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Old December 28th, 2006 #1
Smart Ass White Boy
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Default Nigger dragged by car during carjacking

Carjacking Suspect Dragged Through Central Fla. City By Intended Victim

A 31-year-old man in Titusville, Fla., was caught on tape being dragged at speeds of 45 mph by a vehicle he allegedly intended to steal, according to Local 6 News.
Police said officers were searching for Tyrone Davis since Christmas Day in connection with the robbery of two convenience stores.
Investigators said Davis forced his way into an apartment on Wednesday, pulled a knife on a woman and repeatedly hit her.

Davis then stole the woman's vehicle but blew out the vehicle's tires after being spotted by officers, police said.
Detectives said Davis then jumped out of the damaged vehicle and tried to carjack another vehicle. But, since the doors to the second car were locked, Davis grabbed and held on to the vehicle.
Video showed Davis being dragged by the accelerating vehicle.
"He was actually clinging to the side of the vehicle in his attempt to get away," Titusville police spokesman Todd Hutchinson said. "Fortunately, the couple in the vehicle realized there were several police officers were behind them, and they pulled over and allowed the officers to make the arrest."

Local 6 learned that in the '90s, Davis was sentenced to 20 years in prison for trying to kill someone. But, he was recently released after serviing nine years.
Davis was being held in the Brevard County Jail on several charges.
Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

Can just see the driver being charged with a hate crime for this. Then being sued by the Negro.

On the other hand I can also see some white woman driving laughing her ass off. “So you want to steal my car Negro?? Take this!” as she steps on the gas.
Old December 28th, 2006 #2
Fight the New World Order!
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Too bad he did'nt fall under the tires.
Serves 9 years of 20 year sentence, gets out and then commits more crime, yeah that sounds like a nigger. They never learn.
Old December 28th, 2006 #3
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It's a shame that the woman couldn't find a telephone pole to side swipe while the swine was hanging on for his sorry life. The additional details relating to his previous violent criminal history is disturbing and only reinforces my belief that they are let out early to cause further mayhem and murder.

We need to be continually aware of who and what is around us. Or in this case of what isn't around us. I have either a large caliber handgun or large gauge shotgun within arms reach at all times when I am home. I'll leave it to your imagination as to what would happen if this thug had invaded my home.

Except that he wasn't killed this is almost nature's perfect justice. Of course he'll do some time and be let out to do the same. Let's hope that his next victim is armed.


Old December 28th, 2006 #4
Live Free
Terry Phillips
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Live Free

At every opportunity, whenever one can get away with it, kill, maim, or in this case drag the goddamn nigger. Its the same as scraping dog shit off your shoe.

Niggers aren't worth a shit for anything. Not slaves, not soap, not lampshades, not even decent hog slop.

Niggers, at best, are monkey muzzeled, their own mother fucking, pieces of wasted DNA stealing air.
Kith, kin, and kind. First, last, and always.
Old December 28th, 2006 #5
James Woroble Jr.
Hiya (K)ikez! Hiya,Hiya.
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James Woroble Jr.

This is a proxy war, niggers being the jewz tools, and a war of attrition. For every nigger eliminated from our environment the jew has hundreds more being shit out from between the legs of their breeding congoids to replace the loss. In addition the jew also recycles the African manimals that do not meet a biological end with early release from incarceration.

An objective and realistic analysis of this situation concludes that you can’t kill the niggers fast enough, under present circumstances, to effect a positive change.

The reality is that until the jew is exterminated from our midst’s, this situation will continue and even increase as is evident over the preceding decades beginning in the mid sixties. To end niggers you must end jewz!

As has been stated here before, Civil Rights were nothing more than jew tyranny in blackface.

All is for naught without a good edJEW(K)shen.

[ Educational sites ]

The Jewish Tribal Review



Joe Vialls Investigations

Judicial Inc.

NJ Unfiltered

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Old December 29th, 2006 #6
Pro-White Crusader
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In news reports such as this, if the criminal committing the crime was a Negro, they often don't mention his race, but thanks to the photo of him, we can definitely see he was a mud.

I personally think the couple in the car should have dragged his smelly criminal black ass a few more blocks while stepping on the accelerator, along with sideswiping the jungle bunny here and there just for laughs. The video of that alone would have been hilariously funny.

And if the nig was slammed into a big pile of fresh manure and left unconscious, it would be hard to at first to differentiate between the nig and the shit, both reeking with a foul stench and similar in color. But I don't want to cast a bad shadow on manure with the comparison. At least with manure, it doesn't constantly cause problems in civilized society, and shit does have a useful purpose such as fertilizing the fields.
Old December 29th, 2006 #7
White Winger
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White Winger

And it's only a matter of time,before the "professional" race-baiter "activists' start screeching about the sub-animal being "dragged".


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