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Default A harbinger of things to come? Pennsylvania government partially shuts down.

Could this happen to ZOG central when the printing presses at the Fed get overheated and stop working?

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) -- The state museums didn't open Monday. State parks were closed to visitors at the height of the summer tourism season, and many state services were idle because of a government shutdown that kept about 24,000 workers off the job.
The Western democracy of today is the forerunner of Marxism which without it would not be thinkable. It provides this world plague with the culture in which its germs can spread.

-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)
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Robert Bandanza
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Default Jew Ed Rendell

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Originally Posted by Donnachaidh View Post
Could this happen to ZOG central when the printing presses at the Fed get overheated and stop working?

I hope so! May that day come soon. The jews will go somewhere else, the mexicans will go home and the niggers will be gunned down in their final, riotous moments.

But there is nothing like a long stretch of good luck to ruin a nation. Americans went from strength to strength, victory to victory, coast to coast - always struggling to preserve and extend their precious independence. And now, here we are, more than two centuries later. We have a new George in the White House…and Americans have never been more dependent on others. But now it is not to the English that they are bound…but to their creditors.

On Monday, the dollar fell to a near 26-year low against the English pound. Against the euro, it dropped to near its lowest level ever. Why this should be happening is both a long story and a short one. The short story is that currencies go up and down all the time; the long story is the subject of so many of these Daily Reckonings that readers are getting bored with them.

Dollars are losing their appeal, generally, because there are so many of them. One of the great laws of economics is that quality and quantity vary inversely in many things, not the least of which is money. Each paper dollar represents an I.O.U. from the USA. As the United States increases the quantity of dollars, their credit quality comes into question.

Logically, each new dollar is worth less than the last one.

This little insight has not been particularly useful to dollar bears. Many have lost their shirts, their girlfriends and their minds waiting for the laws of economics to be enforced. Today, we are not predicting when or how law and order will be restored to the world’s markets. But in the last couple of weeks, at least it looked as though the sheriff was back in town.

What also makes the dollar suspect is that Americans, themselves, seem to be in such a hurry to get rid of them. Piles, mountains, Himalayas of them are building up overseas. China may have almost a trillion dollars in its reserves. Russia’s foreign exchange reserves - mostly dollars - are growing at an astonishing rate of 63% per year. At the present rate, Russia will accumulate additional reserves of more than US$200 billion in 2007.

For the last few years, a constant reminder has banged around inside my head, that the housing crisis & mortgage debacle represent a double edged sword, as the households lose valuable home equity while the mortgage bonds lose basic principal value. Kurt Richebächer stresses numerous times in our conversations, that for every homeowner suffering a loss is a bond holder suffering an equal loss. The $22 trillion housing sector is matched by a comparable but lower number of trillion$ in mortgages, perhaps half of which are secured in mortgage bonds. The $750 billion in subprime mortgage bonds is only the tip of the iceberg. Layer upon layer of other asset-backed bonds are in trouble, each with larger size, each with probably less loss, versus the previous layer of higher risk. The point of the double edged sword is that for every loser on the home equity property owner side, one can point to a loser on the mortgage bond investor side. The argument extends to distress, market troubles, and more.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
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Ravening Wolf
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Ravening Wolf

From the original thread on this subject;

Originally Posted by 999 View Post
Is the Pennsylvania National Guard in Iraq, keeping Israel safe?
Soitanly, we need to protect our kike oppressors, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!!:krofl

Ancient jew/kike mind trick:"You must fight and die in Iraq, Iran and (now) Syria to protect your zionist jew masters; and don't forget to get back to the U.S. soon, you goyim schmucks, so we can take as much money from each one of you as possible, through: taxes, interest payments, outrageous corporate profits, cheating stock brokers/money managers, dishonest diamond deals, etc, etc, etc!!!"
"And since even the Jew's feelings are limited to the purely material realm, his thoughts and ambitions are bound to be so even more strongly. Their dance around the golden calf becomes a ruthless struggle for all the possessions that we feel deep down are not the highest and not the only ones worth striving for on this earth."-Adolf Hitler


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