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Old 3 Weeks Ago #1
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Default Red Ice - Worth sharing with self-loathing whites you think might have more than one brain cell

I can't disagree with a word she says here.

She doesn't mention the jew, not in this particular video, however I've heard her criticize the kike in some of her other vids. And for that reason I give her some credit and share this video here.

I suspect she doesn't go hardcore on the jew for fear of being booted off YouTube?

****** Click on the white letters "" in order to start video ******

The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.
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Thumbs up Red Ice

Lana is awesome, I've followed Red Ice since they started putting videos on jewtube.

Lana and her husband Henrik & associates have produced quite a bit of high quality pro-white content and share it all over the internet.

Eendrag maak mag!


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