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Default Why Are Christians Such Pussies?

Not in the "Postive Christianity" forum for obvious reasons... but Henry's article should read "why are AMERICANS such pussies?" considering the way it ends up.

Just FYI -- The first bitching I heard about Da Vinci Code was from Gnostic friends who were truly pissed off that Dan Brown wrote about a "sacred sex" act being performed at a Gnostic liturgy. Such things don't happen at real Gnostic ceremonies, which are boring.

I told them the same thing I'm telling Christians: The book is FICTION. Brown don't know squat he just wanted to make money. Thanks to all the carping by everybody he succeeded.

Good plan or what? -- FJ.

Why are Christians such Pussies?

By Henry Makow Ph.D. – May 13, 2006

"The Da Vinci Code"

When an innocuous cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed was published, Muslims rioted and burned down embassies. But next week, a major Hollywood movie will challenge the veracity of Jesus Christ and Christians are sitting on their hands.

I have not read "The Da Vinci Code" but I understand it asserts that Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children. His descendants are still alive. Essentially it challenges the Bible story and the Christian belief that Christ was the Son of God. It transfers Christ's prestige to an Illuminati-like secret society that is protecting Christ's descendants against the Catholic Church.

The book and movie are yet another blasphemous assault on Christianity trumpeted by the full force of the Illuminati-owned mass media.

Recently Carolyn, a Christian reader from Maine, expressed her frustration in this email.

"Next week with 'the Da Vinci code,' "They" are going to call Jesus a liar as far as His Death and resurrection are concerned. Then they are going to claim his blue blood line. This would make Jesus a liar... wouldn't it? It is so twisted what they are selling and i count myself lucky to have a least read The Scriptures. 'My Feet Are Fitted With Readiness.' (Corinthians 6:15) What is going to be said about Jesus next week is apostasy."

I replied: "People like you should show their outrage publicly."

She replied: "HOW??? With Whom??? Where is the Remnant???"

I shrugged my shoulders. To change the metaphor, why are Christians such lambs? Why do they always need a shepherd to lead them and a flock to be part of? Isn't Christ a personal matter? Can't they act as individuals? Can't they take initiative? Organize a picket or protest in some other imaginative way?

When Muslims in Afghanistan heard that the Koran was being flushed down the toilet in far away Guantanamo Bay, they rioted. For them the battle against Satan is very real, and they are willing to sacrifice their lives. This is why they pose the last remaining religious obstacle to the Satanic New World Order.

Similarly, question the details of the Holocaust, and Jews will cite "hate crimes" and put you in jail.

But do the same thing with the central fact of Christianity and there is a call for a boycott from the Catholic Church. Well, dah. That's not very scary.

Why are Christians such pussies? They sat idly by while Christ was crucified! Their reaction wasn't even a factor in that decision.

I have heard various explanations. Christ said, "Turn the other cheek" and "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's."

On the other hand, there is the example of Christ turning over the tables of the moneychangers in the temple. Let's follow Christ's example.

What good are Christian beliefs if you don’t stand up for them? Where is the self-respect of Christians if they allow their beliefs to be trampled on?

But it gets worse. Some so-called Christians like George W. Bush actually serve Satan. He is a member of a satanic secret society, the Illuminati Skull and Bones.

Christian chaplains serve with the American army in Iraq and minister to soldiers. Everyone should know Sept. 11 was a hoax designed to justify imperialist wars and domestic repression. It was perpetrated by the Illuminati bankers in London with the help of their puppets in the US government. You just have to look at who bought the Put Options on the airline stock to know the true perpetrators. (Of course this info has been suppressed.)

Christians should file "hate crime" law suits against the makers of the "Da Vinci Code." On the Judgment Day we will be graded NOT by what we believed but by what we did. It's time Christians stood up for Christ.
“When I get re-elected I'm going to fuck the Jews" -- Jimmy Carter, 1980.
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Talking Aryan Muslims to the Rescue!


"Da Vinci" unites Indian Muslims and Christians

Krittivas Mukherjee – Reuters May 15, 2006

A powerful organisation of Indian Islamic clerics promised on Monday to help Christian groups launch protests if the authorities did not ban the screening of the controversial film, "The Da Vinci Code".

Protest in India against the film have so far been low key, but several Catholic groups have threatened to stage street demonstrations and even to shut down cinema halls screening it.

Now, powerful Islamic clerics have joined issue with Christians, saying "The Da Vinci Code" is blasphemous as it spreads lies about Jesus Christ.

"The Holy Koran recognises Jesus as a prophet. What the book says is an insult to both Christians and Muslims," Maulana Mansoor Ali Khan, general secretary of the All-India Sunni Jamiyat-ul-Ulema, an umbrella organisation of clerics, told Reuters.

"Muslims in India will help their Christian brothers protest this attack on our common religious belief."

"The Da Vinci code" is an adaptation of author Dan Brown's bestseller by the same name that suggests that Jesus married his female disciple Mary Magdalene and had a child with her. The film is slated for release worldwide at the end of this week.

The Vatican condemns the book and the film, and has asked Christians worldwide to boycott "The Da Vinci Code".

In India, leaders of the two communities met politicians and police in the western city of Mumbai on Saturday, urging the authorities to stop the screening of the film.

"If the government doesn't do anything, we will try our own ways of stopping the film from being shown," said Syed Noori, president of Mumbai-based Raza Academy, a Muslim cultural organisation that often organises protests on issues concerning Islam. "We are prepared for violent protests in India if needed."

Several Indian Christian groups have said they would protest against the film, with one little known Catholic organisation even calling on Christians to begin a fast until death.

Last week, small groups of protesters marched in Mumbai and burnt a copy of the book.

"We will picket in front of cinema halls that show the film. We are very hurt and very angry," said Dolphy D'Souza, spokesman of Bombay Catholic Sabha, which has 40,000 registered members.

Christians form about one percent of Hindu-majority India's 1.3-billion population, while Muslims make up around 13 percent.
“When I get re-elected I'm going to fuck the Jews" -- Jimmy Carter, 1980.


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