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Default A world without niggers, spics, kikes, gooks, gypsies, mongrels and pakis.


Sadly we are not afforded that pleasure, but it's nice to imagine. There'd be no wars, no famine, no violent overthrows, no welfare program, no AIDs, no crime I can go on. I only visit this world in my dreams. Does anyone else have the same fantasy?
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Paul Drake
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Paul Drake

Dear Enemy of juden,
I have been advocating for your 'fantasy' for some years here at VNNF.
I call it a White World. (re: my sig, One White World)
Not founded in White "supremicism" nor White "separatism" but
*White Exclusivism*!
I envision vacations to africa, and not seeing a single nigger,
- a cruise to south america with nary a spic in sight!
As such I am a proponent of 'one world government', and NO nations
(similar to the NWO program) because all nations will be White anyways!
(And the gov't won't have much to do either, because no borders.)
A caveat though, we'll have to take out our own garbage and prune our
own gardens.
A small price to pay, wouldn't you agree?
Imagine: Our Own World...

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we'd probably still have to deal with the stupid white liberals
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Scott in Silicon Valley
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Scott in Silicon Valley

Originally Posted by birdman77 View Post
we'd probably still have to deal with the stupid white liberals
I think he said KIKES would not be around.


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