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Default Jews Rip Off Aryan Swazi In 400-600AD Synagogue-"Hitler Not Born Yet"-LOL
Miracle of Ancient Synagogue: Mosaic Antique Swastikas
Epoch Times Israel Staff Feb 16, 2007

In 1974, the kibbutz founder Avshalom Yakobi lied to the soldiers who were about to commence construction of a military project on this land. They had accidentally come across some archeological treasures of antiquity and he told them that it was a synagogue. One of the officers replied, "When guns roar, muses become silent." But in the end, the construction work was cancelled.

He felt remorse for telling a lie, and Avshalom made a decision that after his work day was over, he would go and dig out the ancient relics. It was thus that he labored for 3 additional hours every day.

One day he had dug no more than 8 inches, and discovered a red ornament depicting a menorah.

Avshalom informed the Department of Archeology about "the underground miracle," and since then, archeologists have unearthed the entire synagogue. What Avshalom had originally believed to be a lie turned out to be true! During further scientific inspection and analysis, it was found that there were 3 synagogues. Originally, it was just a simple structure, but later some Roman basilica-style structures with windows that were traditionally pointed towards Jerusalem were added.

The floors were paved with small stones of about 70 different hues depicting Itzhak's sacrifice, the Ark of the Covenant, inscriptions in Hebrew and Aramaic, traditional Jewish symbols, such as the menorah, customary national ornaments, and many different swastikas.

Avshalom, who is 91, has an excellent memory and possesses a detailed historical knowledge of this place, which dates back to 400-600 A.D. He relayed his fascinating story over the course of 3 hours. As it turned out, there was an ancient Bedouin cemetery and an ancient Arabian village under the base of the synagogue. In the next layer of the excavation, they found the 3rd century Jewish settlement named Baala, where Jews had lived for more than 300 years (the settlement of Baala is mentioned in 1 of the 3 parts of the Old Testament).

When asked about how swastikas found their way into a synagogue, Avshalom answered, "All Jewish archeologists that had been working here did not pay any attention to swastikas. People all over the world have been using this ancient symbol of happiness for millennia. This swastika is hundreds of years old. At that time, Hitler was not born yet, how could this fiend be more powerful than the world's history, world's art, and world's culture? I think now it is a right time for all of mankind to put in order some acquired erroneous concepts regarding the swastika symbol."
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Oy Ze Hate
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Oy Ze Hate

The Swastika is an ancient Aryan good luck charm or symbol. It truly is a symbol of "love, life, and light". Much like the horseshoe symbol depicted here, it is nothing but positive and good.

Which to jews is a little like the fictional vampire and the cross. To them what is love to us is hate, what is life is death, what is light is darkness. For they are the sons and daughters of these latter three.

This is why they so despise the Swastika as the symbol of Nazi Germany. It is the symbol of Aryan might and unity. Jews have worked decades to literally outlaw the symbol as some kind of abomination of nature. When in fact it is they who are the abominations seeking to undo that which is nice and normal.

Long live the symbol of Aryan love, light, and life:

Hate, darkness, and death to those who would destroy our sacred symbols: the spawn of hell itself: JEWS.


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