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Default Kwa's Commie jews:Brinks Killer Judith Clark Gets Case Vacated By jew Judge

Kike-ess judge

U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin
signed her decision Thursday, ruling that the trial judge should not have let Clark represent herself or should have disallowed it once it became clear that no one in the courtroom would represent her interests while prosecutors presented their case.
In January 2001, in the closing days of his presidency, Clinton granted clemency to former members of the Weather Underground
Susan Rosenberg
...students at Hamilton College, a small liberal arts school in upstate New York, will know Susan Rosenberg, not as a terrorist, but as a professor. Rosenberg, whose sentence was commuted by Bill Clinton on his last day in office, will be teaching a one-month writing course at Hamilton entitled, “Resistance Memoirs: Writing, Identity, and Change.” The half-credit class draws on Rosenberg’s time in prison. According to the directors of the Kirkland Project, the campus left-wing “social justice” organization that contrived to bring Rosenberg to Hamilton, the aim of the class is to get students to examine “how the memoirist uses the writing to survive particular circumstances and to change.”

Given her continued belief in revolutionary violence, one could ask if Rosenberg has changed at all. A former student activist in the 1970s, Rosenberg’s radical ties include involvement with several terrorist groups, including the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground. It is through her affiliation with a Weather Underground affiliate group known as the “Family” that Rosenberg became a suspect in the October 1981 robbery of a Brink’s armored car carrying $1.6 million in which two policemen and an armed guard were murdered.
and Linda Sue Evans, who were linked to other participants in the Brinks robbery. Rosenberg had been charged in the Brinks case, but those charges were dropped when she was convicted in New Jersey of possessing more than 700 pounds of explosives and sentenced to 58 years in prison.

Judith Clark
Clark, together with David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, formed the May 19 Communist Organization (M-19), which joined forces with the remnants of the Black Liberation Army (BLA), an extremely radical and violent group that was an offshoot of the Black Panthers. On October 20, 1981, a group alternately identified as the BLA, M-19 or Revolutionary Task Force, staged a robbery of a Brink's truck at a shopping center in Nyack, New York.

What I Want My Words To Do To You about a writing workshop in the prison led by playwright and activist Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues.

Note that Wikipedia tells us that kike-ess Even Ensler is against violence, yet she supports Brinks killer Judith Clark!
...a way of coping with her childhood trauma with a sexually abusive lesbian father. (Ha ha-- what is a "lesbian father"?)
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Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution from the Jewish Women's

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Default More Violent Fantasies

And there are White Men in prison for life for killing a loudmouthed kike. Now perhaps someone can tell me how the jews have no power in this country, when an ugly ass kike bitch can kill TWO COPS and walk away free.


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