at the top 21 law schools as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. Almost a third of these law professors contribute to campaigns, but of them, the study finds, 81 percent who contributed $200 or more gave wholly or mostly to Democrats; 15 percent gave wholly or mostly to Republicans.

The percentages of professors contributing to Democrats were even more lopsided at some of the most prestigious schools: 91 percent at Harvard, 92 at Yale, 94 at Stanford. At the University of Virginia, on the other hand, contributions were about evenly divided between the parties. The sample sizes at some schools may be too small to allow for comparisons, though it bears noting that by this measure the University of Chicago is slightly more liberal than Berkeley.

. . . I don't think the liberal bias of law school faculties has much impact on the students," said Richard A. Posner, a federal appeals court judge who teaches at the University of Chicago. "Law students are careerists, and for them law school is career preparation, not Sunday chapel."

The profession itself, said Nathaniel Persily, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, may moderate the influence of the academy. "Insofar as an elite law school might push students to the left," Professor Persily said, "corporate law firms might bring them back to the center."

John O. McGinnis, a law professor at Northwestern who prepared the study along with two New York lawyers, Matthew A. Schwartz and Benjamin Tisdell, said it was meant for the most part to present data rather than draw conclusions.

But the study does note an arguable inconsistency in the way law schools approach student admissions and faculty hiring.

When the United States Supreme Court endorsed race-conscious admissions policies in 2003, it based its decision on the importance of ensuring the representation of diverse viewpoints in the classroom.

Law schools that take race into account in admissions decisions, the study says, "open themselves to charges of intellectual inconsistency" if they do not also address the ideological imbalances on their faculties.

The most serious problem pointed to by the study, Professor McGinnis said, is that the ideas generated by the law schools are both uniform and untested.

"It may be," he added, "that the rise of conservative think tanks counterbalances this effect to a degree. As one who believes in markets, I think that alternative institutions in the long run will arise to supply ideas." Even so, he said, "liberal ideas might well be strengthened and made more effective if liberals had to run a more conservative gantlet among their own colleagues when developing them."
Old July 23rd, 2015 #8
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jewsign Goys Want Yiddish Lawyers.

Goys prefer Yiddish lawyers because Christian values will not win a case. The need for Yiddish lawyers is so great that Yids all over the world are flocking to US law schools. Most of the deans are Yiddish due to strong student influence in the selection process. Goys will continue using Yiddish lawyers until Christian values are dropped from the legal profession.
Old July 23rd, 2015 #9
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That is just what America needs, more ambulance chasers and other
greedy lawyers filing frivolous lawsuits in order to grab whatever financial
assets that remain of the American economic pie. I remember reading an
article in the Economist magazine in the 90s that stated that the large number
of lawyers actually decreases the overall GDP of the United States because
the actual number of lawyers that would be efficient was estimated to be around 400,000. Whereas there were over a million at the time of the study
and probably a lot more now.
"To Undo a Jew is charity and not a sin."
-Christopher Marlowe
Old July 24th, 2015 #10
Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

Interesting how now-Supreme Court Jewess Elena Kagan(ovitch) was included in the original 10 year-old post.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
Old July 24th, 2015 #11
Samuel Toothgold
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Samuel Toothgold
Default Here's one who hasn't even learned to use "I" instead of "me". Back when I was in school, a swift reprimand would have been certain. Look who's writing books. He calls Hag a guy:

Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes View Post
...For every White boy who had to watch the Jews and coloreds get all the favors, while he was sent to the back of the room behind the favored students, you strike a blow!...

... Well, I hate to disappoint you guys, but mostly as a literary technique, I began Between the World and Me after I finished the draft of...
Old July 24th, 2015 #12
Herb Elliott
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Herb Elliott

Originally Posted by polnick View Post
Goys prefer Yiddish lawyers because Christian values will not win a case. The need for Yiddish lawyers is so great that Yids all over the world are flocking to US law schools. Most of the deans are Yiddish due to strong student influence in the selection process. Goys will continue using Yiddish lawyers until Christian values are dropped from the legal profession.
I don't think this is the case at all. Never mind "Christian values" not even being a concern for most Whites. The legal system is controlled by the jews right now, so the deck is stacked in the favor of the tribe at the moment. Most lawyers are not jews, but most of the lawyers who receive publicity as being top dogs are jews, even when they're mediocre. As Ron Unz and Kevin MacDonald have pointed out, jewish academic performance cratered in 1999 (but hey, they don't have to work hard anymore, they run it all) so any jew you pick out who has graduated from law school over the past 20 years is likely the benificiary of ethnic connections and maybe a step or two above non-white affirmative action "graduates" but below the White competition. Whites usually have to very good to get anywhere in the US today, never mind some luck being involved on occasion.

On an amusing side note, it's interesting that when jews get in trouble, especially in high profile cases, they generally do not have a jew lawyer as the point man, or in many cases, the team will be comprised of those hated White males. Maybe it's to keep the attention off everyone's jewishness, maybe it's something else, but it's rarely a case of some White lawyer merely being a frontman for jews.


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