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Cool Debunking the holocaust completely

One of the objectives of National socialists should be to debunk the holocaust-myth which is held up by the NWO ..

These people knowingly spread lies about mass murder to appear as 'victims' . .

Well ..

- - -

The National socialists were anti-jewish . . That is true .. They knew about jewish power . .

They sought to protect themselves from it ..

They knew about the jewish banking cartel a la Rothschild and also the role in bolshevism the jews played ..

They especially sought to stop jews from bolshevising Europe ..

- - -

What really happened ..

The NWO would have you believe that "the jews were the completely innocent victims of mass murder" . . That it was "six million of them" and that "many were 'gassed'" ..

Well .....

When war broke out in Europe for which the National socialists once again blamed international jewry they sought to contain their influence .. In the occupied territories of Europe jews were put into concentration camps .. Many of them were advocates of Communism / Bolshevism .. That was the real threat coming from the jews during that time ... Since the National socialists were anti-Bolshevik they equated "Bolshevism = coming from the jews" .. The jewish role in Bolshevism can be historically proven . .

See how this works . .?

That's what the NWO doesn't want you to know , about World War 2 especially . .

The jews were communist troublemakers in Europe during those years ..

The claims about 'mass murder on them' , about 'barabaric methods' are a fairy tale ..

- - -

So . . what is the truth about the supposed 'Holocaust' . .?

The NWO is highly stylizing what supposedly happened to jews during World War 2 . .

The fact that many jews were put into concentration camps is high stylized to a supposed 'barbaric mass murder' . .

The holocaust-myth also largely plays into the hands of the NWO-kikes ..

They always can paint themselves as 'martyrs' . . Almost as 'saints' . .

- - -

Everybody who still believes in the "Holocaust"-myth should watch David Cole's legendary docu from 1992 where he ( a revisionist jew himself ) visited Auschwitz . .

( better get your popcorn out , the video takes long . . .)

- - -

So , there we have it . . the 'Holocaust' .. another lie by the NWO.

Dare I say , the master-lie , maybe . .?

- - -

People ,mistrust the 'official version' of history . . The NWO has never been (((really honest))) on it . .

Question the official 'Holocaust'-story . .

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Jack Dillenburger
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Jack Dillenburger
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Good one!!


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