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Default Prince Valiant 1997 movie

Is anybody here familiar with this German-British-Irish coproduction ?

Similar to the comic it tells the story of Prince Valiant and how he saved the magical sword Excalibur from the Vikings of Thule who have stolen it while at the same time defeating the Viking lord Thagnar and taking on his rightful position as the heir to the throne of Thule . . . .

The movie also features the banned sister of King Arthur , Morgan le Fay . . .

The whole "Prince Valiant" legend builds on the aftermath of the rise of King Arthur . . . .

What's your opinion on the movie , if anybody here is familiar with it ?

I for one liked the movie ( I even own it ) . . . it really goes deep into mythology and medieval stuff alike ( both European characteristics ) . .

The movie also had a good soundtrack . . .

Just that , once again ,the Vikings were the bad guys . . .

Some scenes are irritating nevertheless . . . in the beginning of the movie an Eskimo is shown together with the Vikings as they exhume Merlin's grave . . .

Another scene . . While Ilene is kept in the Viking's harem she is bugged by other harem bitches in a sexual way . . . a clear lez scene . . .

Even the brat's nude ass is shown in that scene . . .

Yet , apart from that , a good piece on European folklore . . . .

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