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Man of the road
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Man of the road
Default Anti-White Antics on /pol/

Just wanted to share this thread. It is a good look into how much hatred these animals have for us.

My favourite thing to see online is this whole concept of "white genocide". Who is it, exactly, who is genociding white people?
Out of every race of people save a few (like the Japanese), whites are the only race of people who just decide to not have kids en masse.
Out of every race of people, white people, when you raise the subject of personally having children, will tell you:
>muh economy
The economy is worse in all the third world countries with eight kids per family.
>muh degeneracy
Blacks have kids despite that.
>muh environment
>muh comfort
The argument of a child.
>muh feminism
Everything you can complain about for white women goes double for blacks. They still have plenty of kids.

White people aren't being genocided, they're committing mass suicide because they're overgrown babies. Watch people call me a shill because they can't prove me wrong. How many "white nationalists" have children?

White people deserve to go extinct. You're the human equivalent of the giant panda.
Degeneracy is disguised as freedom.

Tyranny is disguised as compassion.


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