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Old July 23rd, 2018 #1
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
Posts: 2,395
Default The reality of multiculturalsim

Blahblahblahblah. .

"We must all learn to get along . ." etc . . .

The NWO presents a whole wrong picture of multiculturalsim.

As if it is built on mutual respect , children playing with each other etc . .

This is the reality on multiculturalism. .

We are different. .

An African person will never be able to adapt to European civilisation for example . .

Muslims will never be able to adapt to Christian civilisation . .

Asians will always have a different culture / mentality than us . .

The irony is that many in the West even show some kind of goodwill when it comes to "integrating foreigners" yet the foreigners themselves never adapt. .

European mankind wasn't asked if we want multiculturalism , it was foisted upon us. .

And, like I said, yet some Europeans even try. .

Foreign subjects on the other hand never bothered to "show love" to begin with. .

They come here and take their mentality with them. .

And as someone who hails from a harbour town I know what I'm talking about . .

I think we need to pull society the tooth that multiculturalism truly is this "great thing" . .

Two different species in one territory always causes trouble. .

And yet , even if foreigners are problematic , many of our race try to "down play" it . .

That's what we in Germany call 'Gutmenschen'. .

Europeans have been fooled. .

And they aid in our destruction. .

Political correctness is a menace. .

Apart from that , the NWO media holds back facts about 'multiculturalism' . .

Rape , assault etc are common occurances . .

They lull us until we are ready to be lead to our own slaughter. .

People of our race need to wake up to the reality of multiculturalism . .

And not pretend "everything is okay" . .

Also , look what multiculturalism has done to Aryan mankind throughout ages. .

Ancient Aryan India. .

Once a blooming Aryan civilisation of high spirituality , now a Third World hellhole . .

The ancient Aryan Middle East . .

Once a high civilisation . .

Today . .

So there we have it . .

Multicultualism leads to . .

Either hostility . .

The disappearance of the Caucasians who are exposed to it through intermarriage . .

This is a lose-lose situation . .

And yet some people still hold up 'multiculti'

Multiculturalism is a crime against humanity . .

Especially when it's enforced . .

Old July 28th, 2018 #2
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
Posts: 2,395

The NWO feeds on multiculturalism ,whether it povokes conflicts or miscegenation. .

They wish to make regional boundaries vanish , often even supplying minority groups with arms . .

The West is their main traget. .

For hundreds of years the Muslims were hostile towards us , today we are supposed to 'tolerate' them . .

While our birth rate is declining theirs is rising . . Soon they'll outnumber us if we do not fight. .

Apart from that they brings Asians into our nations . .They never adapt to begin with. .

Asian countries are uprising in technology etc . while the West is losing due to multiculturalism . .

They also ship our jobs to China and India. .

'Multiculti' at its finest . .

Guess who's more often than not the ass-end of 'multiculturalism' . .

Us . .

The NWO knows that. .

If they continue with their making regional boundaries vanish soon the whole planet will sink into chaos. . .



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