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Default MN voters speak up about forced immigration

"The chief point of contention was over the refugee resettlement program. When citizens asked for a moratorium on the program until after an economic impact statement had been done, Congressman Emmer asked why anyone would have a problem with people in the United States legally. When an unidentified member of the audience said that refugees were draining St. Cloud's resources, Emmer responded by saying that he'd seen the city of St. Cloud's budget and that it looked fine. At that point, several people booed."

"Sue from St. Cloud talked about how the federal government had imposed this program on St. Cloud without St. Cloud having a vote in the matter. At that point, Emmer repeated the question of why anyone would have a problem with people legally here in the United States.

At the start of the event, Congressman Emmer said that he wanted to hear from the people and he wanted to do the listening. The final person to talk at last night's event criticized Congressman Emmer, saying that statements about St. Cloud not getting a vote on the refugee resettlement program were disrespectful. The unidentified woman said she got the impression that he wanted to rule from DC rather than serve the people in the district.

Emmer's temper got the better of him several times during the event. That plus the perceived disrespect combined for a tough event."

This same guy has come out in support of TPA. Hopefully MN voters realize this guy has sold them out not just racially but economically as well.

As usual, a lot of great comments from people who have woken up.


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