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Default Nigger Repellent

Jessup Hogg's Nigger Repellent

Are you feareful that sun worshipping niggers are standing close enough to you to reradiate ultraviolet light and give you a carcinoma, sarcoma or melanoma?

Maybe you don't like niggers whether they are sun worshippers or not and just don't like them 'in your space'.

If this is the case, but find yourself always in place where niggers gather or frequent or, if you work around niggers or go to school with them and don't like being around them but can't avoid them, you'll want to try Jessup Hogg's new Nigger Repellent!

Jessup Hogg's Nigger Repellent
combines a careful combination of patented ingredients that are guaranteed to keep sun worshipping and non-sun worshipping niggers away and in a safe distance from you.

If you are interested, please contact Jessup Hogg at [email protected].

Remember, niggers are Africa's problem, they don't have to be yours.

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