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Default Haitian Mammy Gov Gen Of Canada Sez Whitey Be Dissin' Underground RR Shitskins

The Governor General of Canada is a ceremnonial appointment made by Queen Elizabeth.

Left, The Michael Jackson effect; Right, the Oprah effect.
Governor General points to racism in address to N.S. legislature
Published: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | 5:36 PM ET
Canadian Press: MICHAEL TUTTON
HALIFAX (CP) - Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean used a speech to the Nova Scotia legislature to tackle the touchy issue of racism in the province, urging citizens Tuesday to "take apart the walls of difference that continue to separate us."

Jean's address marked the first time any Governor General has spoken before the assembly, which is Canada's oldest seat of government. While she praised Nova Scotia for its rich blend of cultures, including Acadian francophones, United Empire Loyalists and the Mi'kmaq, Jean said there are ethnic and racial barriers that need to come down.

Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean inspects the colour guard at the legislature in Halifax. "As Governor General of Canada, I have pledged to use my office to focus attention on the importance of breaking down such solitudes," she said.

She reminded politicians of the "wrongs of the past," including the expropriation and destruction of the black community of Africville in the late 1960s.
(Reference: Quicktime very short movies):

During an interview with a young black man, the reporter uses a derogatory term for blacks.
The history of Africville can be traced back to 1838 when descendants of American slaves settled on the northern edge of Halifax.
At the time, officials said the hardscrabble community in Halifax's north end, which had no running water or sewer services, had to be moved to make way for a bridge across Halifax harbour.

"The success of Nova Scotia, like the success of Canada, is compromised when people within the community suffer from poverty or discrimination of any kind," she said, stressing that racism is still a problem in the province.

The issue attracted headlines last month when
Percy Paris
the sole black politician in the assembly, said he had been the target of subtle, racist taunts in the legislature ever since he was elected last June.

Paris said some members of the house heckled him with more vigour than white members, and others simply ignored him.

While Jean didn't mention Paris's allegations in her speech, she warmly greeted the New Democrat member at a later reception.

Afterward, Paris said Jean's comments about racism carried more weight than anything he could say.

"Who am I? I'm just a small fish in a big, big pond," he said in an interview. "She's a big fish, much larger than I."

Paris said he was in the audience Monday when Jean delivered a hard-hitting speech at the Black Cultural Centre in Dartmouth, N.S.,
that also focused on racism in Nova Scotia.

Black Cultural Center Dartmouth, N.S. subpage:
Black Inventions
Multi-Stage Rocket Adolph Shamms
(Reference: The Old Negro Space Program):
NOTE: It appears that Nazi Werner Von Braun, heretofore believed to have been the inventor of the Saturn V rocket which propelled men to the moon, quite probably ripped off tired, loveable, gentle genius Ole Missa Shamms! A google search of Missa Adolph Shamms finds no photo or source links, save maybe a few dozen other black cultural centers.
She spoke of last year's arson-related destruction of the Black Loyalist Heritage Society office in Birchtown, N.S., and acts of racist vandalism elsewhere.

"Whether it's hidden behind a hypocritical smile or expressed by means of spray painting graffiti on a wall, racism continues to put down its insidious roots in the fertile soil of indifference and fear of the other," Jean said, speaking in French.

Paris said he "absolutely agrees."

"There's that subtleness of racism that exists today
( )
that if we don't talk about, if we don't try to eradicate it, we're not moving forward as a country or a province."

Paris said the province's Education Department should rewrite history textbooks to include the stories of the province's minority groups.

Barry Barnett, the minister responsible for the Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs, said that as a white Nova Scotian he can't comment on whether racism exists in the legislature.

"It's a difficult thing for me to answer," he said. "I think it is a personal perspective of what a person sees."

Still, Barnett said the province's Tory minority government is making progress, notably its decision two years ago to set up a separate office to deal with African Nova Scotians.

Jean concludes her visit to Nova Scotia on Wednesday.

Formal watermelon pimp outfit with her straightener on:

In 'Freakin back-to-the-roots simulated wirebrush blonde wighat:

With George W. Bush's $10 whore:

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James Woroble Jr.
Hiya (K)ikez! Hiya,Hiya.
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James Woroble Jr.

What a missed opportunity for an already fatally ill guard with a national love and a racial pride, to put this nigger bitch on the Smith & Wesson dental plan.

All is for naught without a good edJEW(K)shen.

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The Jewish Tribal Review



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wtf? Uk take your quota kneegro back...
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Check out the hubby, VNNers.

American Fugitive: the Truth About Hassan, is a documentary that has proved controversial in filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond’s Canada, where Lafond is married to Canada’s Governal General, Michaëlle Jean. The film is a portrait of David Belfield
Belfield left the USA, and
has spent much of the time since then living in Iran.
He has occasionally traveled to Arab countries and North Korea, but has been careful not to expose himself to being extradited back to the United States to stand charges for homicide
alias Dawud Salahuddin alias Hassan Abdulrahman, who has graced the FBI’s most wanted list since he shot and killed Akbar Tabatabai, press attaché to the former Shah of Iran, in response to a fatwah by the Ayatollah Khomeini. He played himself, an African-American physician living in rural Afghanistan, in Mohsen Makmalbaf’s Kandahar, and in American Fugitive, he holds forth from his unique position to discuss the Black Power movement, his conversion to Islam, and US-Iranian relations.
American Fugitive: the Truth About Hassan
American charges
Belfield has admitted to and is charged with assassinating a former Iranian diplomat, and supporter of the exiled Shah of Iran, in a suburb of Washington, D.C., in 1980
I was going to suggest that some WN goto Iran,off this terrorist nigger for the multi-million dollar reward, and put the bucks into WN, but a search of the FBI's search box indicates not only that there is no reward, but there isn't even a wanted poster! Well, niggers are highly precious in Thy Kwa-- even when there is no statute of limitations on murder and we are in a constant war of terror.

I have dropped all this nigger's aliases into the FBI's serach box, and it comes up empty! Why can't I get a million or five for going to Iran and popping this jigaboo? WTF! Where is his "wanted" data-- locked in Chertoff's bottom deskdrawer?
In Washington D.C. in the summer of 1980, at the behest of Iranian intelligence, an African-American named David Belfield shot dead Ali Akbar Tabatabai, the former press attaché and representative of the Shah at the Iranian embassy. Tabatabai was thought to be involved in a plot to kill the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and topple the new regime.

American Fugitive: The Truth About Hassan tells the story of a young African American's sudden awareness of race in the United States in the aftermath of the killing of Martin Luther King, and of his long-running personal confrontation with Uncle Sam that began with the Black Power movement of the 1970s and the rise of Islam in the United States. The confrontation continues to this day, as David Belfield alias Dawud Salahuddin alias Hassan Abdulrahman remains on the FBI's most wanted list.

Quote: African-American doctor tending to sick Afghan women, whose name is given in the film's credits as Hassan Tantai, is in fact an American-born Muslim who carried out an assassination for Khomeini's regime in 1980 on American soil and fled to Iran, where he lives today.

But has learned that Hassan Tantai

is the same man as Hassan Abdul Rahman, an American-born former editor at the state-sponsored English-language newspaper Iran Daily who allegedly fought with the mujehedeen against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Further, it appears very likely that Rahman is another name for Daoud Salahuddin, formerly known as David Belfield, who on July 22, 1980, on an assignment from Ayatollah Khomeini's new regime, shot and mortally wounded the anti-Khomeini Iranian political dissident Ali Akbar Tabatabai..
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Her visit to Mali, call of the blood. At 1:19 she gets jiggy wit' it and joins the congo line!

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I take it "governor-general" is a ceremonial position?

Originally Posted by James Woroble Jr. View Post

What a missed opportunity for an already fatally ill guard with a national love and a racial pride, to put this nigger bitch on the Smith & Wesson dental plan.
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^ Yes, pretty much, I mean thank god the niggress doesn't have any sort of power at all.

She was appointed by the previous jew puppet we had in power, Paul Martin. The former Governer General, was a gook, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't even Canadian, just like this peice of crap.

If they're so insistent on keeping this useless position, at least appoint a man, and someone that represents real Canadians. Someone like former Ontario Premier Mike Harris.
Multiculturalism is a form of mental AIDS - Exterminance
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Only in Northern Kwan. Notice this Congo female is able to assume leadership in western nations where as her men-folk subjugate females to slavery, genital mutilations ect.
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Chain, you out-done yo-self! We'se right entertained wit yo bio of Herself, who not be one of our favourites here in Absurdistan.


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