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Old November 5th, 2006 #1
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Default 10 niggers beat 3 White girls almost to death as a Halloween treat.

Victims of attack share their story
Crime: 10 arrested after attack on Halloween; $2,500 reward offered for information about other suspects still at large.

By Tracy Manzer, Staff writer
Article Launched:11/03/2006 10:52:39 PM PST

LONG BEACH - Several suspects including at least three men who savagely beat three young women in a horrific hate crime attack Halloween night remained at large Friday.

The three victims - two of whom are 19 and the third 21 - agreed to sit down with a Press-Telegram reporter and discuss the painful attack in the hope that someone who knows the culprits will turn them in to police.

The young women asked to be identified by only their first names of Laura, Michelle and Lauren because they and their families fear for their safety. The assault, they said, was so savage they thank God they are alive.

`A pack of hyenas'

The victims - along with throngs of other people - had gone to the 3800 block of Linden Avenue around 9:30 p.m. for a popular Halloween block party. As they walked up to an elaborate haunted house, they said, a group of about a dozen males began taunting them.

"They asked us, `Are you down with it?,' we had no idea what that meant so we didn't say anything and just walked by them up to the haunted house," said Laura, "They were grabbing their crotches - we didn't know if it was a gang thing or what."

After making their way through a maze at the house, the three girls said they were back in the same spot where they were confronted and next to the same guys, who again taunted them. Still saying nothing, the three victims tried to walk away but were pelted with lemons and small pumpkins that split the seams on their costumes and left lumps and bruises on their bodies.
The taunts and jeers grew more aggressive, the victims recalled, as did the size of the crowd. Now females joined in, and everyone began saying
"We hate white people, fuck whites!"

At this point, the girls began to run, but the pack of assailants ran ahead of them and kept them surrounded.

"It was like animals, like a pack of hyenas," Michelle said.

She was trying to call 911 on her cell phone when the taunts began, but kept getting busy signals. She tried three times to call, she said, but never got through to an operator.

The suspects also began to gradually separate the girls, first by grabbing Laura by her long hair and yanking her backward.

She said she tried to fight off a group of girls who surrounded her and were clawing and hitting her, but then a man came up and slammed her in the head with a skateboard, knocking her unconscious.

"One of the witnesses told the police that he saw my legs go straight up in the air and I hit the ground face first," she said, accounting for the bumps and bruises on her forehead and around her nose and eyes.

Her friends watched, horrified as the man raised the skateboard over his head and slammed her again as she lay on the ground. Others in the pack also began to hit and kick her motionless body.

Fearing their friend would be killed, the other two girls rushed to her aid.


They were saved by a black man. The jew newspaper reporter is breathless with admiration -- and rather in love:
Maybe because he was also black, or because he was so tall and strong, the group broke up and scattered to several cars and fled, the victims said.
And the mothers are so grateful to the black man (he deserves that appelation for his good deed) and they can't imagine why anyone would beat their daughters almost to death for no reason at all. It's just such a mystery. Why? Why? Why? (You idiots.)
One girl's mother said she doesn't blame witnesses who were too frightened to intervene.

And she and the other mothers said over and over how grateful they are to the man who saved their daughters' lives.

"I can't imagine," Barbara said, her eyes shining with tears. "I can't imagine anyone doing that to another human being, or even an animal.
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I’ve been reading report after report after report every since Halloween about assaults, shootings, pack attacks and all kinds of shit. BUT not ONCE was there any racial implications. Even though I knew damn well what was going on, I couldn’t report on any of it because the jewsmedia was hiding the racial aspects and concealing what was actually taking place. Halloween is a nigger’s dream, better than Christmas and even better than mass get together’s like 4 of July - niggers can go on the attack at night while many Whites are out having fun and not even thinking of niggers on the prowl. This is a GD shame, why in the fuck don‘t we ever hear of some White who witnesses some shit like this going crazy with a GD 9mm or something! Shit! This makes me sick!
Old November 6th, 2006 #3
Derrick Beukeboom
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Derrick Beukeboom

If you think that our impending demise can be solved through nonviolent means you are 100% wrong.
Things will continue to get worse until White people literally start killing white hating niggers, jews, spics and others.

Race war is our best solution. And yes, this should scare you.
The nonwhites sense that the mass of whites have no desire to fight back. Literally - fight back. Of course this is correct.

The future looks very bad in all seriousness. A white mob that tracks down and kills these perpetrators would saviors. I would then say we have a fighting chance.

I don't think we do.
Old November 6th, 2006 #4
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Originally Posted by Derrick Beukeboom

The future looks very bad in all seriousness. A white mob that tracks down and kills these perpetrators would saviors. I would then say we have a fighting chance.

I don't think we do.
If societies were static , I would agree with you . However , they aren't . Turmoil and upheaval are always lurking in the shadows . This country is on the verge of great change , will it be good or evil , I don't know .

I do know , with certainty , only a White society will lead to an advancing civilization .


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